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 This was the terrifying scene created from condensing ten million soldiers' soldier aura. In just a moment, the blood-red eagle had slaughtered nearly one million soldiers, which was simply too horrifying.

However, the system main city army did not collapse. By now, they had solidified most of the marshes, so the soldiers were able to spread out and continue rushing at the Inner Great Wall, ignoring the blood-red eagle.

Bai Qi reduced the amount of energy that the blood-red eagle was absorbing because its power came from the soldiers. Now that the blood-red eagle had already dealt a devastating blow to the system main city army, it was better for Great Qin's soldiers to conserve their strength.

Facing the flood of system main city soldiers, Great Qin's soldiers continued to shoot out arrows, which pierced through the system main city soldiers' bodies. The stench of blood spread out, and cries continuously sounded out as more and more people died.

By now, some of the system main city soldiers had rushed to the bottom of the Great Wall and started to use ladders and grappling hooks to start to scale the walls. In response, Great Qin used arrows and heavy objects to retaliate.

The battle between City Lords in the air became more and more intense, and explosions continued to sound out. Meng Tian gripped his azure spear and stabbed it with shocking power, piercing through a City Lord's chest, but in the next instant, two City Lords came over and started to attack Meng Tian. Bai Xihan faced three City Lords by herself, and the other City Lords were also fighting bitterly.

Just as the eastern side's battle was intense, it was so for the other places as well.

At the western side in the Flask Province, it was narrower near the top and wider near the bottom, making the region look like a flask. Because of the terrain, it was possible for a very small force to defend against a very large force.

The two forces here were of the same size - the western side had eight million soldiers and 80 or so City Lords, while Great Qin also had eight million soldiers and 80 or so City Lords.

The Flask Province was not as troublesome as the Leaf Province. The ground here was flat and it was clear, making it easy to charge. The only problem, which was a big problem, was that everyone had to be squeezed together.

This was because the place where they had to charge was in a bottle-neck shape. With so many people charging, they would all be grouped closely together.

This was not good, because if they were too close to each other, it would be difficult to move, making it difficult to dodge any attacks. If the other side cast any large attacks, it was likely that many people would be killed.

It was not good to have too many people or too few people. Because Great Qin had eight million people defending, if they only sent a few hundred thousand over, even though they could charge effectively, they would be able to do nothing. Great Qin would be able to destroy them incredibly easily.

Even though the terrain seemed quite simple, it was of a greater problem than at the Leaf Province. The Leaf Province only had fog and marshes, which could be easily dealt with, but what could they do about this flask-like shape?

After discussing, the western side City Lords decided to destroy the terrain. They all had immense power, and since the terrain was unfavorable to them, they would use their power to change the terrain. If this was in the real world, such a thing would not be possible, because no one in the real world had such power.

Even though they wanted to change the terrain, how could Great Qin allow this? Just as the western side City Lords prepared to act, Great Qin's City Lords suddenly attacked, forcing them to defend.

The western side did not want to advance, because the terrain was very unfavorable to them. Moreover, Wang Jian was in charge of this battle on Great Qin's side. His job was not to attack but to defend, and since the other side was not willing to attack, how could he give up the advantage and instead attack the other side?

The stalemate continued for a few hours, and the western side City Lords could not wait anymore. The 80 City Lords simultaneously charged up and quickly launched attacks, destroying a portion of the cliffs.

The bottleneck became a bit wider, and Great Qin's City Lords quickly arrived, forcing the western side City Lords to retreat. A few hours later, the western side's City Lords once again suddenly attacked, opening up the bottleneck a bit more.

After doing this a few times, the bottleneck became much wider, forcing Great Qin's City Lords to start camping nearby.

Seeing that they had already done much, the western side's City Lords looked quite pleased. They finally started to order their soldiers to advance, and the western side's soldiers started to flood forwards with immense auras towards the Flask Province's Inner Great Wall.

Wang Jian and Wei Liao smiled - the system main city army was finally willing to attack. In actuality, Great Qin had allowed them to open up the bottleneck. After waiting for a few hours, it was Great Qin's side that was in a rush, as Great Qin was still fighting on two other sides.

If they dealt with matters here, they would be able to go and support the two other battlefields.

Otherwise, Great Qin's City Lords would have stood guard near the cliffs right from the beginning so as to prevent the western side City Lords from destroying the terrain. However, that would mean that the system main city army would never attack, which Great Qin did not want. The other two battlefields, especially Zhao Fu's, were greatly lacking people, and it was quite dangerous for them.

Swish, swish, swish...

Facing the massive onslaught of the system main city army, Wang Jian ordered Great Qin's Archers to continuously release arrows. Even though they were able to kill many of them, they were unable to stop the advance of the army.

Seeing this, Wang Jian's expression did not change, and he turned to look at the two people behind him as he slightly smiled and bowed, saying, "I'll have to trouble Concubine Binoche and Concubine Kerache!"

The enchanting and seductive Binoche and the cold and beautiful Kerache held their metal staffs and walked out from behind him. They raised their staffs and started to chant, causing a terrifying aura to ripple out from their bodies.

Wang Jian immediately gave the order, "All of Great Qin's City Lords, engage the enemy City Lords to prevent them from interfering!"

Great Qin's City Lords obeyed and turned into rays of light as they flew towards the western side's City Lords. The western side's City Lords showed no fear and flew up as well, and the two sides started to fight.

Countless system main city soldiers rushed up like a massive ocean, giving off a terrifying and monstrous aura as they ferociously charged at the Inner Great Wall. Great Qin's Archers continuously shot out arrows, ending life after life.

However, this could not stop the system main city soldiers. They were true soldiers who were unafraid of death and courageously pressed forwards. If it had been an army of players, they would have quickly collapsed. After all, player armies were quite disorganized, and their strength came in their numbers.

Looking at the Inner Great Wall right in front of them, the system main city soldiers at the front felt incredibly eager and excited. They were about to directly fight Great Qin, and as soldiers, they all had strong battle intents. Their blood started to boil as they continued onwards towards the Inner Great Wall.

After breaking through the Inner Great Wall, they would be able to charge into Great Qin's territory and wipe out Great Qin. This caused the countless soldiers to excitedly yell, "Charge!!"

At that moment, an incredibly destructive aura eclipsed all of the system main city soldiers, and all of them felt a chill through their bodies. A wave of unspeakable terror rose out of their hearts, and their bodies started to tremble.