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 The first to attack was the most powerful side, the eastern side. Their army now numbered more than 10 million and had increased by three million from before. There were about 90 or so City Lords, and they started to ferociously attack the Leaf Province, which was previously the Southleaf Region.

Zhao Fu immediately ordered Bai Qi to take ten million soldiers and 80 City Lords to meet them in battle.

Following this, the southern side also started to attack. They had eight million soldiers, two million more than before, as well as 80 City Lords. They flooded into the Flask Province, which had been the Open Flask Region before.

Zhao Fu ordered Wang Jian to bring six million soldiers and 70 City Lords to meet them in battle.

However, what Zhao Fu did not expect was that the southern side's force had increased significantly to 12 million soldiers. They now had seven million soldiers more than before, as well as 100 City Lords. They gave off a heaven-toppling aura as they marched into the Valiant Province, which was the original Valiant Peace Region.

Now, Great Qin was in some danger. They only had 19 million soldiers, and that was including what they had absorbed from the northern side. 15 million of them were Stage 1 soldiers, and four million were not even Stage 1 yet. And yet, they had to face a combined force of 30 million soldiers.

Zhao Fu had already sent out 14 million soldiers to defend against the eastern and western sides, and he never expected the southern side, which had been the weakest, to suddenly become the strongest existence.

Great Qin only had five million soldiers left at its disposal, who had to face the advance of 12 million soldiers. This was a bit difficult.

Great Qin was already struggling against the eastern and western sides, as both of the armies it sent out were weaker than the two armies they were facing. This was especially so in terms of City Lords: each of the armies that Zhao Fu sent out had ten less City Lords than the other side, and City Lords were incredibly important on the battlefield.

Now, the Great Qin only had five million soldiers and 37 City Lords remaining, while the southern side had 12 million soldiers and 100 City Lords.

"Your Majesty, the situation is quite dire. Should we go and invite the City Lords who were willing to join Great Qin?" Li Si asked.

Bai Xihan coldly harrumphed, "How could they be willing to help? Do you think they don't know Great Qin is being attacked? They want to see Great Qin's true strength; if we can survive this, they will definitely join, whereas if we can't defend, then they will naturally give up on joining us!"

Li Si thought about it and realized that Bai Xihan was right,and sighed.

Zhao Fu thought about it, and after a while, he made a decision, saying, "I'll deal with the southern side. I need ten City Lords and one million Stage 1 soldiers, as well as all of the Stage 2 and Stage 3 soldiers. The rest of the soldiers can go and support the eastern and western sides.

"Also, Li Si, gather some civilian soldiers to guard against the northern side in case Vietnam tries to do anything!"

After hearing that Zhao Fu wanted to only bring ten City Lords and about one million soldiers to defend against an army of 12 million soldiers and 100 City Lords, Li Si felt quite concerned and said, "Your Majesty, are you only going to bring so few people? I'm worried for your safety!"

Zhao Fu's gaze was resolute as he replied, "The battles on the two other sides are quite difficult, so with the extra reinforcements and geography, they will have no problem in defending. I will take care of the situation at the south by myself!"

Seeing that Zhao Fu was not going to change his mind, Li Si could only go and carry out his orders.

As Zhao Fu gave out orders, all of Great Qin became quite tense. This was the first big battle after completing the Inner Great Wall, and it was also their first defensive battle. Great Qin's various Departments all stopped and helped out in manufacturing items needed for the war.

At the east of Great Qin, the Leaf Province was always filled with fog, and it was a marshland. It was difficult for people to walk around, and they would often get lost.

In order to construct the Inner Great Wall here, they had expended a lot of time. They first needed to find things that could prevent them from getting lost and then items that could turn the mud into hard rocks that they could walk on. The Inner Great Wall was constructed at the center of the Leaf Province.

Bai Qi was in charge here, and after reinforcements from the south came, he now had ten million soldiers and 90 City Lords, which was a comparable force to the eastern side.

The eastern side's army gave off roars that could shake the surrounding 100 kilometers, and they flooded into the Leaf Province. Bai Qi sensed them from far away and immediately gave the order to prepare for battle.

The 90 system main city City Lords flew into the sky and looked at the fog ahead. It was difficult to see, so they joined forces to create a massive gale that dissipated the surrounding fog. Below, the soldiers used their various items to solidify the ground to make it easier to walk.

The system main city army started to advance, and soon, the two armies were facing off against each other. Before they had even started to fight, two massive auras spread out, causing the surrounding air to seem to freeze. It was difficult to even breathe, and ordinary people would not even be able to stand up when feeling such auras.

The eastern side City Lords looked at the army on the Inner Great Wall that rivaled theirs and frowned. The three sides were all simultaneously attacking, and Great Qin definitely did not have the strength to rival all three of them on all sides.

As such, it was quite surprising that Great Qin's forces on the eastern side were not weaker than theirs. They could not help but wonder what Great Qin's forces were like on the two other sides.

By now, there was no room for retreat. Great Qin was becoming stronger and stronger, and if it accepted the surrender of more City Lords, it would start to take the initiative to attack. When that time came, they would not be able to defend, so they might as well take this opportunity to heavily wound Great Qin.

The two sides were about 10 kilometers away from each other, with a lot of marshland between them. The eastern side City Lords gave the order to continue solidifying the ground and advance.

Seeing that they were solidifying the ground, Bai Qi obviously could not allow them to do as they wished. If they were allowed to do this, Great Qin would not have as much of an advantage anymore.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

As soon as the system main city soldiers entered firing range, Bai Qi ordered Great Qin's soldiers to start attacking. Powerful ballistae immediately started to shoot ballistae bolts towards the system main city army.

The system main city soldiers were ready, and they started to line up shields and form a shield wall.

Bang, bang, bang...

The thick ballistae bolts slammed down from above like heavy raindrops, smashing into the shields and causing massive impact sounds.

The City Lords did not expect the ballistae bolts to have such immense strength. Even though the Shieldbearers who were hit were not injured, they were pushed back a few steps, and some were even knocked over backward.

These were all Stage 1 Ballistae, and the ballistae bolts were all made out of Blue grade materials. If Stage 1 soldiers weren't careful, they could be heavily injured. Great Qin had researched the Stage 1 Ballistae very early on, and they had already mass-produced them.