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 Once the three other City Lords were dragged in, it was possible that they would die as well. They now knew more about Great Qin, especially Great Qin's Legatee. He was simply too terrifying, so they had treated the ambassadors with respect.

Now that Xu Nei had killed a Great Qin ambassador and wanted to drag them in, this was quite infuriating.

"This matter has nothing to do with this old man. I'll be leaving first!" a gray-robed elder said. He did not want to step into muddy water for no reason.

The other two people also said similar words; they were not stupid either.

Seeing this, Xu Nei cried out in horror, "I can give all of the fortunes in my city to you three. There's only one person from Great Qin, so the four of us will definitely be able to kill him together!"

The three other City Lords ignored these words. Who would take such a great risk for a bit of money? Even though there was only one person, his aura was far more powerful than the four of theirs combined. Moreover, even if they could kill him, so what?

Great Qin stood behind this person, and if they fully enraged Great Qin, even more City Lords would come the next day. How could they stop them? As such, the three City Lords did not even look back as they flew away.

Seeing this, Xu Nei's expression became determined, and he gripped his spear as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Before the three City Lords had flown far away, they heard a pitiful cry behind them. They all sighed - Great Qin was simply too terrifying, as even a single City Lord was this powerful. Just how powerful was Great Qin's true strength? They had mistaken Zhao Fu to be just a minor figure.

As the night went on, the sun soon began to rise. The two other groups had been quite successful and had destroyed city after city.

Finally, the three groups gathered together again and appeared above Great Cart City. The City Lords exploded out with their auras, and the 90 auras caused the air to seem to freeze. The residents below felt a heavy weight on their bodies, and a trace of blood leaked out of their mouths.

Zhao Cheng was startled by this massive power and hurriedly rushed out. He looked up confusedly at the 90 god-like people in the air.

"Great Qin is here to repay its debt!" Zhao Fu stood in the air as he coldly looked at Zhao Cheng.

Seeing so many City Lords, Zhao Cheng felt a sense of terror in his heart. He had never thought that Great Qin would bring so many City Lords; he was definitely doomed today. Zhao Cheng could only yell, "I'm part of the eastern side's alliance! You can't kill me, or else the eastern side alliance will attack Great Qin!"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "Do you think I care?"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Zhao Cheng felt a chill through his heart before saying, "I'm willing to submit to Great Qin!"

"Sorry, but I refuse. Do you have anything else to say?" Zhao Fu coldly asked.

Zhao Cheng's heart sank; he had never expected Great Qin not to accept his surrender. Since that was the case, the only thing he could do was run. Zhao Cheng suddenly turned into a ray of light and rushed away. He did not even care about the system main city anymore; all he wanted to do was live.

Looking at Zhao Cheng running away, Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, "Slaughter the city!"

"Yes!" the City Lords replied simultaneously before scattering to different parts of the city and unleashing powerful attacks towards the residents trying to escape. Houses crumbled and howls sounded out as an aura of death and despair filled the entire city.

In just a few moments, the 100,000 system main city soldiers were reduced to corpses by 20 or so City Lords.

Some elderly and women kneeling on the ground, crying and pleading for mercy, were instantly killed by a few sword lights; this was an absolutely merciless massacre.

Zhao Fu sat on the city wall, coldly looking at the scene in front of him. Next to him was Zhao Cheng's head, and as the sun slowly rose and shined on the land, it made him quite difficult to see.

The warm sunlight could not warm up the deathly silent city; Great Cart City had already been reduced to ruins. There were barely any structures left intact, and there was blood and corpses everywhere. It was now a city of death.

The news of Great Qin destroying 50 system main cities in a single night was like a nuclear bomb, shaking both the Heaven Awaken World and the real world.

Destroying 50 system main cities in a single night - that was simply too terrifying. Just how powerful was Great Qin?

News about Great Qin once again filled the Heaven Awaken World forum. This was the first time such a massive event had happened after the Chaotic World had opened, and this was the first time Great Qin had massacred so many system main cities. Hundreds of thousands of people had died, and no one had escaped the disaster, whether they were men, women, the old, or the young.

Many players nearby had gone to take a look, and those places had turned into hell on earth, making them filled with fear.

Even though Great Qin had slaughtered players before, players could endlessly revive, while the indigenous residents could not; when they died, they died forever. This was the first time Great Qin had truly massacred so many people, and this made the people even more afraid of Great Qin.

This event also caused mass-panic within the Heaven Awaken World, especially the hundreds of regions around Great Qin. If they hadn't known the reason for this massacre, they might have fled out of terror so as to not be destroyed by Great Qin the next night. They all inwardly rejoiced that they had not done anything to the ambassadors, or they would have been like that as well.

Great Qin's thunderous actions placed even more pressure on the various City Lords. Now, they could either choose to surrender or die fighting.

Right now, Zhao Fu did not know about everyone talking about what had happened. Instead, he was smiling as he looked at Great Qin's new stats.


Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Level 5 True Main City

Village Area: 34,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 2,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/40,240,000

Military: 892,640/9,482,000

Popular Support: 80

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +190%, Territory Crop Growing Time -190%, Population Limit +130%, Residents' stats can randomly +14, Soldiers' stats +15%, Population Attraction +145%, chance of attracting higher grade population +145%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 46,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

The sheer amount of EXP from conquering 50 system main cities had caused Great Qin to level up again. Next was a Capital City, but they now needed 120 million EXP to level up. After all, establishing a kingdom was not easy, so it was understandable.

Great Qin had already fulfilled all of the other conditions for levelling up to a Capital City; it did not lack Great Cities, Cities, Towns, and Villages at all.

Also, the ambassadors sent by the various system main cities all started to head back. They had personally seen that the inside of the Inner Great Wall and the outside were two completely different worlds.

Outside the Inner Great Wall, there were dark clouds everywhere and continuous natural disasters, but inside, it was warm, bright, and peaceful. The residents all lived in peace and bliss, and there were all sorts of races living in harmony. It was an incredibly admirable scene.

Many City Lords had already agreed to join Great Qin, and after joining Great Qin, Great Qin's strength became even more terrifying. Under this stimulus, the eastern, western, and southern sides started to ferociously attack.