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 Everything was prepared, and it was now night time. Zhao Fu personally led one of the groups and headed towards one of the system main cities. Since they dared to kill his people, he would return blood for blood. Only by killing them would he be able to relieve the hatred and anger in his heart.

Zhao Fu first went to Tangerine City by himself - he had ordered the others to kill City Lords in the nearby regions.

Because Liu Dacheng did not know of Great Qin's strength, he did not put Great Qin in his eyes at all. After killing Great Qin's people, he acted as if nothing had happened and had even called for a raucous banquet.

Beside him, a green-clothed man looked quite anxious. He had been worrying about what had happened the entire day and felt that the situation was quite dangerous.

Zhao Fu stood in the air as he looked down. Now that he was the City Lord of a Sub-Main City, the Great Qin Seal had become even more powerful. Adding on Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline, Zhao Fu would be able to fight ten system main city City Lords without any problems at all.

Looking at the raucous scene below, Zhao Fu's expression was quite cold as he took out the Sin Dragon Sword. He used one of his biggest attacks right from the beginning, sending his power into it and causing the Sin Dragon Sword to give off a chilling sword light. Countless traces of water vapour gathered, forming thousands of water swords in the air that gave off a powerful sword aura that covered everyone below.

Currently, Zhao Fu did not care about harming any innocents, because right now, he felt that everyone in the system main city should die.

The sudden descent of the sword aura caused the countless people participating in the banquet to feel a chill through their bodies. They looked up in terror and saw a black-cloaked figure standing in the air. There were thousands of water swords around him, pointing down at them.

Immediately, everyone realised what was about to happen. Expressions of terror covered their faces as they rushed outside and tried to run away, but it was too late.

Swish, swish, swish...

The water swords shot downwards, flashing past like cold rays of light. They pierced into people's chests, causing blood to spurt everywhere and for limbs to fly everywhere. The countless people participating in the banquet were instantly turned into corpses, and the raucous scene became deathly silent.

Liu Dacheng furiously roared, "Who are you? Why are you slaughtering Tangerine City's people?"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "You dared to kill Great Qin's people, and yet you ask who I am? Today is the day you die!"

Liu Dacheng realized what was happening, and he gripped his saber as he shouted. He stomped on the ground, causing the ground beneath him to crack as he shot into the air. His saber gave off shocking a saber light as he slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu disdainfully smiled and raised the Sin Dragon Sword and slashed forwards, sending out a powerful black crescent towards Liu Dacheng.


Liu Dachen was hit by the black crescent and heavily fell to the ground, smashing out a crater that was ten meters wide. He coughed up a mouthful of blood before crawling up with great difficulty.


A piercing sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu flew down from the sky, his sword bringing with it monstrous power as he slashed at Liu Dacheng. Liu Dacheng gripped his saber with both hands as he blocked, but the massive force behind Zhao Fu's sword made it impossible to stand. He was forced into a half-kneeling position as he defended against Zhao Fu's attack.

Zhao Fu looked at Liu Dacheng coldly, and his sword suddenly spun, knocking Liu Dacheng's saber away. Liu Dacheng was greatly startled, and he tried to retreat. However, Zhao Fu rushed forwards and stabbed his sword through Liu Dacheng's chest. Liu Dacheng looked down in confusion before falling to the ground, dead.

Zhao Fu picked up the City Lord Seal that floated out of Liu Dacheng's corpse, then put the corpse into his ring. Liu Dacheng's corpse was quite valuable, and Zhao Fu also took his spatial ring. There were many valuable things inside, but Zhao Fu did not bother looking through it as they would not be too useful to him.

At that moment, Zhao Fu sensed something and turned to look at a man clothed in green pretending to be dead under a table. He raised his hand, preparing to kill him with a single strike.

The green-clothed man sensed Zhao Fu's killing intent and hurriedly got up and knelt, calling out, "I'm willing to submit to sir!"

By now, there were countless system main city soldiers rushing over. Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he said, "Pacify this city before I come out, or I'll slaughter this entire city!"

Zhao Fu walked towards the City Hal. Now that he had so many City Lords, slaughtering an entire city was not a big deal; it would just take some time.

"Yes, yes, this lowly one understands!" seeing how this person seemed to view hundreds of thousands of lives like grass and how he had killed the City Lord in just a few blows, the green-clothed man hurriedly nodded and agreed.

After conquering and relocating this system main city, Zhao Fu once again obtained a lot of EXP and Achievement Points.

By the time Zhao Fu came out, the scene had been pacified, making Zhao Fu feel quite surprised. He had never thought that the man in green actually would have been able to pacify the others; it seemed that he held quite a high position in this system main city.

Zhao Fu had expected to see an army of angry system main city soldiers outside, whom he would kill. After all, the hatred in his heart could only be quenched by his blood.

However, since they had surrendered, he did not want to kill them, so he said coldly, "I still have people to kill. Great Qin's people will come and take over this city later."

The man in green nodded in terror, showing that he understood. He now knew that many system main cities would be bathed in blood tonight - this was Great Qin's strength, a single person could destroy an entire city.

The man in green thought that Zhao Fu was just a minor figure in Great Qin who had been sent to slaughter the city. Back when Liu Dacheng had killed Great Qin's ambassador, he had already had a bad feeling, which was now manifesting.

In East Peace City, Xu Nei hugged his wife as he slept. A ray of sword light suddenly descended from the sky, causing Xu Nei to instantly wake up. He rolled to the side, and the massive sword light annihilated the entire house. Even though Xu Nei was able to avoid the attack, his wife was slashed into pieces.

Xu Nei furiously roared and rushed out from the ruins of his house, looking at the black-cloaked figure in the sky. He immediately understood what was happening and yelled, "You're from the Great Qin Empire!"

Zhao Fu coldly laughed, "You're quite smart. Now, die!"

As he spoke, Zhao Fu prepared to kill him, but three powerful auras suddenly exploded out - the three other City Lords of this region had arrived.

Zhao Fu stopped and coldly looked at the three people who had arrived. They were not ones on his kill-list, so he said, "This matter is between Great Qin and East Peace City. Are you sure you want to get involved? You should know what the consequences are!"

Feeling the monstrous aura from Zhao Fu's body, the three City Lords felt a bit shocked. After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the three people realized that Xu Nei had most likely killed Great Qin's ambassador, and now, Great Qin's people had come to take revenge.

Hearing Zhao Fu's threats, the three City Lords did not feel angry. After all, the other side had the strength to back up such threats. Instead, they looked at Xu Nei with hostility and felt that they had almost been tricked into being dragged into this.