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 Hearing Zhou Chang's words, Li Mao felt quite delighted, but he still said, "Esteemed City Lord, of course you are good enough. I'm sure His Majesty will be pleased with such a grand figure like you joining. However, would you like to first send a few people to Great Qin to take a look? You will be able to verify whether everything I said was the truth; Great Qin has the confidence to invite anyone to take a look!"

This was to increase Zhou Chang's trust in Great Qin. Even if he sent ambassadors, Great Qin would welcome them.

Hearing Li Mao's words, he marveled at Great Qin's confidence.

In order to act as safely as possible, Zhou Chang decided to send a few of his trusted aides. There were many City Lords who decided to do the same thing.

Roughly 150 or so City Lords sent ambassadors to Great Qin. They were already interested in submitting, and if everything that Great Qin's ambassadors said was true, Great Qin would indeed be the best person to submit to. They would no longer have to worry about natural disasters, and Great Qin would be able to deal with future dangers as well.

Even though Zhao Fu had sent out 1,000 or so ambassadors, only 150 or so City Lords were willing to send their own ambassadors to take a look at Great Qin. Most people were still hesitant.

As City Lords, most of them did not want to have to submit to someone else, and the situation was not too dire yet. They were not in a hurry to make a decision, as this would determine their life or death, and there would be no room for regrets. Of course, there were many City Lords who hated players, and they were the ones who had committed the slaughters.

Tangerine City's City Lord, Liu Dacheng, was currently spending time with a few beautiful female attendants when a soldier came to report that the Great Qin Empire had sent ambassadors to visit.

Hearing this name, Liu Dacheng knew that it was an Otherworlder empire. Because they were quite far away from Great Qin, he did not know Great Qin's true strength. However, he greatly despised Otherworlders.

As such, without even thinking about it, Liu Dacheng ordered, "Kill all of them! In the future, kill any Otherworlders who come. Your elder hates seeing Otherworlders; the more we kill, the safer we'll be in the future!"

The soldier felt quite troubled and said, "City Lord, it was Sir Liu who asked me to come and invite you. He says that they're very important people, so please go and meet them!"

Liu Dacheng yelled angrily, "Who's the City Lord here? Are you going to obey him or me? Kill those people; do you think I'm afraid of the Great Qin Empire?"

The soldier's face went pale, but he heeded the order and went out to give out the order.

Five Stage 3 soldiers and a scholar were powerless against an entire system main city and were cruelly killed.

Nearby, a man in green wanted to stop this but was unable to. Looking at the six corpses, he felt that a catastrophe was about to descend.

Great Cart City's City Lord, Zhao Cheng, also received a report from a soldier that ambassadors from Great Qin had come. He knew some information about Great Qin, but he had chosen to resist Great Qin. He despised Otherworlders, and the Otherworlder Dynasties were his greatest enemies.

Zhao Cheng went to the city gates and looked at the six people. He felt quite surprised but suddenly attacked. In order to protect the scholar, a few soldiers were instantly killed.

The scholar was stained with blood, and he felt quite scared, causing his body to tremble. He knew he was going to die, but thinking about Great Qin, the books he had read, and the soldiers who had died for him, his gaze became resolute as he stood straight. He could not allow Great Qin to be shamed; even if he had to die, he would die with dignity.

"Everything you've done today will be repaid ten times over by the Great Qin Empire!" the scholar said as he looked coldly at Zhao Cheng.

Facing this threat from someone who did not even have Stage 1 Cultivation, Zhao Cheng could not help but coldly harrumph. He waved his hand, causing an arc of light to flash out. Blood spurted everywhere as the scholar's head was chopped off and rolled to the ground as his body also collapsed to the ground.

Zhao Cheng coldly laughed and had his soldiers kill the remaining soldiers and send their corpses back to Great Qin.

Within East Peace City, the City Lord, Xu Nei, condescending looked at the six people in front of him and said arrogantly, "You dare not kneel when greeting me?"

Hearing these words, the scholar felt quite displeased, but he understood the importance of this task, so he gave a slight smile and cupped his hands as he said courteously, "Esteemed City Lord, my name is Qian Chang, a scholar of Great Qin. I have been sent as an ambassador to this city!"

"I told you to kneel, didn't you hear me?" The Xu Nei's voice became louder, bringing with it a trace of anger.

This caused Qian Chang's expression to become cold. He once again cupped his hands as he said, "Esteemed City Lord, I am a scholar of Great Qin. I only kneel to the heavens and earth, my parents, and His Majesty. I will not kneel for anyone else."

Xu Nei coldly harrumphed. He was also one of the City Lords who hated Otherworlders, and he had no plans to join Great Qin at all. He simply wanted to humiliate Great Qin.

Hearing Qian Chang's words, he angry slapped out, causing a formless energy to slam the six people to the ground. The Stage 3 soldiers were instantly killed, but Xu Nei left Qian Chang alive. Looking at Qian Chang coughing up blood, Xu Nei stepped on his head and said coldly, "I'll kill anyone from Great Qin!"

Following this, Xu Nei crushed Qian Chang's head with his foot, causing blood and brains to fly everywhere.

Out of the 1,000 scholars, roughly 950 scholars returned, which meant that 50 of them were killed. Luckily, most of the City Lords were rational and thought of Great Qin's strength, so they treated the ambassadors with respect.

The City Lords who had killed the ambassadors were all ones who had committed massacres in their cities. They hated Otherworlders and acted savagely, doing whatever they wanted.

The deaths of the 50 ambassadors enraged Zhao Fu. However, Great Qin now had a good reason to kill those City Lords.

Now that the passages to other regions had been opened up, it was easier for the City Lords to communicate with each other. If Great Qin attacked a system main city for no reason, this would make the other system main cities feel hostile towards them, which was why Great Qin had not acted recklessly.

Now that they had killed Great Qin's ambassadors, killing them was something to be expected. With this reason, Great Qin could attack them without the other City Lords saying much. After all, they had killed Great Qin's people first.

Zhao Fu gathered all of the City Lords, and split 90 or so City Lords into three teams, leaving the rest to defend Great Qin.

The system main cities that had killed Great Qin's ambassadors were in different regions, so Zhao Fu decided to destroy them all quickly without giving them any chance to retaliate. Each group would take down one City Lord at a time, and the three groups would be able to destroy the 50 system main cities in one night.

They would give up on the people and resources of those 50 system main cities, as they would not be able to bring them back due to the time constraints. If they sent out too many soldiers to escort them back, that would also be quite troublesome, so they would only take away the City Creation Stones.