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 Great Qin had also sent letters to express its goodwill and sincerity, but Zhou Chang had been wary of Great Qin, so he had not gone. After all, he did not want his entire city to perish because of a single mistake from him.

After hearing that the other side had sent an ambassador, Zhou Chang thought about it and felt that he could not act rudely. After all, the other side was simply too terrifying.

Following this, the soldier heeded Zhou Chang's order and brought Great Qin's group into a hall.

When the six people walked in, Zhou Chang looked at five of them and felt quite shocked. These five people all had Stage 3 Cultivation and had an incredibly powerful and austere aura. They had been through countless battles and were comparable to his Generals.

These five General-level people had been sent on such a small task - this was simply too shocking. Just how powerful was the Great Qin Empire? How many Stage 3 soldiers did it have? How could it send them out so casually?

"My name is Li Mao, a scholar of Great Qin. I greet the esteemed City Lord," the scholarly young man at the front of the party smiled as he spoke neither overbearingly nor servilely.

Hearing this, Zhou Chang inwardly let out a sigh of relief. From the ambassador's tone, it seemed that they were here with good intentions. Otherwise, Zhou Chang would not know what to do.

"Please don't be so courteous! Everyone, please have a seat." Zhou Chang smiled as he gestured with his hand.

Li Mao looked at the chair next to him and sat down. As for the five soldiers, they took positions around Li Mao so as to protect him. Li Mao's Cultivation was not even at Stage 1, only at Stage 0-7.

Zhou Chang took notice of this small detail - he had invited all of them to sit, but only Li Mao had sat down, while the soldiers had no intention of sitting at all. Instead, they remained at Li Mao's side. This showed their discipline and training.

This was indeed reality - it was Bai Qi who was in charge of Great Qin army's training, and he was very strict. In order for a large army to succeed, one had to instill immense discipline into it.

As such, Zhou Chang assumed that Li Mao had an important position within Great Qin for the soldiers to protect him like this. As such, he couldn't help but ask curiously, "Sir, I see that you have extraordinary bearings; you must have an important position within Great Qin!"

Li Mao humbly smiled, "Esteemed City Lord, you're mistaken. I'm simply one of a thousand scholars from the Rising Qin Academy who had the luck of being chosen by His Majesty to visit the various regions and express Great Qin's goodwill.

"His Majesty is not only talented and powerful, but he is also kind and loves his subjects immensely. He is not fond of slaughter and death and would rather settle things peacefully with everyone."

Zhao Fu did not tell Li Mao to say those things, but any intelligent person would shamelessly praise Zhao Fu like that in order to display how good his liege was.

Hearing those words, Zhou Chang felt quite shocked. There were a thousand of such parties, and if each of them had five Stage 3 soldiers, that would be 5,000 Stage 3 soldiers.

A system main city only had three Generals, so ten system main cities would only have 30 Generals, while 1,000 system main cities would have 3,000 Generals.

However, the other side could easily send out 5,000 Stage 3 soldiers - just how many did they have then? Moreover, if they had so many Stage 3 soldiers, what about their Stage 2 and Stage 1 soldiers?

After just imagining what the other side's strength was like, Zhou Chang felt a chill within his heart. Great Qin was an extremely monstrous existence; who could resist it?

Now, Zhou Chang felt that even the 60 regions surrounding Great Qin would not be able to do anything towards it. An entire region in front of Great Qin would be like an ant in front of a person and could be easily squished to death.

As for whether Great Qin's Legatee was a genius or not, who needed to be told that? How else could he create such a massive faction? Zhou Chang hid the shock within his heart and continued to listen to Li Mao speak.

Li Mao continued, "His Majesty genuinely hopes that the various City Lords will be willing to join Great Qin. Now that we're in the final stage of the Chaotic World, there are natural disasters everywhere and the world is in mayhem. Countless people live in suffering and corpses fill the land. However, Great Qin has resistance against natural disasters, and all of the natural disasters are unable to affect Great Qin. Right now, there are fruits all over Great Qin and birds singing everywhere; it is a sanctuary of peace in this chaotic world.

"At the same time, Great Qin has a massive army of millions, as well as a majestic Inner Great Wall that can defend against all attacks. If you are willing to join Great Qin, you will be able to live in peace. With Great Qin's protection, you will not have to worry about anything."

By now, Zhou Chang was so shocked that he could not say anything. No faction could resist the natural disasters, only endure them. In front of the massive natural disasters, they were incredibly weak and powerless.

The Divine Military City and the surrounding regions had experienced violent cyclones. Zhou Chang and the other City Lords had wanted to use their City Lord Seals to stop the natural disaster, but they were injured by the cyclone.

The massive wind, bringing with it rocks and sand, blew down house after house and lifted people into the sky. Those terrifying scenes made them want to relocate their system main cities. However, the entire world was going through these natural disasters; just where could they run?

After hearing Li Mao's words, Zhou Chang almost could not believe it. These terrifying natural disasters did not have any effect on Great Qin?

If it wasn't for the amount of confidence Li Mao displayed, Zhou Chang definitely wouldn't believe such words.

Moreover, after hearing about Great Qin's army, as well as the Inner Great Wall, Zhou Chang once again was greatly startled. He only had an army 100,000 soldiers, and yet the other side had millions; it was like comparing a mouse to an elephant.

At that moment, Li Mao tossed out yet another big piece of news, causing Zhou Chang to feel even more startled, "Great Qin is already on the brink of establishing its kingdom, and any City Lords who join us will be given even more prestigious positions in the future!"

They had nearly established a kingdom! Zhou Chang was completely speechless. However, after thinking about Great Qin's massive territory and power, that made sense.

Li Mao then said proudly, "Great Qin's Majesty is simply peerless and unrivaled, and he has become the World Protector, the last line of defense for this world. You don't need to worry about Great Qin in the future, because with our Majesty there, nothing will be a problem."

After hearing this, Zhou Chang swayed and nearly fell down from his chair. Great Qin's Legatee was the World Protector? Even though the City Lords were unable to participate in the Trial Festival, they knew things from it. Now that Great Qin's Legatee was the World Protector, how could they fight against him?

Zhou Chang dryly coughed before saying, "Erm... what requirements does your lord have? Do you think I would be good enough?"