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 After listening to Gongsun Lin and Jiang Rou, Zhou Fu nodded and introduced himself, saying, "I'm called Zhao Xin!"

Gongsun Lin cutely smiled and nodded, committing his name to memory.

By now, everyone had turned to look at the next item. It was a long spear that was a silver color. There were many delicate and fine decorations carved onto it, and the sharp spearhead gave off a cold glint, making everyone feel a chill within his or her heart. That sort of sensation made them want to stay away from the spear, which was clearly a Gold grade weapon.

The beautiful woman started to introduce the spear. It was called the Hundred Flower Silver Spear, and it was a Gold grade weapon forged from Superior quality Mysterious Silver. The reserve price was 800,000 silver coins.

Because the spear's stats were revealed to everyone, Zhao Fu was able to take a look. It was slightly inferior to Bai Qi's Star Slashing Sword, which had been enhanced. If the Star Slashing Sword hadn't been enhanced, its stats would have been inferior to this spear's stats - after all, it hadn't been taken care of and became rusty after a long period of time

Now, the truly exceptional figures started to make bids. Everyone could only stand by and watch, and this was the same for Zhao Fu. After buying the Hardearth Rock, he had spent all of the money that he had prepared to spend.

In the end, the Hundred Flower Silver Spear was sold for 4.1 million silver coins - this was an astronomical price, and everyone in the crowd could only sigh in amazement.

Following this, the next items were brought up. They were eight rocks of uneven appearance that gave off traces of fire aura - they were Fire Strengthening Stones.

The beautiful woman introduced these items, saying, "Everyone knows that Strengthening Stones are difficult to come by, and the Red Flower Merchant Alliance was only able to gather these eight Fire Strengthening Stones with great difficulty. They can be said to be extremely rare, and they can help equipment go through the fourth strengthening. Their reserve price is 1.2 million silver coins."

"Fourth strengthening?" Zhao Fu realized that equipment could be strengthened many times, but the number of Strengthening Stones required for each subsequent strengthening was different.

With how rare Strengthening Stones were, gathering eight Strengthening Stones of the same attribute must have been incredibly difficult. No wonder their reserve price was much higher than that of a Gold grade equipment's.

After an intense bidding war among the people in the Sovereign rooms, the eight Fire Strengthening Stones were sold for 5.8 million silver coins.

This sort of figure made countless people look up to those in the Sovereign rooms, and they simply could not even imagine possessing so much money. However, watching those grand figures engage in bidding wars was quite exciting to watch.

The final item was carefully carried up by six big men. It was a giant egg that was 1 meter long. The eggshell was a faint azure color, and it gave off a faint sense of might. Those who saw it realized that it was definitely not an ordinary egg. It was definitely an egg from an extremely powerful creature.

The beautiful woman on the stage faintly smiled and said mysteriously, "Does everyone know about dragons? Even a single one of those terrifying creatures is able to cause a massive disaster. Their names are synonymous with nightmares, and perhaps some of you have already made guessed the answer - that's right, this is a Wind Dragon egg!

"Do you want to possess an incomparably powerful dragon? Do you want to ride it and soar through the sky? Do you want to reign above a nightmare? If you do, please bid for this Wind Dragon egg. The reserve price is 8 million silver coins." After the beautiful woman finished with her introduction, countless people were stunned into silence because they hadn't expected the egg in front of them to be a dragon egg.

Zhao Fu was also quite shocked. Even drakes, which did not have pure dragon bloodlines, were Stage 4 creatures. Some purebred flying dragons were Stage 5 creatures, and purebred dragons like Stone Dragons, Earth Dragons, and Poison Dragons were Stage 6 creatures. Wind Dragons, Fire Dragons, and Ice Dragons were Stage 7 creatures, while Light God Dragons, Dark God Dragons, Fairy Dragons, and Crystal Dragons were Stage 8 creatures. Finally, Chaos Dragons were terrifying Stage 9 creatures.

The above dragons were all western dragons, and Chinese Spiritual Dragons were at least Stage 8. However, they were quite rare, and there were more western dragons than Chinese Spiritual Dragons.

No matter what faction it was, every faction was like a speck of dust before a dragon. Let alone a Stage 9 dragon, even an Earth Dragon would be able to cause a catastrophe for a faction.

No one could have imagined that the Red Flower Merchant Alliance would have been able to obtain a Wind Dragon Egg. Putting aside how they obtained it, to be able to obtain one at all was already a miracle at this point in time.

When Zhao Fu saw the dragon egg, he felt an extreme desire for it, but it was a pity that he did not have that much money. Even if he did, he would not be able to protect the Wind Dragon Egg.

Dragons had extremely long lifespans, and it would most likely take this dragon egg at least 2-3 years to hatch. It would also take many more years to raise and train it.

"10 million silver coins!"

As Zhao Fu thought to himself, someone in a Sovereign room had already made a bid, instantly raising the price to 10 million silver coins. However, that person was immediately outbid.

Slowly, the Wind Dragon egg's price reached a level that caused normal people to feel despair.

"42 million silver coins!" a hoarse voice said from one of the Sovereign rooms and then shouted, "Everyone, please give Demon Tree City some face and allow me to purchase this Wind Dragon egg."

The Wind Dragon egg had already reached an astronomical price, and even the grand figures couldn't help but start to hesitate. This person had to let go of his pride and ask the people from the other two main cities to step down.

A deep sounding voice said from another Sovereign room, "Apologies, 45 million silver coins."

This Wind Dragon egg would be important to any main city, so how could they allow someone else to take it? As such, the person from Soldier Forest made a bid regardless of Demon Tree City's plea."

The person from Holy Light City, the one referred to as 'Old Wu,' clearly and brightly laughed as he said, "I apologize too; 50 million silver coins!"

When the person from Demon Tree City saw that the other two main cities were not giving Demon Tree City any face, the person sighed. Even though he felt quite angry, he understood just how important this Wind Dragon egg was, so he yelled, "52 million silver coins!"

The three factions continued to furiously fight over the dragon egg, and everyone else watched in awe. The auction hall fell silent except for those three voices.

In the end, because this Auction House was within Holy Light City, Holy Light City had a big advantage over the others and bought the dragon egg for 72 million silver coins.

Following this, the auction ended, and countless people left with excited expressions. Even though most of these people had not bought anything, after seeing so many valuable items and intense bidding wars, they felt quite satisfied. After going back, they could proudly say that they had seen a Wind Dragon egg with their own eyes!

Zhao Fu and Gonsun Lin went to the back of the Auction House and received their items after paying for them.

After returning to the Westfall restaurant, Gongsun Lin lay on a table and looked at the Hardearth Rock on the table, giggling in a silly manner to herself. She looked just like a child who had obtained a toy that she wanted.

After a while, Zhao Fu couldn't resist anymore and said, "You can make a piece of Gold grade equipment now, right?"