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 "What do you think?" Wu Zetian asked as she looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes.

Zhao Fu smiled and looked at Wu Zetian, who was lying on him, and replied, "I'll think about it and make some preparations!"

Wu Zetian lightly laughed and said, "That's good. Right now, you're the only man I can rely on. I hope Great Qin will become more and more powerful."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile and said, "Is that so? Don't you have any other plans? Don't you want some power in Great Qin?"

Wu Zetian lightly harrumphed and did not bother hiding it, saying, "Of course I do! However, I know that I won't be able to take over Great Qin like I took over at the Tang Dynasty. You're simply too domineering, and I don't have any thoughts about rebelling. Even my body can't leave you.

"Now, I'm one of the women most important to you and already have a lot of power. I understand your personality, so I know I won't have to worry about the future or any fights within the harem. I'm already very happy with the current situation; I'm satisfied with living in Great Qin and spending time with you like this.

"The only thing I'm worried about is Wu Qingniang. She's trying to re-establish my nation, but I don't want her to be destroyed."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu also thought of Wu Qingniang, and he replied seriously, "Don't worry, I'll definitely help her!"

Wu Zetian flirtatiously smiled at Zhao Fu and replied, "I believe you!"

Seeing how flirtatious Wu Zetian looked, Zhao Fu couldn't help himself and flipped Wu Zetian over. After doing it with Zhao Fu almost every day, Wu Zetian had become even more beautiful and mature, and she seemed even more alluring.

A while later, Wu Zetian lightly hit Zhao Fu and said as she breathed raggedly, "You should go and satisfy Lingyue tomorrow. She's my daughter, and I don't want you to neglect her!"

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, after which the two of them fell asleep.

The next day, Zhao Fu once again started to discuss with his Generals. After hearing that Zhao Fu had chosen to go with her plan, Sun Hanxiang gave a happy smile.

Now, it was time to carry out the plan. They had to make some preparations so that, when displaying Great Qin's strength, they did not reveal all of Great Qin's information. It would be best to avoid as much trouble as possible.

Moreover, there was the problem of how to invite the City Lords to Great Qin. After all, they were City Lords, so they would most likely be afraid of Great Qin ambushing them.

Zhao Fu decided to send out ambassadors with letters from Zhao Fu. The ambassadors had to be eloquent and neither arrogant nor weak. Only then would they be able to display Great Qin's sincerity and show its confidence.

If they wanted to find eloquent people who were cultured and refined, they would have to be scholars. As such, Zhao Fu decided to pick out some ambassadors from the Rising Qin Academy. This shook the entire Rising Qin Academy, as this was a great opportunity to rise through the ranks. If they completed this task, they would be rewarded immensely, and their family would be able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Now, things proved that Zhao Fu developing the culture of Great Qin had been an incredibly good decision.

Zhao Fu stood on a tall platform and looked at the young talents below. All of them had expressions of joy and excitement on their faces, and Zhao Fu quickly chose out some candidates.

Next, they went through a test to see if they could perform their job well. Those who did well in the test were given a few days of training, after which they were ready.

Because these ambassadors were all scholars, they were eloquent but were quite weak. In this world where might reigned supreme, those who were weak would be looked down on, so they could not go by themselves.

This problem was easily solved - Great Qin now had around 10,000 Stage 3 soldiers, and those with Stage 3 Cultivation could be Generals in system main cities. As such, each ambassador took with them five Stage 3 soldiers so that they would not be looked down on.

Right from the beginning, they would show Great Qin's terrifying power, forcing them to treat Great Qin seriously. This would make dealing with them much easier later on.

Of course, apart from the five Stage 3 soldiers, each ambassador would bring some gifts. These gifts were all specialty products from Great Qin that were quite valuable. This not only showed Great Qin's friendly attitude but also its strength and sincerity.

If the City Lords were interested, they did not have to personally come to Great Qin and could instead send their own ambassador. Through this, they would be able to understand Great Qin, increasing their trust and helping them become willing to submit to Great Qin.

After finalizing the plans, teams of ambassadors and Stage 3 soldiers left Great Qin and headed out to the various regions. Zhao Fu felt quite hopeful and wondered how things would turn out.

In the Divine Military City, a valiant-looking middle-aged man sat on a chair and frowned as he went through the various reports. Now that it was the final stage of the Chaotic World, everything had become ten times busier than before, and there were more and more things to worry about.

This City Lord's name was Zhou Chang, and he was a righteous man. He was one of the City Lords who had chosen not to slaughter the players.

This was because he felt that even if he slaughtered the players in his city, that would not solve the problem and would only serve to increase the hatred between the players and them. There would still be a large battle in the future, and with their numbers, the players would definitely have an advantage.

With their ability to revive, if the system main cities were unable to use their neutral status, they would be swamped by the sheer number of players.

Because there were rewards for killing people, there would often be large battles within the system main cities, and he would have to send soldiers to suppress them. However, the city was still in chaos, and the residents did not dare to go out, causing the streets to feel quite empty.

Moreover, even though the Divine Military City had prepared a lot of food, because they had not been able to harvest any, they would not be able to go on like this. Sooner or later, they would finish all of the food.

They could not keep letting this drag-on because when the food ran out, it would be too late to do anything about it. If they could not obtain any food, all of them would starve to death, and no one wanted to see such an outcome.

"City Lord, I have a matter to report!" a soldier walked in and said as he cupped his hands.

Zhou Chang felt quite frustrated - he had not even finished dealing with all these matters, and yet another matter had popped up. This made his head hurt, but he still said, "What is it?"

"There are a group of people claiming to be ambassadors from the Great Qin Empire. They request to see the City Lord!" the soldier replied.

"The Great Qin Empire?"

Zhou Chang had heard of Great Qin before - it was a massive faction in the north and was the Legacy of an Otherworlder. They had already conquered 31 regions and were incredibly powerful to the point that they could resist 60 or 70 regions allied together.

The surrounding regions had tried to convince him to resist Great Qin as well, but Zhou Chang feared Great Qin's power, and because Great Qin did not seem to want to attack the south, he had refused.