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 There seemed to be some terrifying demonic creature being birthed in that black orb of light, and the terrifying, dangerous aura covered the entire Midland Continent. Everyone in the Midland Continent felt a chill pass through their bodies, and their hairs stood on end as their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

Currently, it was as if there was a haze covering the Midland Continent. All of the Legatees sensed the changes in the Midland Continent, and they walked out and looked in that direction seriously. They did not know what was happening in the Midland Continent, but it was definitely an incredibly serious matter.

Tina Pendragon looked over gravely because she could sense Great Qin's aura in this matter. Anything that Great Qin stirred up would not be ordinary at all.

Back at Great Qin, the black orb of light gradually shrank, but the black light seemed to become corporeal, and the aura became more and more terrifying.

Now, the gigantic black orb of light condensed into a black ball that was about 100 meters wide.

The black ball was very round, and its surface seemed corporeal and abnormally tough. It seemed completely harmless but gave off an immense might that made people feel the aura of death.

Under Li Si and Shang Yang's instructions, the residents in the surrounding thousands of kilometers had already left, and the area beneath the black ball started to slowly sink.

The ten people around the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation had serious expressions as they continued to maintain the Great World Refinement. Beads of sweat rolled down their bodies, and they seemed to be expending a great amount of strength.

It was now the final stages of the refinement, and Zhao Fu took out a knife and cut open his palm. Blood flowed out of the cut but did not fall to the ground, and it instead hovered in mid-air.

Back when they had refined the Nation Armament, they had created a large tunnel upwards. Standing at the side of the formation, Zhao Fu could see the black ball in the sky, and his eyes contained a hint of excitement.

Zhao Fu swung his sword, and the blood hovering in the air flew upwards and quickly fused into the black ball.


A clear cracking sound rang out in all directions as a small crack appeared on the black ball. In that moment, countless people felt incredibly nervous because whatever was within the black ball was about to come out.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A few more cracking sounds sounded out as more cracks appeared on the black ball. Everyone started to feel more nervous, and almost everyone in the Midland Continent was looking at this black ball.

Crack! Crack! Crack...

By now, the black ball was covered with cracks, and everyone felt as if their hearts were in their throats.


As a massive sound rang out, the black ball suddenly exploded, causing black shards to shoot in all directions, and a peacock appeared in the sky.

The peacock was 10 or so meters tall and jet-black. Its feathers and claws gave off a cold light, and its eyes were blood-red. It did not have the beauty and elegance of a peacock; instead, it had might and savageness.


The black peacock spread its wings and gave a piercing cry, causing a black wave of light to ripple out. As it spread out, even the sky seemed to be torn.

Countless motes of black light descended, and Great Qin residents felt a sense of warmth. Any sicknesses or discomfort immediately disappeared, their bloodlines became strengthened, and their power was increased.

However, for everyone else who was touched by the black light, they felt as if they were hit heavily, forcing them back a few steps. A trace of blood leaked out from their mouths, and their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

The one who had it the worst was India - everyone felt as if they had been sent flying by an immense force, and their bodies crashed to the ground and trembled. Their bloodlines seemed to have gone cold, and they felt immense powerlessness and pain.

Everyone in the world was completely shocked - they had never thought that Great Qin would have the power to do such a thing.

On a misty peak, a Taoist disciple saw the shocked expression on the Sect Master's face as he looked at the black peacock, and he asked curiously, "Sect Master, isn't it just a powerful black peacock? Why are you so surprised? What's so special about it? Is it some mystical item?"

Only after a while did the Sect Master come back to his senses and say in a hoarse voice, "Even a mystical item would not be able to compare to it at all. That's a Clan Armament; one of the four Clan Armaments in the human world!"

The disciple looked incredibly shocked - he had not expected this black peacock to be a Clan Armament at all. After all, even with the human world's long history, they only had four Clan Armaments, which represented the four most ancient civilizations.

It was more than ten times more difficult to create a Clan Armament than a Nation Armament, and it was already hard enough to create a Nation Armament.

"Sect Master, are you saying that Great Qin created a Clan Armament by itself? How is this possible?" the disciple asked in disbelief.

The Taoist Sect Master sighed and replied, "I never thought that Great Qin would have such abilities either."

He then continued hesitantly, "Now, Great Qin can be considered to be a separate bloodline. It can even leave the Chinese race and become the Great Qin race. What I'm worried about is that if it does this, it may slaughter the Chinese race in future!"

Hearing this, the disciple couldn't help but imagine that terrifying scene. He gulped and said nervously, "Sect Master, that's not too possible, right? After all, China has given Great Qin so much help, and he has China's Clan Armament."

However, even the disciple himself did not fully believe his words. After all, Great Qin was notorious for how bloodthirsty and cruel it was; how could Great Qin's Legatee be so sentimental?

As the ancient Chinese saying went, 'those who are not one of us in race are not one with us in heart'- now that Great Qin had two Clan Armaments, anyone would fear them. There was no longer anyone who was a match for Great Qin, so if they started to massacre China, it would be a terrible disaster.

The Taoist Sect Masters did not know what Great Qin was planning either, so he could only hope that Great Qin would not do such a thing. At the same time, he gave the order not to oppose Great Qin at all costs in the future.

The other Schools of Thought and Sects all realized this and also gave out the order not to oppose Great Qin. If Great Qin went mad, it was possible that they would start slaughtering everyone as they were of different races now; it all depended on Great Qin's Legatee.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu looked at the black peacock with a smile on his face. He waved his hand, and the peacock turned into a ray of black light and shot over to Zhao Fu, turning into a black crystal statue that was as big as a palm.