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 Even though it was now night time, Zhao Fu took the Glass Peacock and gathered his Generals. Because Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao were guarding the border, Zhao Fu swapped out three people.

In total, there were ten people: Meng Tian, Sima Cuo, Li Mu, Bai Xihan, Sun Hanxiang, Wei Qing, Xu Liuyi, Nü Lü, Tuoba Qing, and Zhao Fu.

They came to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel quite excited. After all, this was a Clan Armament, of which there were only four in the world. Their power reigned far above Nation Armaments, and even in the Heaven Awaken World, they were quite rare.

Zhao Fu first set up the energy stones before placing the Glass Peacock at the center of the formation. The ten people stood around the formation, surrounding it.

Zhao Fu looked around, and seeing that everyone was prepared, Zhao Fu signaled to begin, and everyone nodded.


A massive explosion rang out as Zhao Fu activated the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation. Countless energy stones instantly disintegrated, and massive, formless energy grabbed the Glass Peacock into the air, and a tremendous aura rippled out like waves.

Different-colored auras rose up from the ten people as they started to use their powers. City Lord Seals floated out of their bodies and hung above their heads, giving off an intense light and a terrifying power.


The ten people each stretched out a hand towards the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, causing ten rays of light to shoot into it. The formation instantly gave off a heaven-shaking power and gave off a dazzling light. The Glass Peacock in the air was covered by the colorful lights, which formed a rainbow-colored orb.

"Rise!" Zhao Fu used all of his strength to control the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and suddenly cried out. The rainbow-colored orb continuously trembled and gave off a buzzing noise as it turned into a ray of light and shot upwards. It rose to the surface and hung in the sky like a star, giving off a mighty pressure and a brilliant light that shined in all directions.

Everyone within 1,000 kilometers was shaken and felt their bodies sink. Some of them were greatly frightened and ran outside to look at the 'star' in the sky.

Refining a Clan Armament and refining a Nation Armament were completely different - refining a Clan Armament was much more complicated and had more steps.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Massive explosions sounded out as ten pillars of light rushed into the sky. Zhao Fu and the others exploded out with the full power of their City Lord Seals and started to guide the Heaven and Earth Fate.

As the ten pillars of light shot up, the entire sky shook as an energy wave rippled out, destroying all the clouds in the surrounding thousands of kilometers.

Suddenly, countless traces of Fate seemed to be controlled by something and madly started to gather. The stars in the sky seemed to dim as a wild wind blew, carrying sand and stones into the air. Countless trees swayed as if they were going to be uprooted.

The sudden gathering of Fate startled China's countless ability users and espers. They looked over at the northern side with serious expressions because they felt that all of China's Fate was madly being gathered there.

The northern side was where Great Qin resided, and only Great Qin would be able to draw so much Fate. However, what was Great Qin doing, and what did it need so much Fate for?

Back when Great Qin had refined a Nation Armament, it had only affected the northern side of China. However, this affected all of China's territory.

This massive gathering of Fate made everyone feel quite nervous, and they wondered what Great Qin was doing. Now that it was the final stage of the Chaotic World, the world was bloody enough as it was. If Great Qin joined in, it would be like adding oil to the flames.

Countless traces of Fate continuously gathered, forming a massive cortex in the sky with the rainbow-colored orb at the center.

As the Fate continuously gathered and condensed, a monstrous aura descended from the sky. Almost everyone in China could sense this terrifying aura, and the various Sect Masters' expressions became grave, wondering just what Great Qin was doing.

Their immediate thought was to stop this, but by now, they were completely powerless to do anything, so they could only watch and wait.

Countless traces of Fate continued to gather, and the vortex became bigger and bigger. The might coming from the sky became bigger and bigger - after all, this was refining a Clan Armament, which was not simple at all.

"Heaven and Earth combine!" Seeing that it was about time, Zhao Fu roared and performed hand seals as he sent more energy into the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.


An almighty explosion rang out as if the sky had exploded. Not only were ability users and espers shaken, but people all over the world were also stirred.

The rainbow-colored orb at the center of the vortex instantly absorbed all of the Fate, becoming many times bigger. It rose higher into the sky and gave off a brilliant light. It was not just China but everyone in the Midland Continent who could see it.

Looking at that resplendent star giving off a boundless aura in the north, everyone in the Midland Continent felt quite shocked and wondered what was happening.

This time, Zhao Fu used the Great World Refinement, which used the heavens and the earth as the refining medium. It was an incredibly powerful and profound technique.

"You can start the final refinement now!" the golden dragon said within Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu understood, and the one million Indian indigenous residents were all gathered together. Under the direction of the soldiers around them, they knelt down and shouted, "We are subjects of Great Qin!"

Traces of black aura rose up from their bodies, which Zhao Fu controlled and guided into the massive orb.


The orb continuously gave off buzzing noises, and the Glass Peacock made a final struggle. After all, it would soon belong to Great Qin and not India anymore.

In that moment, everyone in India sensed something, and a wave of fear rushed out of their hearts, making them feel extremely unsettled.

India's ability users and espers sensed something, causing their expressions to become ones of shock and anger. Great Qin was doing something to their Clan Armament - their Clan Armament represented all of India, and only Great Qin doing something to their Clan Armament would result in such a reaction from their bodies.

Back at Great Qin, the one million Indian indigenous residents' Fate slowly fused into the orb, and the shaking within the orb gradually weakened.

"Great Qin Fate... condense!" Zhao Fu yelled out, causing all of Great Qin to tremble. Countless traces of Fate rose up from the ground and from Great Qin's residents. They flowed up like a dense, black fog towards the orb in the sky.

As Great Qin's Fate entered, the rainbow-colored orb was gradually dyed black, turning into a black orb of light. It gave off a terrifying and demonic light, like a demonic sun, giving off a horrifying might that struck fear into the hearts of those who saw it.