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 After conquering the ten regions, Zhao Fu had received ten Region Treasure Boxes. After opening all of them, he did not receive anything amazing - they were all materials or other items, as well as a Dragon-Slaying Ballistae.

After a few days of steady development, Liu Mei came and spoke a few words into Zhao Fu's ear, causing him to smile - it was time to refine India's Clan Armament.

Zhao Fu had long since prepared one million Indian indigenous residents, and they were now only lacking Indian women with Phoenix Qi. Zhao Fu had ordered people to capture as many as possible, and now that the Void Zones had been canceled, things became much faster.

"Bring them in!" Zhao Fu ordered.

Following this, soldiers escorted 20 or so women into the hall. Their expressions were all different - some had expressions of fear, others disgust, and some hatred.

Zhao Fu did not mind at all. He looked through the information that Liu Mei had handed over and found that there were 24 of them. They were all beauties on India's Beauty Rankings, and they were quite highly ranked and extremely beautiful.

This was especially for the beauties in the top ten - Zhao Fu felt that their Phoenix Qi would be enough to refine the Clan Armament.

Zhao Fu ordered the soldiers to bring the women in the top ten up. One of them was Shama's fiancée, who was ranked sixth.

The first woman was called Dulari. She had a beautiful face and was quite tall and slim. She wore a long, red dress, and her looks were comparable to Wu Qingniang's. However, her aura was slightly weaker, and it was said that she had come here voluntarily. Currently, she was looking at Zhao Fu with eyes filled with flirtatiousness.

The second woman was also extremely pretty and had an alluring figure. She was dressed scantily, revealing a lot of her skin. Her entire body gave off an intoxicating aura, and she was lightly biting her red lips and swaying her body as if she was trying to seduce Zhao Fu - her name was Ashala.

The third had an extremely beautiful face and an elegant figure. She seemed quite cold and wore men's clothing, and she looked at Zhao Fu hatefully. She understood that the man in front of her was Indian's greatest enemy. She was called Anjali.

The fourth was called Ivani. She had a pretty face and a voluptuous figure but gave off scholarly airs, and she looked at Zhao Fu with fear.

The fifth was called Christine, and she also looked at Zhao Fu with anger. She had an attractive face and a slim figure, and she seemed quite intelligent.

The sixth was called Daphne. She looked quite fragile and weak, and she had a slim figure, making people who saw her want to care for her.

The seventh was called Debi. She looked like a girl with a very bright personality, and from her muscles, it could be seen that she liked exercising quite a bit.

The eighth was called Rose, and she had a beautiful face and an elegant demeanour. She also gave off a gentle aura.

The ninth was called Kaasni. She looked pretty and sweet, and she was quite short. She had supple skin and was a very alluring girl.

After looking at them and glancing at the others, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. They had suddenly captured so many women from India, and they were all incredibly famous - perhaps it was a bit too much.

All of India most likely hated him to death. He not only killed their people and took their Clan Armament, but he also took their women. Zhao Fu felt that he was a bit too evil.

However, this was something unavoidable, as he needed them to refine the Clan Armament.

"I'm sure you all understand that I've captured you all to become my women. As long as you are loyal to me, I will treat you well. At the same time, you don't have the power to refuse!"

After Zhao Fu spoke, he did not care if they were willing or not and directly made them concubines. The massive amount of Phoenix Qi once again caused changes in the Emperor Phoenix Statue. Its wingspan was now almost 200 meters wide - after all, half of India's Phoenix Qi was gathered here.

Most of these women felt quite displeased towards how domineering Zhao Fu was. Some feared him but did not display it, while others vehemently glared at him.

However, the first-ranked Dulari and second-ranked Ashala happily smiled and walked up, both of them sitting on Zhao Fu's legs as they stroked Zhao Fu's chest and said shyly, "Your Majesty!"

Following this, both of them started to kiss Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, but he still accepted it. He held one woman with each arm, deeply kissing them and causing their faces to become red as they leaned against him.

The other Indian women felt that they were quite shameless to be so forward. They instinctively felt quite disgusted and repulsed.

However, the two of them were the most clear-minded out of all of them. India had been heavily wounded and would no longer have a chance at seizing control - India did not have any hope in the future.

On the other hand, the man in front of them stood at the peak of the word. It was him who had heavily wounded India, and he had created the most powerful faction in the world - Great Qin. If they relied on such a powerful person, they would not have to worry about anything in the future. These two women were not only thinking of themselves but their families as well.

Being forward and taking the initiative was better than being forced into submission!

Zhao Fu looked at the two beauties in his arms and marveled at how intoxicating the life of an emperor was. However, he did not forget the matter at hand and brought them to where the Clan Armament was.

India's Clan Armament was still bound by countless chains, and Zhao Fu brought the women below it.

By now, they had noticed the Clan Armament bound in chains. Their bloodlines started to roil, and they wondered why Zhao Fu had brought them here.

After coming here again, Zhao Fu could not help but think of what had happened last time, and he shook his head. Zhao Fu pulled over Dulari, and she hugged Zhao Fu as they looked at each other. Soon, they started to kiss, and Zhao Fu started to take off her clothes.

Ashala smiled and took the initiative to take off her own clothes as she lightly hugged Zhao Fu.

Looking at the scene in front of them, the other women's faces became red and understood what was about to happen.

Because of how eager Dulari and Ashala were, they quickly took off Zhao Fu's clothes, and he also lost control.

Thumping sounds sounded out until it was night, and after everything was done, Zhao Fu was in high spirits. The women laying on the ground were powerless and breathless, and they all had expressions of pleasure and satisfaction on their faces.

Looking at the women on the ground, Zhao Fu felt quite awkward. He had once again lost control and could not hold back. A few of the women had been a bit unwilling at the start, but they had quickly started to enjoy it mainly because of the Six Desires Demonic Qi.

The third-ranked Anjali had been the most resistant at the start, but she had also been the one who had enjoyed it the most. Some of the 24 women were virgins and others were not, as they had already been married, but Zhao Fu did not mind.

Zhao Fu looked at the Glass Peacock suspended by chains, which was no longer struggling and had been completely tamed.

Moreover, Zhao Fu found that after doing it with them, his Dragon Qi and their Phoenix Qi had all become purer, which was extremely good.

Next, it was time to refine the Clan Armament. Zhao Fu wanted this Clan Armament to no longer belong to India or China but to Great Qin.