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 Zhao Fu considered which method to use, but he could not quickly make a decision. At that moment, Guo Binglin walked in and gave a report in a very grave voice.

An impending conflict had finally exploded!

The information that Guo Binglin had received was that the system factions were starting to make a move against players. All of the powers binding system main cities had disappeared, and the system main cities could now fearlessly attack players without worrying about anything.

The system main cities had always been wary against the players, and their attitude towards players had generally been quite disdainful. In response, the players had been quite displeased with how arrogant and domineering the system main cities acted.

There had always been conflict between them, but because of the various restrictions, the system main cities had not been able to do anything against players.

Even though the players were displeased with the system main cities, staying within them was better than not having a place to stay, so they endured it. After all, the system main cities were able to stay neutral and were much more powerful, so they could not do much against the system main cities.

Now that something that had been repressed for so long had suddenly exploded, it resulted in an incredibly bloody scene.

The information that they could obtain in the Heaven Awaken World was not very comprehensive, so Zhao Fu quickly returned to the real world and ordered people to gather intelligence about this matter. Such a big matter meant that it would not be long until the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world.

Zhao Fu sat on the sofa as he looked through the information Mu Guilin gave him.

At Time Suspend City, a General looked incredibly serious as he asked, "City Lord, do we really have to do this? Isn't this a bit too cruel and ruthless?"

A cold-looking young man coldly harrumphed as he replied, "What will we do if we don't do this? I've long since been fed up with these greedy Otherworlders making my city into a mess. Now that the powers restricting us are gone, I want to slaughter them all. We can't allow them to become powerful and then take over our city!"

The General had wanted to continue to try to persuade the City Lord, but after hearing his reply, he could only go and follow his orders.

"Time Suspend City Announcement: Time Suspend City is holding a free eating event with no restrictions on numbers or age. Anyone who can finish a big bowl of porridge will receive a reward of one silver coin!"

There were not many players in Time Suspend City, only about 100,000 or so. After first hearing about this, some of them did not believe it - after all, they were promised a silver coin just for eating a bowl of porridge. Not many people would believe such a good thing could happen.

However, after an official announcement came out, the people realized that this was a great freebie, so countless people rushed over. One silver coin was a big deal to ordinary people, so many people were incredibly excited.

However, some people felt that something was off - why was Time Suspend City treating them so well all of a sudden? There was no such thing as a free meal, so they decided to wait and not go for now.

However, most people were greedy for rewards, and because they had never heard of a system main city harming players before, they were not too worried.

The location for the event was quite raucous, and countless players eagerly waited for this event to begin. Many people started to impatiently shout.

"Hurry up! After doing this event, I need to go out to the wilderness!"

"That's right! In order to participate in this event, I didn't even get to eat breakfast! I'm starving!"

"Can you hurry up? I want my money!"

The General standing on the top floor of a building looked down and sighed as he ordered, "Carry out the City Lord's orders!"

Following this, the City Guards brought out bowls of porridge. They were not plain porridge; instead, the bowls of porridge had many ingredients added to them, making them smell incredibly good.

As soon as the porridge was brought out, countless people could not wait anymore and started to devour it. Some of them did not have enough and had another bowl.

Suddenly, one of the people who had been eating the porridge coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, his face twitching in pain. Soon, he stopped moving - after seeing this, the people around him froze, as more and more players coughed up blood and fell to the ground. Only now did the players realize that the porridge had been poisoned!

However, it was already too late - those who had eaten the porridge immediately died of poisoning, and soon, the ground was covered with corpses.

The players who had sensed that something was off were incredibly shocked when they saw this scene. They had never expected that the system main city would dare to openly kill players like this. They did not dare to stay here anymore, so they quickly organized their things and prepared to run.

However, they were stopped by City Guards who had been waiting. The players wanted to say something, but the City Guards immediately attacked and started to kill them.

Out of the 100,000 or so players, less than 2,000 were able to escape.

Seeing the corpses on the ground, Time Suspend City's City Lord gave a refreshed laugh - he had finally done what he had wanted to do this entire time. He then ordered his soldiers to take the valuables off the corpses and then feed the corpses to wild animals.

Heaven Wu City's City Lord was sitting on a chair as he talked with a few people when his expression became a bit savage and he said, "Carry out the plan!"

"Heaven Wu City Announcement: Otherworlders, please gather at the eastern part of the city. The city is about to give out an important quest with a 100 gold coin reward!"

As soon as this announcement was given out, countless people were incredibly delighted. 100 gold coins were equivalent to $1 million in the real world. Many people would never see such an immense fortune in their lives, so many people swarmed over like a horde of bees.

However, some people felt that something was off, and some of the smarter ones packed their things and left.

Heaven Wu City had 150,000 players, and around 110,000 of them went to the designated spot. It was a circular construction that had ten-meter tall walls. When it was being built, the players had no idea what it had been for.

After entering, the players immediately sensed that something was wrong. There was only a single set of doors, and after closing the doors, they would be stuck in here.

However, it was already too late - the waiting Archers started to shoot arrows, killing the players. Most of the players were killed before they realized what was going on, and some people pleaded for mercy. However, it was completely useless.

Now, they knew what this construction was for - it was for slaughtering them. Soon, the 110,000 players were all killed, causing blood and arrow-filled corpses to cover the ground. All of their faces were filled with terror and looked quite horrifying.

The other 40,000 players had all sensed that something was wrong and had escaped this slaughter.

"Fire Bird City Announcement: Otherworlders, head towards the Fire Grounds, where the City Lord will personally give out a quest. Not only will there be various rewards, but there will also be a chance to be given a position in the city."

After hearing about this, countless people felt quite curious and excited, and they headed over. However, what was waiting for them was flames, causing them to be burned to death. This was even more painful than what the two other cities had done.