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 These 35 City Lords provided 13 million people, as well as three million or so Stage 1 soldiers. Zhao Fu was quite satisfied, and after relocating so many system main cities, the Great Qin City was nearly about to level up again.

After all, the amount of EXP they had gained from clearing out regions was massive, and now that they had relocated 35 system main cities, they were nearly about to level up again.

The northern side's City Lords passed through the Inner Great Wall and came to Great Qin's territory. Looking at the peaceful, blissful lives that Great Qin's residents lived and at the bustling cities, it was of great contrast to the bloody, violent scenes outside.

After personally entering Great Qin and feeling its power and peace, the northern side's City Lords were able to relax.

Before, they thought that Great Qin was incredibly bloodthirsty and ruthless and that its subjects lived difficult lives. However, the reality was completely different to what they had expected - Great Qin was definitely the best faction to join. None of them felt regret, and smiles appeared on their faces.

In this incredibly chaotic world, Great Qin had already created a place of peace - this was something that they would not be able to do.

Now that they had joined Great Qin, they would not have to worry about the future - they would not have to worry about the players or any other factions. They could simply live out their lives as City Lords peacefully.

Now that the northern side's City Lords had been pacified, Zhao Fu felt much more at ease. These ten regions now belonged to Great Qin, meaning that Great Qin's territory now bordered with Vietnam.

Zhao Fu did not yet have any plans to invade Vietnam, because this would result in retaliation from the entirety of Vietnam. They could use Reality-Harming Talismans to scare off players, but they would definitely hate Great Qin, though they would not dare to do much.

Moreover, the Vietnamese system main cities would all ally together closely, as this was essentially an invasion from another country. No one felt much about internal conflict, but no one would be happy about another country invading.

Moreover, the Vietnamese players were quite a big problem. Even though they were afraid of Reality-Harming Talismans, after the real world was devoured by the Heaven Awaken World, they would still be a great problem. If they were backed into a corner, they would still retaliate.

When that time came, the Reality-Harming Talismans would essentially be useless, as their real bodies would have entered the Heaven Awaken World. Regardless of Reality-Harming Talismans or not, they would still die a true death.

Defending against a nation would not be a big problem for Great Qin, but destroying a nation would be quite difficult. As such, Zhao Fu did not plan on invading Vietnam for now.

At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered his people to start constructing some simple defensive walls at the borders in order to prevent the Vietnamese side from attacking first.

Zhao Fu did not know when he would make a move against Vietnam, and the matters at the northern side concluded. Before, Zhao Fu had planned to look at the other sides and destroy them, but after talking to his Generals, Zhao Fu decided to lay aside this plan.

After all, attacking the three other sides would bring in more regions. Because the three other sides were all on the Chinese side, attacking them would result in countless City Lords' retaliation, so they had to take this into consideration.

Some of the regions far away from Great Qin had not declared where they stood yet, but if Great Qin attacked, they could only join. When that time came, the three sides' forces would become many times more powerful, unlike the northern side.

As such, Zhao Fu decided to slow down their pace and first digest these ten regions. Great Qin's attitude became milder, and Great Qin asked the City Lords to surrender and join Great Qin. With Great Qin's strength and defenses, it was the best decision for them.

A few days later, even though Great Qin had sent out many letters, not a City Lord surrendered, making Zhao Fu feel quite disappointed.

At the Meeting Hall, Sun Hanxiang said, "Your Majesty, I think they're still hesitating because surrendering to a faction and giving their lives to another person is not something easy. How about we open our gates, invite them into Great Qin, and show them what Great Qin really is like? This will be many times more effective than just sending out letters.

"Right now, the outside world is in complete chaos. They'll have to face all sorts of dangers in the future, and with this sort of pressure, I'm sure many of them will want to join Great Qin!"

Wei Liao thought about this, but he felt quite hesitant, saying, "Your Majesty, this subordinate thinks that we should give more thought to this matter. After all, if they come to Great Qin, Great Qin's strength and defenses will be on display. If they do not choose to surrender, they may gather an even greater force to attack Great Qin. The situation will be incredibly disadvantageous for Great Qin.

"How about Your Majesty sign a Contract with them? Divide them before destroying them!"

Zhao Fu sat above as he thought about their suggestions. Sun Hanxiang's method was filled with confidence and domineeringness. Its benefit was that they would not have to expend a single soldier to gain many system main cities and a lot of people.

On the other hand, Wei Liao's method was much safer and cautious, and it was also a good method. However, it would take a lot of time because they would not be able to gain those City Lords' trust in a short amount of time.

"What do you all think?" Zhao Fu asked as he looked at the people below.

Bai Qi cupped his hands as he stepped forward and said, "Your Majesty, I believe that we should first digest these ten regions and gather our forces before rapidly and ferociously attacking one of the sides. That way, they will not be able to react in time before being destroyed.

"By that time, Great Qin will have a much greater force, and it will not be too difficult to deal with the two remaining forces. We'll use slaughter and overbearingness to force them to capitulate!"

Zhao Fu felt that Bai Qi's suggestion was not bad either. It was incredibly intense, but they may have to sacrifice many soldiers. Moreover, it was possible that the two other sides would attack during that time.

However, with Great Qin's massive population, defending the Inner Great Walls would not be a big problem. However, many people would die, and all of Great Qin would be put under pressure.

Li Si also stepped out and gave his own suggestion, "Your Majesty, right now, all of the system main cities are under immense pressure. They understand how difficult the future will be, so you can marry some of the City Lords' relatives. With this relationship, they will be able to trust Great Qin more and may join Great Qin.

"You can also choose some women and give them to the City Lords; this will make them even happier with Great Qin!"

After hearing Li Si's words, Zhao Fu couldn't help but glare at him. Even though this was a good suggestion, Great Qin was not weak to the point that they had to use women to solve its problems.

Following this, a few more people gave their suggestions, and Zhao Fu considered them carefully. Right now, the main concern was that if they attacked any of the sides, it was possible that more City Lords would join them out of fear.