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 Now that Zhao Fu had become the World Protector, he could control the Earth Realm Mark's power. Even though he could not use it against them, he could use it to at least scare them. It would be best if they surrendered.

Hearing the voice from above and looking at the 90 or so City Lords in the air, the northern side faction below fell into silence.

Everyone hesitated because no one wanted to easily surrender to anyone. However, they were at a complete disadvantage, and what Zhao Fu had said was true - they could not defend against the dangers in the future, so Zhao Fu's offer was the best case choice right now.

"I think we should surrender! We can't beat them, and we need to think about the future. This is something we'll have to face sooner or later!" a scholarly young man said somewhat nervously.

A white-haired elder sighed and said, "If we had any chance at fighting back, I definitely wouldn't surrender so easily. Even if there were dangers in the future, all of us would be able to face them together."

"Ai! If only six million of them came, we would still be able to fight. However, they have four times as many soldiers as us, and they have three times as many City Lords. We won't be able to do anything and will instead be encircled and killed!" a middle-aged man wearing a robe said as he sighed.

"What should we do then? Fight? Or surrender?" a muscular loudly asked as he watched everyone sigh.

Swish, swish, swish...

Suddenly, the sound of the arrows tearing through the air could be heard. Countless arrows gave off a sharp aura, causing everyone to shiver and for their hairs to stand on end. The arrows poured down like rain, and screams immediately sounded out.

The City Lords discussing within the room were given a big fright, and they rushed outside. It seemed that after waiting for a while, Zhao Fu had decided to attack first.

The sudden onslaught of arrows resulted in many of the system main city soldiers being hit. Following this, Great Qin's soldiers formed a massive black ocean as they gave off a boundless aura and charged at the defensive wall.

Zhao Fu first used the Rock Giant's Heart and sent his Emperor's Power into it, summoning 50 Rock Giants that were ten or so tall. They used their fists to vigorously pound against the defensive wall, causing it to begin to crack.

The system main city soldiers were not weak at all, and the arrows they shot out gave off a cold light and seemed to be able to pierce through rocks. However, even though the Rock Giants were covered with arrows, they were not hindered at all.

This was because they were only puppets made out of rocks and did not have any life. They were fully controlled by Zhao Fu, so they were completely fine.

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!"

Four massive roars sounded throughout the surrounding ten or so kilometers as different-colored auras rose up from Great Qin's soldiers' bodies. They gathered together like massive tides, creating four massive beasts that were hundreds of meters long.

One was a massive azure ox, which was controlled by Meng Tian and his spear; one was a blue fish controlled by Sima Cuo; one was a violet and blood-red leopard controlled by Li Mu; and one was a blood-red fox that was controlled by Bai Xihan.

Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian were defending against the three other sides, so they had not come. During the time Great Qin had been clearing out the regions, they had created another General Armament that they had given to Bai Xihan. She also had the Seven Murders Star, and this was not too surprising, as she was Bai Qi from an alternate reality.

She also used a sword, and her sword's stats were similar to Bai Qi's Seven Murders Sword's stats. However, the beast she condensed was a blood-red fox, as opposed to Bai Qi's blood-red eagle.

The fox was incredibly big and gave off a trace of dignity and elegance. Its eyes were icy cold, and anyone who looked at it would sense that it was quite extraordinary.

The four massive beasts gave off terrifying auras as they ferociously charged at the defensive wall. They all gave off different lights, causing the sky to be dyed four colors. With their power, even a small mountain would be annihilated.

Even three City Lords would not have a chance against one of the beasts; after all, they were created from millions of soldiers' auras.

Following this, a gray ghostly qi started to spread along the defensive wall. Everywhere it covered, the soldiers fell silent and did not respond anymore - it seemed that this fog was quite terrifying.

Elsewhere, ten Cavalrymen riding on Skeleton Horses, leading a group of Skeleton Mages, silently attacked as well.

The Disaster Cavalry now had Stage 4 strength and could control 30,000 Skeleton Mages. The Skeleton Mages all had Stage 2 strength and could summon Evil Spirits that also had Stage 2 strength. 30,000 Stage 2 Evil Spirits was quite a formidable force.

This was because they were transparent and could silently enter people's heads and control their bodies, causing the soldiers to attack people around them.

The 30,000 Skeleton Mages were one of the greatest gains that the Great Qin had obtained from the Undead Disasters from before. It had been quite difficult to gather these 30,000 Skeleton Mages.

Seeing this scene before them, the City Lords felt as if they were being assaulted by a massive tsunami. They felt that they could not resist at all and that they had underestimated Great Qin. They had not expected Great Qin to have so many methods, and they all felt that they would soon be destroyed by Great Qin.

"Wait! We're willing to surrender!" finally, the northern side City Lords could not help but cry out in terror.

Hearing this, a trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he ordered his army to stop attacking. The overwhelming, ferocious aura was immediately quelled and became calm.

This allowed the northern side's City Lords to let out sighs of relief. They ordered their soldiers to put down their weapons and open up the defensive wall to allow Great Qin's soldiers in.

Zhao Fu smiled as he led Great Qin's City Lords to the defensive wall and accepted the northern side's surrender.

Looking at how despondent the northern side City Lords seemed, Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "You absolutely won't regret this decision in the future; Great Qin is now unstoppable. Now that we are at the brink of the Great Qin empire, if you perform well, you'll have an even greater status than before!"

Hearing this, the northern side City Lords squeezed out a few smiles and nodded. Zhao Fu was right, and according to the current situation, Great Qin had the greatest potential. However, they had only just surrendered, so it was quite difficult for them to feel happy. Moreover, the future was still unknown.

Zhao Fu happily received ten regions. Now that they had become powerful, obtaining system main cities and regions was much easier.

Following this, Zhao Fu started to relocate the system main cities and moved all of their residents within Great Qin's Inner Great Wall. Now, it was incredibly safe within the Inner Great Wall, so they did not have to worry about any factions harming them. In order to do this, they would first have to break through the defenses of the Inner Great Wall.