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 Zhao Fu did not decide to directly attack the four directions and instead decided to convince them to surrender. With Great Qin's strength, as well as the Inner Great Wall, it would be quite easy for Great Qin to defend against their attack.

Moreover, with Great Qin's massive power, Zhao Fu had the confidence to ask them to surrender. The system main city's City Lords most likely knew that the real world would be devoured by the Heaven Awaken World, meaning that they would not be able to remain neutral.

When that time came, the players would still have the advantage, because players had become more powerful and no longer feared the system main cities. In the future, the system main cities would be in a worse and worse situation.

Now that it was quite a few stages into the Chaotic World, there were battles between nations, and they were about to reach the final stages.

In the final stage, it would be people killing any people, not just foreigners. When that time came, the system main cities would not be spared and would be forced to get involved as well.

Zhao Fu was not completely sure, but the City Lords most likely knew these things. Zhao Fu was sure that they would think responsibly for the future, as the dangers in the future would not be something a single region could defend against. As such, they would have to rely on people more powerful.

Right now, this was the best decision for Great Qin. Great Qin had unified 31 regions and had constructed an Inner Great Wall, so it was a massive figure. It was undisputedly the most powerful existence in Great Qin and attracted many people.

Zhao Fu gave all sorts of benefits to those who surrendered, such as not taking their position as City Lord, as well as not killing their residents, treating them all as Great Qin's subjects.

Now that they had unified their territory, Zhao Fu took out their map and gathered his Generals to talk. He once again decided which regions to take over, which were the regions outside of the Inner Great Wall.

This time, the eastern boundary was the Centerhold region, the western boundary was the Five Color region, the northern boundary was the Clearsun region, and the southern boundary was the Lone Shadow region. This encapsulated 120 regions outside of Great Qin's territory.

Thinking about how long it had taken Great Qin to unify 31 regions, doing the same for four times the number of regions would be an incredibly monumental task.

However, by that time, Great Qin would be establishing its nation soon. When he thought of this, Zhao Fu felt quite glad - Great Qin's great plans were advancing step by step.

The factions around Great Qin were once again split into four factions: north, south, east, and west.

The strongest side was still the eastern side, with 20 regions allied together. They had 70 system main cities and roughly seven million Stage 1 soldiers.

Relying on their strength, the eastern side had tried to attack while Great Qin was still constructing its Inner Great Wall to disrupt its plans. However, they had been scared back by Zhao Fu's army, as they did not dare to commit to large battles and only wanted small skirmishes to disrupt the construction.

The second most powerful was the western side. There were 17 regions allied together, which had 60 system main cities and had roughly six million Stage 1 soldiers.

Next was the southern side, which had 15 regions allied together, with 50 system main cities and roughly five million Stage 1 soldiers.

Finally, the weakest was the northern side, which had ten regions. This was because two more regions past the north of Great Qin was the border with the Vietnamese side. It would be impossible for the Chinese system main cities to ally with the Vietnamese system main cities, as they were extremely antagonistic towards each other.

Seeing the Chinese system main cities being destroyed, the Vietnamese side felt incredibly happy, so how could they help the Chinese side? After destroying some more regions, Great Qin would have to face the Vietnamese side.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind, as Great Qin would have to fight against Vietnam sooner or later. Many of the regions that Great Qin had set its eyes on included Vietnamese regions.

Because they were of different nationalities, Great Qin invading Vietnamese regions would make the situation in the northern side much more intense than other sides. Moreover, the Vietnamese Guard would also be of great help as well.

Zhao Fu started to order his people to write letters to try to persuade the system main cities to surrender and had them delivered to the City Lords. He mainly gave them to the eastern, western, and southern sides, as there would be some City Lords who would be interested.

Even if there was not a single City Lord who surrendered, this would at least make it so that they were not as united. When it came for Great Qin to destroy them, it would be much easier.

As for the northern side, Zhao Fu did not bother to write them any letters, as he planned to directly conquer them. They only had ten regions and had 35 system main cities, with only 3.5 million soldiers. Even though they were all Stage 1 soldiers, in front of Great Qin's massive power, they would barely be able to resist.

After sending out the letters, all they could do was wait. Zhao Fu left one million soldiers to defend against the eastern, western, and southern sides - now that Great Qin's territory was so vast, they would not be able to respond to threats as quickly, so they had to keep some soldiers stationed at key places at all times.

Otherwise, if they attacked someone, it was possible that they themselves would be attacked by others. Without any soldiers stationed there, they were in danger from the three other sides, as they could attack Great Qin at any time.

One million soldiers would be able to stall them for some time and would allow Great Qin to send over reinforcements. As such, Zhao Fu did not fear the three other sides too much and he gathered his massive 13 million soldier army and headed off towards the northern side.

Back when Great Qin was building its Inner Great Wall, the northern side had constructed thick defensive walls. However, those walls did not give them much peace of mind.

Great Qin's ocean of soldiers marching sounded like thunder, and they gave off a dense killing intent as they headed for the northern side.

"What do we do?" looking at the army that stretched as far as the eye could see, the City Lords all felt quite some fear and asked the people around them.

The other City Lords all looked incredibly serious and did not know what to say. Because of the geography, they were not able to ally together with many regions, so they only had 3.5 million soldiers but had to face more than ten million. They had already lost this battle.

They then sensed powerful rays of light from the distance - those were the powers of City Lords, causing a haze to fall over the entire northern side army.

"Have you made your decision? Will you surrender? I have many system main city City Lords under me, and they are proof that I won't mistreat you. If you join Great Qin, you will be protected; I'm sure you don't have much confidence about the future.

"Moreover, I'm already this world's World Protector; you should know that the World Protector is the final line of defense for this world, as well as the most important person. I am your best choice!"

Zhao Fu stood in the sky as he confidently smiled and gave off a mountain-like aura. The Earth Realm Mark appeared on the back of his hand, and even though he was not speaking very loudly, his voice sounded out in the surrounding ten or so kilometers and gave off a fearsome might.