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 Even though the beautiful woman asked for more bids, no one from the VIP rooms was willing to make a bid. In the end, the A- grade Holy Ring Light was sold to Zhao Fu.

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu with envy and admiration before looking at the next item.

Zhao Fu did not make any bids for the next few items, and the system's factions started to display their might. Several items that attracted the players were bought by the system's factions at high prices.

Just like that, Zhao Fu did not participate for another 20 items, and he silently stood in his corner. Everyone's attention had long since been turned to the system's factions.

The auction was starting to reach its end, and the last few items were slowly brought out.

The first of these items was an ore-like rock that was about as big as a fist and gave off a faint yellow light. Even though it was only as big as a fist, it required four large men to carry it up - this showed just how heavy it was.

The beautiful woman started to introduce it, saying, "This is a Hardearth Rock, a Gold grade material that can be used to forge Gold grade equipment. The reserve price is 300,000 silver coins."

A Gold grade item had finally appeared. Everyone stared at the Hardearth Rock with excitement and discussed among themselves, causing the auction hall to become quite raucous.

The first bid was a bid for 320,000 silver coins, and it was immediately outbid by other people. Soon, the Hardearth Rock's price reached 400,000 silver coins, and those who were fighting over it showed no signs of stopping.

Suddenly, a man's voice came from a Sovereign room, saying, "500,000 silver coins!"

After this voice sounded out, the auction hall once again fell silent. This was the first time that someone from a Sovereign room had spoken, and everyone knew that he was a truly grand character. Those who had been fighting over the Hardearth Rock also fell silent.

The cute-looking girl beside Zhao Fu stared at the Hardearth Rock, her eyes brimming with light. However, it was a pity that she did not have much money, so she could only hang her head down and sigh.

Zhao Fu was also tempted when he looked at the Hardearth Rock. Even though his villagers were unable to forge Gold grade equipment yet, he could store it until they were able to.

However, even though Zhao Fu wanted to buy it, considering the status and power of the person in the Sovereign room, Zhao Fu knew that he couldn't afford to offend such a person. Offending such a person over a Gold grade material simply wasn't worth it because he relied on his businesses in Holy Light City. If the grand figure could shut down his businesses, it simply wouldn't be worth it.

Many people understood this, so the auction hall settled down, and not a single person was willing to make a bid.

The lively auction hall suddenly fell silent, and the atmosphere became somewhat awkward.

"Old Wu! You're using your power to oppress others again. With your status, do you really lack Gold grade ore?" a woman's voice called out from another Sovereign room.

Hearing this, the man addressed as 'Old Wu' realized how cold the atmosphere had become and clearly and brightly laughed, saying, "I've been sitting here for so long and just wanted to have some fun. Don't worry about my status; I promise I won't take revenge if you outbid me."

Upon hearing the man's words, everyone was speechless. Even though 'Old Wu' said not to mind his status and that he wouldn't take revenge, who would risk such a thing?

Seeing how quiet the scene had become, the beautiful woman on the stage awkwardly asked, "Is there anyone else who would like to make a bid?"

Zhao Fu sighed and decided to give up on the Gold grade ore. Ruining his future earnings for an ore was simply not worth it.

The cute-looking girl looked over at Zhao Fu and tilted her head as she seemed to think of something. She jumped over towards Zhao Fu.

"550,000 silver coins!"

A sweet and tender voice sounded out, and everyone breathed in a cold breath of air. Who was the suicidal fool who dared to offend such a grand figure?

Everyone once again looked at the familiar corner and saw a cute-looking girl tightly hugging onto a cloaked figure like she was an octopus.

At that moment, the cute-looking girl added, saying, "I'm his friend; he'll be paying for me!"

" _What the hell?!_ " Zhao Fu silently cursed. When the girl leapt at him, he stared at her with a surprised expression on his face, and when he heard what she said, he realized that he had been screwed over by her. He wanted to push her away because he didn't even know her, but she stuck onto him like gum. No matter how hard he pushed, he couldn't extricate himself from her.

"Very well! If no one else wants to make a bid, this ore will be sold to this sir," the beautiful woman on the stage said with an amused expression on her face. She was satisfied with Zhao Fu's price.

Moreover, she knew Old Wu's status. To him, Gold grade material was truly nothing, and he really was playing around. Even though he was only trying to have a bit of fun, when someone of his status spoke, it always caused the atmosphere in the auction hall to die down. Now, someone had finally outbid him and increased the bid by 50,000 silver coins. She was very happy with this.

Just as Zhao Fu opened his mouth in protest, a small and tender hand covered his mouth, and immediately after, another item was brought up, destroying Zhao Fu's chances of rectifying the situation. All of the factions and powers looked at Zhao Fu with a hint of schadenfreude.

The girl finally let go of Zhao Fu, stood by his side, and grinned at him dumbly. For some reason, she had drool coming out of her mouth.

Zhao Fu sighed and turned to look at her, asking, "Who are you?"

The cute-looking girl smiled at Zhao Fu and replied, "I'm called Gongsun Lin. You don't need to be courteous. Just call me by my name."

"......" Zhao Fu was speechless. This little girl did not seem to feel any guilt at all, and he said, "You know you just screwed me over, right?"

Gongsun Lin grinned and did not seem to mind, and she said, "I think that uncle was really just playing around; you'll be fine. Plus, I won't take your Hardearth Rock, and I'll even forge Gold grade equipment for you. You've made a big profit, but you don't need to thank me - it's my own fault for being such a good person!"

Zhao Fu was even less sure of what to say. Who would believe that a girl like her could forge Gold grade equipment? None of Zhao Fu's subordinates could forge Gold grade equipment, so how could a player like her?

Sensing Zhao Fu's doubt, Gongsun Lin angrily pouted, saying, "Don't look down on this girl's abilities; my family is the Gongsun family, the one that forged the Scarlet Firmament Sword."

"Scarlet Firmament Sword?"

Zhao Fu felt that the name sounded familiar, but he couldn't place it.

At this moment, Jiang Rou smiled and explained, "The Scarlet Firmament Sword is ranked third out of the Ten Great Ancient Swords. It's ranked below the Regulus Sword and the Clear Sable Sword. Legends say that Emperor Gaozu of Han, Liu Bang, obtained the Scarlet Firmament Sword and slayed a white dragon, which drew him onto the path of an Emperor. That's why the sword is also called the Sword of Sovereignty, and it was forged by the Gongsun family."

Zhao Fu realized why that name sounded so familiar now. It seemed that this girl had quite a background, and perhaps she really would be able to forge Gold grade equipment. No wonder she seemed so infatuated with high-grade materials.