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 Zhao Fu did not see Zheng Yuqin and did not mind too much. He spent most of his time in the Heaven Awaken World and came back intermittently, so it was not too strange for him to not see Zheng Yuqin while he was back.

Zhao Fu sat down at the table and started to eat. Even though the food that the Ying family's people brought him was better, the food that Zheng Yuqin made gave Zhao Fu a sense of familiarity.

After eating, Zhao Fu still had not seen Zheng Yuqin, so he decided to once again enter the Heaven Awaken World.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had returned to his room, Zheng Yuqin walked out with a bright red face, silently cursing inwardly. She had fantasized about doing that kind of thing with Zhao Fu again, even though she had decided not to think about those things anymore. However, after thinking about the scene with Zhao Fu and Wu Qingniang, she couldn't help but press her legs against each other.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, Great Qin was still in a period of peace. Great Qin continued to clear out the regions while constructing the Inner Great Wall.

Zhao Fu did not need to worry about clearing out the regions, but he needed to personally go and look at the construction of the Inner Great Wall. This was because many places were quite dangerous, such as cliffs.

The bricks they were using were special bricks that were one meter long and half a meter tall. They were easier to set up than smaller bricks, and they were stronger as well.

If this was in the real world, the construction would have taken at least ten or so years. The transportation alone was incredibly difficult, as there were no roads or cars, and they needed to move everything manually.

Moreover, they did not have enough people for construction, and those who were working were already working extremely hard.

Zhao Fu threw all of Great Qin's resources into clearing out regions and constructing the Inner Great Wall. He also thought of many ways to construct the Inner Great Wall more efficiently, so the speed at which they were constructing was dozens of times faster than it would be in the real world.

Time seemed to pass incredibly quickly because of how busy they were. The hot Summer quickly passed, and then the leaves began to turn yellow - it was about to be Autumn again.

Zhao Fu stood on a tall building and looked at the scenery before him. He felt that time was passing incredibly quickly - the previous year's Autumn seemed to have just been yesterday. Autumns had always been a bit sad, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel a bit melancholic.

In the past few months, Great Qin had finally cleared out 18 regions and completed this monumental task. Great Qin's strength had once again grown monstrously.

Great Qin's population had risen to 106 million people, and they now had 16 million soldiers. There were about ten million Stage 1 soldiers, 300,000 Stage 2 soldiers, and 10,000 Stage 3 soldiers.

They had 86 Great Cities, 15 Cities, 68 Towns, and 5,989 Villages.

The thing that increased the most was the number of Villages, and they had twice as many as before. Next was the number of Towns, which had also increased quite quickly. Next were the Cities - with the help of Great Qin, Great Shun and the State of Zheng had also become Basic Cities, and Zhao Fu had also conquered an Orc City.

After Great Shun and the State of Zheng had become Basic Cities, they had each gained a historical figure, but their Grades were too low and were not very famous.

Because neither of them had surrendered, they had been destroyed by Zhao Fu, and their Legacies had been taken by Great Qin. As such, he did not treat them like the State of Wei and the State of Qi. Because of this, he took all of the items and people back to Great Qin.

Moreover, Great Qin now had 225 Wyverns. There were 192 Wyverns that could fight, which could be put to use.

However, unless there was a grave emergency, Zhao Fu was not planning to use the Wyverns. They were Great Qin's trump card and could greatly turn the tides of a battle. As such, it was better to hide them and use them suddenly to create monstrous results.

They had also obtained 4,000 or so Corpse Soul Soldiers and around 100 Corpse Soul Commanders. The Corpse Soul Blood Lake had not been established for very long, so they had not yet developed many of them.

However, their strength was quite monstrous - an ordinary Stage 3 soldier could destroy 200 or so Stage 1 soldiers, while Corpse Soul Soldiers with Talisman Equipment would be able to destroy 300 or so Stage 1 soldiers.

Of course, in the face of a massive army, the Corpse Soul Soldiers would not be of too much use. When a massive ocean of soldiers attacked, 300 Corpse Soul Soldiers would not be able to do much. However, if Zhao Fu had 10,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers, he could have them face 1 million Stage 1 soldiers.

Moreover, there was the Talisman Equipment. Great Qin now had four million sets of Talisman Equipment, which could equip four million soldiers. These Talisman Equipment sets could rival a set of trash Gold grade equipment and greatly boosted soldiers' strength. This caused Great Qin's army to become vastly more powerful.

However, as Great Qin's army became more powerful, Great Qin became poorer. The Stage 1 corpses and Talisman Stones all cost a large amount of money.

All of the equipment that Great Qin had taken from enemy players and the gold coins taken from system main cities had been spent on these things. Now that Zhao Fu had spent so much money, he was no longer able to spend money as extravagantly.

After continuously trading with Great Qin, the Swan Goose Group had become the largest group in the Kershi Kingdom and was far superior to other groups.

They were now certain that Zhao Fu's identity was not simple at all, because the vast amount of money Zhao Fu had spent would be difficult for any ordinary kingdom to take out. They would not be able to spend money so easily like Zhao Fu, so they decided to hide their transactions with Zhao Fu.

After all, some people had noticed the changes in the Swan Goose Group, and even the Kershi Kingdom's government started to secretly investigate how the Swan Goose Group had grown so quickly. If they were not careful, their transactions would be discovered, which was not beneficial for Zhao Fu or the Swan Goose Group.

Now, money was one of Zhao Fu's biggest problems. High-grade corpses and Talisman Stones were essential to Great Qin now.

Also, after such a long time, Great Qin's Inner Great Wall was finally complete. It was incredibly grand and majestic and looked like a long dragon.

With this Inner Great Wall's protection, Zhao Fu was finally able to set his heart at ease, as he now had a sense of security. Now, no matter what happened, at least Great Qin had some form of defense. This was what Zhao Fu had wanted the most.

Before, Zhao Fu had not felt any confidence at all in facing things in the future. The Devil Horn Empire was becoming more and more powerful, and the situation was becoming tenser and tenser. Zhao Fu did not want to be completely defenseless in the face of danger.

Now that they had finished clearing out the regions and constructing the Inner Great Wall, Zhao Fu looked at the regions around Great Qin. Great Qin still needed to speed up the restoration of its empire!