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 The Jiangnan's Yang family, which was the family of Yang Yuhuan, originally wanted to send Yang Yuyan to the Ying family so that they could join Great Qin.

Out of the ten top beauties, only Wu Qingniang and Yang Yuyan had not joined a Legatee. If Yang Yuyan had gone to the Ying family, only Wu Qingniang would have been left.

However, Yang Yuyan did not go to the Ying family and instead went to Great Tang's Li family. It said that there was a relationship between her and Great Tang's Legatee, which was why she had become Li Baiqing's woman. This had greatly infuriated the Yang family, but since things had already progressed like this, they could not refuse.

After all, Great Tang was also a powerful Dynasty and joining it was not bad either. Of course, it could not compare to Great Qin, but they could only accept things as they were, or they would not be able to join either Great Tang or Great Qin.

Zhao Fu did not care about this, as he was fully focused on Great Qin's development. Another five days later, Great Qin's clearing once again caused the Great Qin City to level up.



Village Name: Great Qin City (Epic)

Level: Level 4 Sub-Main City (45,000/72,000,000)

Village Area: 24,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 1,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/20,240,000

Military: 892,640/7,482,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +180%, Territory Crop Growing Time -180%, Population Limit +125%, Residents' stats can randomly +13, Soldiers' stats +14%, Population Attraction +140%, chances of attracting higher grade population +140%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 26,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

They were still about 70 million EXP away from leveling up into a Level 5 Great City, which was a True Main City. After that, it would become a Capital City. This made Zhao Fu feel a bit excited, as Great Qin had taken another step towards restoring the Great Qin Empire.

Also, the State of Wei and Northern Qi had both become Basic Cities. Because they had both submitted to Great Qin, they had lots of autonomy.

Zhao Fu allowed them to develop by themselves, and the EXP they gained went to their own cities. Zhao Fu did not take any, so they were able to level up quickly. Great Qin had obtained another two cities and had two more historical figures.

However, they were both only S grade, so Zhao Fu did not bring them back to Great Qin and left them with their masters.

At the same time, Great Shun and the State of Zheng, which Great Qin had conquered, had both become Advanced Towns. Zhao Fu planned to level them up because the EXP required to level up was not much, so it would be quite easy to level them up.

They both had Legacies, so their City Lord Seals would be much more powerful than ordinary City Lord Seals. Because of this, it was worth spending some resources here.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu left the Heaven Awaken World.

Zhao Fu opening his eyes in the real world, he found that there was a woman lying beside him, smiling as she looked at him. Zhao Fu also smiled as he said, "Qingniang, since when did you have the time to come here?"

Before, Zhao Fu had allowed Wu Qingniang to come here without asking for permission, which was why she could be here right now.

Wu Qingniang propped up her head with one hand while gently stroking Zhao Fu's face with the other as she said, "Of course it's because I miss you! It's been so long, but you don't even miss me; every time, it's me coming to find you!"

Zhao Fu awkwardly replied, "I'm sorry!"

Wu Qingniang lightly harrumphed but still forgave Zhao Fu before saying seriously, "Zhao Fu, I've obtained an Advanced Boundary Medallion. Do you want to come to where I am?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite confused and asked, "Why?"

Wu Qingniang sighed, and her expression became dim as a slight look of fear appeared in her eyes. "During the Trial Festival, I personally saw Great Qin's Legatee, and I realized how terrifying and ruthless he is. I'm afraid that he'll kill you after using you. After all, you also have King's Fate, so he might doubt you. Normally, Emperors kill all those who they doubt.

"However, I'm different - your King's Fate will instead help me, and I'll completely trust you. You won't have to worry about me doing anything to you!"

Zhao Fu bitterly smiled - he was Great Qin's Legatee, so how could he join the State of Zhou? Seeing how serious Wu Qingniang seemed, Zhao Fu did not know how to reply.

Seeing Zhao Fu hesitate, Wu Qingniang understood that he had his reservations, so she could only sigh and say, "Just be careful of Great Qin's Legatee; I'll welcome you at any time!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu earnestly nodded.

After saying this, Wu Qingniang felt much less worried. She smiled as she pressed Zhao Fu down beneath her and kissed him with her red lips. Their tongues intertwined as their body temperatures rose, after which they both lost control.

Looking at Wu Qingniang riding on top of him like a cavalrywoman, Zhao Fu stroked her face and said, "Qingniang, you don't need to be so intense for your first time!"

Wu Qingniang's face was quite red as she lightly harrumphed and said, "I like it this way!"

Wu Qingniang did not know why, but Zhao Fu's body gave her an immensely pleasant feeling. She had not planned on doing it with Zhao Fu, but she had lost control - this was because of Zhao Fu's Six Desires Demonic Qi, which could come with Zhao Fu to the real world.

Hearing these noises, Zheng Yuqin, who was cooking outside, couldn't help but walk over. They were quite bold, doing such a thing without even closing the door.

Zheng Yuqin looked at the two of them, and her face became red as her heart rate sped up. Her body also had a reaction, and she couldn't help but lean against a wall as her hand stretched into her underwear.

A few hours later, Wu Qingniang powerlessly lay on Zhao Fu's body as she panted, while Zhao Fu smiled as he hugged her.

They did not say anything and simply cuddled. At that moment, Zhao Fu decided to tell Wu Qingniang about the things outside of the Legacy Land and said that he could help her. Now that Wu Qingniang had become his woman, he also accepted her within his heart.

Wu Qingniang's face immediately paled - if this news spread, it would definitely shake the entire world. She immediately understood the gravity of the situation.

This was definitely one of Great Qin's greatest secrets, and hearing that Zhao Fu was willing to help her, Wu Qingniang couldn't help but kiss Zhao Fu before putting on her clothes.

Looking at Wu Qingniang, Zhao Fu asked, "Are you in that big of a hurry?"

Wu Qingniang rolled her eyes as she said, "Of course I'm in a hurry after hearing about such a big thing. I need to quickly go and prepare, or else I won't be able to survive this disaster."

Zhao Fu understood, so he nodded and also started to put on his clothes.

Following this, Wu Qingniang left, and Zhao Fu walked out of the room. Seeing the food Zheng Yuqin had made, he smiled. After what had happened between them, things had become a bit awkward, but after Zhao Fu had sincerely apologized, Zheng Yuqin decided to stay. Her complexion was quite good, and it became rosier each passing day.