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 Zhao Fu's bloodline had also increased to a Level 17 Sovereign Bloodline from a Level 16 bloodline. With the world's source energy, Zhao Fu's bloodline had gone up another level.

Even more importantly, Zhao Fu's Heaven Murder Bloodline and Great Qin Bloodline had perfectly fused. At the start, he had two types of bloodlines. Even though they were both incredibly pure, they could not be fused as they were two separate bloodlines, making it so that he could not fuse the powers of his bloodlines or use the purest powers of his bloodlines.

Now that they had fully fused, Zhao Fu's power became even purer than before. His bloodline could be called the Great Qin Bloodline as well as the Heaven Murder Bloodline - the two of them had become a new bloodline.

However, Great Qin was Zhao Fu's root, so Zhao Fu would still lean towards Great Qin. Even though the Heaven Murder Empire was quite powerful, it did not have much of a connection to Zhao Fu.

On the other hand, Zhao Fu's relationship with Great Qin was incredibly tight - whether it was in terms of Legacy, bloodline, or ideology, it was impossible to separate him from Great Qin. Zhao Fu felt that he liked Great Qin much more because he understood it, so he decided to call this new bloodline the Qin Emperor Bloodline.

In actuality, Zhao Fu now had three types of bloodlines.

The first was from when he had obtained King's Power, giving him the King's Profession and the Royal Bloodline. What's more, it was an Early Stage Royal Bloodline, which was even more prestigious and purer than the Ying family's bloodline.

The second was the God-Killer Bloodline, which he had obtained from killing a god, Kerr, and it greatly countered ordinary godly spirits.

The third was the Heaven Murder Bloodline, which Zhao Fu understood to be an extremely terrifying bloodline. It was of an even higher grade than the Royal Bloodline and God-Killer Bloodline.

What made Zhao Fu even more excited was that his King's Power had evolved into Emperor's Power. Before, Zhao Fu had been quite short-sighted and had thought that King's Power was the most powerful type of power. After all, one could only obtain King's Power by establishing a nation and becoming a king.

However, now that Zhao Fu had personally seen how vast and terrifying the Heaven Awaken World was, King's Power was not as amazing anymore. However, it was still quite a rare power, as only one out of a few hundred million people would have it.

Now, Zhao Fu had seen greater things, so he was not as moved by King's Power. Now that he had Emperor's Power, he was delirious with joy.

This was because normally, Emperor's Power would be something that could only be gained after establishing an empire, and it far surpassed what a King would have. An Emperor's authority far outstripped a King's authority.

The kingdoms in the Heaven Awaken World were split into Baronies, Marquisates, Dukedoms, Royal Kingdoms, Imperial Kingdoms, Empires, and Holy Empires. There were nine levels for each of them, and given that only Empires could have Sovereign Bloodlines, Zhao Fu was already far ahead of others.

Even the Devil Horn Empire, which was the greatest threat right now, was only a Level 1 Dukedom, so their bloodline level would definitely be lower than Zhao Fu's bloodline. However, the other side had a mighty military, so their overall strength was quite powerful.

Based on the information he had from god Kerr, Zhao Fu was the only person with Emperor's Power without having even established a nation. What's more, Zhao Fu's current bloodline was an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline.

Apart from the bloodline, Zhao Fu also obtained a pet. This pet's grade was higher than the 4 Guardian Beasts, and it reached World Grade. A world could only create one such creature, and even within the Heaven Awaken World, such a creature was incredibly rare.

This pet had not hatched yet, and it was still an egg. Following this, Zhao Fu took out the egg.

The egg was about as big as a fist and oval-shaped. It gave off a rainbow light and looked extremely beautiful. The egg already gave off some might and a vigorous aura of life.

[World-Cleansing Butterfly]: Grade: World, Description: A World Beast created by a world that contains the world's power. An extremely terrifying creature.

Zhao Fu made a cut on his hand, allowing blood to drip down onto the egg. He was not sure how long it would take this egg to hatch, but he knew that he had to use his blood. That way, after it hatched, it would be intimately connected to him and would be completely loyal to him.

The other eight eggs would also be hatched with this sort of method.

Looking at the egg absorbing his blood, a trace of a smile appeared no Zhao Fu's face, and he put away the World-Cleansing Butterfly egg.

After the Trial Festival concluded, everyone received many rewards. Most people's bloodlines became purer, and their stats and powers became stronger as well.

Afterward, Zhao Fu heard about some of the things that the women who had gone in with him had obtained. Nü Lü had refined her own Five Rainbow Divine Stone, Xianru had obtained a Five Elements Spirit Talisman, and Gao Li's bloodline had been upgraded. Gao Li had also obtained a powerful piece of equipment.

Following the conclusion of the Trial Festival, Zhao Fu once again gathered his army and started to clear out regions. Because the Trial Festival had used up so much time, Great Qin needed to move faster. Great Qin's gears once again started to turn, and they began to clear out regions while constructing the Inner Great Wall again.

Afterward, news about what had happened during the final trial started to spread. Countless people did not know how to react after hearing that Great Qin's Legatee had become the World Protector, something that was above even the eight Legatees.

Everyone was extremely shocked, but they had all had some premonitions after Great Qin's Legatee had not been one of the eight Legatees. Since that was the case, it was possible that there was a higher position - how could Great Qin's Legatee be so ordinary? Just from the things he had done already, he had far surpassed Tina Pendragon.

Right now, they all felt quite uncomfortable - Great Qin's Legatee seemed to be invincible. No one could shake his position, and everyone before him felt much weaker. They all felt immense despair as if they were weighed down by a mountain.

The ones who were happiest were the Chinese. Of course, this was only for the factions that had no ambitions to rule. Since they did not have lofty ambitions, they just wanted China to become more powerful and for China to stand at the peak of the world. They would get a sense of pride from that.

However, many factions felt an immense threat, and they once again considered how to suppress Great Qin.

The people who had been mocking China all fell silent, and even Oleg was humbled. He was incredibly arrogant, and after becoming one of the eight Legatees, he had become delirious with pride. The words he had said made people angry to the point that they could die, and now that he had been taught a lesson by Zhao Fu, he did not dare to act like before.

At the same time, many people ran to the Ying family, wanting to make a connection and deepen their relationship with Great Qin. Great Qin's Legatee was now indisputably the most powerful person in the world. Everyone had heard about how he had singlehandedly taken down the eight Legatees.

Great Qin's Legatee was now as unmoveable as a big mountain.

Many people also started to send beauties to Great Qin. The Ying family did not bother with ordinary beauties, and only the peerlessly beautiful women could enter the Ying family and become Great Qin's Legatee's concubines.