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 The massive pain caused Zhao Fu to continuously roar, and traces of blood appeared all over his body. Zhao Fu had used up most of his strength by now, and the massive power had squeezed Zhao Fu into a ball.

"Arghhh!!" Just as Zhao Fu was about to explode, he cried out in pain, and the Earth Realm Mark on the back of his hand gave off a bright rainbow light, and a rune appeared on Zhao Fu's forehead.

This rune was quite unique, and it seemed to be formed from many different runes. It gave off a mysterious aura.


A clear sword's hum sounded out, and everyone saw a sword light that seemed to tear through the sky. That terrifying power caused everyone in the Trial Space to feel as if they had dropped into icy water, and their bodies and souls trembled.

Just what had happened? Why was their battle so terrifying? By now, everyone could see just how monstrous this battle was.

The countless people on the stairs could not understand what was happening, but they were all incredibly curious and afraid. They wanted to see just what was happening, but it was a pity that they were too weak to reach the top.

Back at the top, the blood-red sun in the sky was sliced apart by the sword, and Geoffrey was split in two from head to bottom, causing him to fall from the sky.

Another Legatee had died!

Despite being completely maddened, the remaining three Legatees knew just how terrifying Zhao Fu was. Zhao Fu was currently standing in the air with a rainbow flame around him, causing his clothes and hair to flutter. His eyes were completely blood-red, and he was no longer holding an incorporeal rainbow sword but a crystal sword.

"Roar, roar, roar..." nine dragon roars sounded out as Si Ji raised his sword and sent the remainder of his power into the sword, unleashing his most powerful attack. Nine violet dragons, which had violet qi surrounding them, gave off a shocking amount of power as they rushed towards Zhao Fu in the air.

Facing the nine violet dragons, Zhao Fu casually swept out with his sword, causing a massive sword arc to tear through the sky. The nine violet dragons were instantly destroyed, turning into countless traces of violet qi.

Si Ji's body seemed to have been cut into pieces by countless swords, and he turned into a pile of distorted flesh.

"Ahh!" Masanori Hano yelled as she rushed at Zhao Fu, unleashing her final attack.

However, just as she stabbed out with her halberd, it was grabbed by Zhao Fu with one hand. Following this, her body was pierced by his sword, and she looked at Zhao Fu as tears streamed out of her eyes.

Zhao Fu icily pulled the sword out, causing Masanori Hano's corpse to powerlessly fall to the ground. Currently, Zhao Fu's power was going somewhat out of control.

Finally, it was only Tina Pendragon and Zhao Fu, facing off against each other in the air. Both of them gave off an incredibly terrifying aura as if two worlds were colliding.

"I'll never forgive you! I'm going to take revenge for them!" Tears could be seen in Tina Pendragon's eyes as she looked at Zhao Fu, and she slowly raised the golden sword. The world seemed to fall silent as a golden sword light covered the entire heavens and earth, and an incredibly destructive aura spread out.

"True Sword of Promise!" Tina Pendragon screamed as the golden sword gave off a brilliant light and slashed out. Cracks appeared in the space around it as time seemed to slow down - this sword seemed to split the heavens and earth in two.


A piercing sound could be heard as the crystal sword stabbed through Tina Pendragons' heart from behind. Following this, Zhao Fu coldly withdrew the sword from Tina Pendragon's body.

Tina Pendragon's tears, which she had been holding back the entire time, finally streamed out. She turned with great difficulty to look at Zhao Fu before her body fell downwards.

After opening her eyes again, Tina Pendragon was standing on the platform. She felt quite surprised - hadn't she been killed by Zhao Fu? Why was she here? After those memories flowed into her mind, her expression became quite complicated.

The expressions of the seven other Legatees were also quite complicated. They realized that everything they had experienced had just been an illusion and that it was not Zhao Fu who had done any of those things to them.


The sky seemed to be shattered as a terrifying sound rang out, and a monstrous aura descended like a flood.

Zhao Fu looked at the eight Legatees and once again raised the crystal sword in his hand. His consciousness was a bit hazy, and after seeing them again, his first instinct was to kill them.

The crystal sword gave off destructive ripples, and everyone's expressions fell, despair once again engulfing their hearts. Tina Pendragon could not help but cry out, "Great Qin's Legatee, everything from before was a misunderstanding. I apologize for my rudeness before!"

Tina Pendragon did not apologize because she was afraid but because she was in the wrong.

However, Zhao Fu did not seem to hear her and continued to prepare to attack. Everyone else's expressions were quite bitter as they took out their weapons, not feeling good about their chances at all.

However, a ray of white light suddenly descended from the sky, landing on Zhao Fu's body. In that moment, Zhao Fu's World Protector power disappeared, and he regained consciousness. He immediately put on his black cloak as he returned to his normal form.

Seeing that Zhao Fu's terrifying power had disappeared, everyone let out a sigh of relief. After seeing Zhao Fu put on his black cloak, everyone realized why he normally cloaked himself - he was simply too beautiful, which Zhao Fu could not explain.

After he returned to the ground, Nü Lü leapt into his embrace and asked caringly, "Are you alright, lord husband?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and looked at his body. The injuries he had received seemed to have been illusions, and he was completely fine, so he replied, "I'm alright!"

Seeing this intimate scene in front of her, Masanori Hano felt quite complicated and felt weirdly uncomfortable.

"System announcement! The Trial Festival has concluded, and the challengers have failed the final trial. The rewards will be given out!"

Hearing that they had failed the final trial, countless people sighed. However, there was nothing they could do about this - Great Qin's Legatee was simply too powerful and terrifying.

Following this, rays of white light fell on everyone's bodies. Countless people felt their bodies being bathed in the warm light, and their hearts felt quite warm and comfortable.

Their bodies started to disappear, and soon, Zhao Fu reappeared in the Heaven Awaken World.

The three women also appeared by Zhao Fu's side. Nü Lü was still intimately hugging Zhao Fu's arm, Xianru's aura had become a bit stronger, and Gao Li's face was bright red. Thinking about the trial, her body had a slight reaction.

Zhao Fu looked at the rewards from this trial, and he couldn't help but grin. He had received the World Protector status, which placed him above the eight Legatees. At the same time, he could use the world's source energy, which was incredibly terrifying - it was even more powerful than what Zhao Fu had used earlier.

However, he could not casually use the world's source energy. He could only use it when the world faced destruction or when there was an incredibly important event. Also, he could not use it on people from the same world; there were many restrictions.