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 "Hah!!" Masanori Hano cried out as she attacked first, gripping her halberd as she flew forwards, her hatred towards Zhao Fu as high as possible. The hatred she felt was as if Zhao Fu had killed her a hundred times, and it had been engraved on her heart.

Everyone else also rushed together, their blood-red eyes staring at Zhao Fu as if they were trying to kill him with their stares alone.

Seeing the eight Legatees charging at him, Zhao Fu decided to act first. If these people attacked together, Zhao Fu would be in a very disadvantageous position.

Zhao Fu swept out with his sword, causing sword gashes to appear on the ground as countless traces of sword qi formed a massive sword wind that rushed towards the eight people.

At the front, Masanori Hano swiped out with her halberd, sending out a crescent that cut apart a portion of the sword wind. She darted through that area and stabbed her halberd towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu leaned to the side, while his sword gave off a shocking sword light and slashed towards Masanori Hano in response. This terrifying attack caused Masanori Hano to feel a chill in her heart, and she quickly withdrew her halberd and used it to block in front of her.


A metallic clanging sound rang out as sparks flew everywhere, and Masanori Hano was forced back five or six meters.


A massive roar sounded out as Akhenaten's jet-black staff, socketed with gems, released a massive sphinx. The sphinx gave off a mighty aura as it flew towards Zhao Fu, opening its mouth as it ferociously bit at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly shouted as he raised the rainbow sword and vigorously stabbed forwards, causing countless rainbow sword qi to flow out like a river towards the sphinx. The sharp sword qi instantly blew up the sphinx into countless shards.

"True Sword of Promise!"

Another cry sounded out from Zhao Fu's side, causing a cold feeling to spread throughout his heart. He turned to see Tina Pendragon raising her golden sword with both hands, slashing down with immense force. A blinding golden light, bringing with it an aura that seemed to be able to destroy anything, flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu did not have the time to block, so he could only grip the rainbow sword with both hands and try to block.


A heavy sound rang out as Zhao Fu was blasted flying backward. He stabbed the sword into the ground to steady himself as he coughed up a mouthful of blood. He looked up at Tina Pendragon - this woman was extraordinarily powerful.


In the air, Geoffrey vigorously threw out another white spear of light. The spear of light gave off a burning light and left behind a trail of light as it flew through the air, and it arrived before Zhao Fu in an instant.

Zhao Fu was greatly startled and he hurriedly dove to the side. The spear of light smashed into the ground where he had been, its massive energy causing a ten or so meter wide crater to appear.


A deafening explosion sounded out, and Ramis had somehow appeared beside Zhao Fu and swung his iron club towards Zhao Fu's head.

Zhao Fu was unable to respond in time at all, so he could only bear this attack. As the iron club hit his head, Zhao Fu felt a wave of dizziness as blood leaked out of his head. However, it was worth it to receive this attack.

Zhao Fu gripped Ramis' club with one hand, which greatly startled Ramis. He tried to pull his club away, but Zhao Fu would not give him this opportunity. His rainbow sword stabbed forwards, through Ramis' chest, causing blood to fly everywhere.

"Hah!!" Si Ji roared violet dragon ferociously charged at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu pulled the rainbow sword out of Ramis' chest and spun to the side, while Ramis' corpse powerlessly fell to the ground.

After dealing with Ramis, who was the weakest, Zhao Fu felt a bit less pressure.

Ramis' death caused the seven other people to become even more maddened. Oleg howled as his spear gave off a blinding spear light as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

In response, Zhao Fu powerfully slashed out, sending out a massive sword wind that forced Oleg back.


Babilon swung his curved saber, which gave off a bright saber light as it slashed across Zhao Fu's back, leaving a 30-centimeter long gash. At that moment, Zhao Fu's expression became ferocious, and he reversed his grip on his sword before he swung backward.

Blood spurted everywhere as a head flew high into the air, and Babilon's headless corpse fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu could not stand very steadily, and he almost crashed to the ground. His back was stained red with blood, and now that these eight people had gone berserk, they would not be so easy to deal with.

However, now that he had dealt with another one, there were only six of them to face now. The pressure he felt once again decreased.

After another person died, the six remaining Legatees' eyes became even redder, and they became even more berserk. Their hatred towards Zhao Fu would make anyone else feel terrified, as they quite resembled demons at this point.


Blood-red flames rose up out of Oleg's body as a powerful aura exploded out. His expression became savage, and his eyes gave off blood-red light as he roared, "Great Qin's Legatee!"


Oleg's feet tapped off the ground, causing the ground to crack. His body sped forwards like an arrow as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Feeling how terrifying the power emanating from Oleg was, Zhao Fu's expression became serious. He held the rainbow sword with both hands as he also roared, causing his tendons to bulge as he sent all of his power into the rainbow sword. Upon this, the rainbow sword gave off a brilliant sword light.


Just as Oleg reached Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu slashed out a terrifying strike that seemed to be able to tear apart space itself. The massive sword light flashed forwards, inundating everything in its path.

After unleashing this attack, Zhao Fu stabbed the rainbow sword into the ground as he powerlessly half-knelt and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

In front of him, there was now a 10,000 meter long, hundreds of meters wide ravine. The sides of the ravine were completely smooth, and they extended quite far down.

After Oleg's body had been inundated by the sword light, he had been completely obliterated. At the same time, this strike reached Akhenaten as well. He had been preparing to attack, but he had suddenly been hit by that sword light, causing him to fall to the ground.

Akhenaten felt quite unwilling to just die like this, and tears leaked out of his eyes. Thinking about how Zhao Fu had killed his family and friends, he was filled with hatred and screamed, "I beg you all, kill him!!"

After giving this final cry, he died in reluctance and pain.

Ramis, Babilon, Oleg, and Akhenaten had all died, leaving only four Legatees.

Akhenaten's final cry caused the remaining four Legatees to reach the peak of their madness. Blood-red flames rose up from their bodies, and the rainbow-colored runes on their foreheads gave off incredibly resplendent light, giving them even more terrifying power.

"Legend: Obliterating All Evils!"

Geoffrey opened up eight blood-red wings, giving off boundless blood-red light and making him seem like a little blood-red sun. As he yelled this, the entire world seemed to tremble.

At that moment, the fatigued Zhao Fu's expression fell, as he fell his body and soul being squeezed by the world to the point that they felt like bursting.