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 Zhao Fu stepped on Oleg's head while humiliating him, making Oleg feel so angry that he wanted to die. He continuously struggled, shouting that he would kill Zhao Fu. However, he was unable to move at all and felt so humiliated that he could die.

Everyone else started to feel even more fear. It seemed that not only was Great Qin's Legatee cruel, ruthless, and lascivious, but he was also incredibly evil and would even humiliate his enemies.

Zhao Fu started to get bored of humiliating Oleg, so he kicked him to the side. At that moment, the world's consciousness gave him a system announcement, stating that this was far from enough and that he had to unlock the powers deep within their souls.

Following this, the world's consciousness offered to do this itself. Zhao Fu did not mind as long as he received his rewards. As long as his identity as the World Protector remained, allowing him to reign above the eight Legatees, he would be satisfied. There would also be even better rewards, making Zhao Fu smile with joy.

Before, he had been worried that he was not one of the eight Legatees, but the world's consciousness had already chosen him to be the World Protector.

Now, it had even prepared rewards for Zhao Fu, which he would receive after the trial ended. Zhao Fu felt that the world's consciousness was simply too good to him!

Zhao Fu smiled as he wondered what sort of rewards he would receive, while the eight people on the ground sank into illusions.

The eight Legatees did not know they were within illusions - Tina Pendragon calmly watched as Zhao Fu walked over, waiting for him to kill her before being kicked out of the trial. She had failed this trial, but she would work even harder and surpass Great Qin's Legatee.

However, Zhao Fu walked over to her and grabbed her cheeks before lowering his head to kiss her. His tongue entered her mouth, moving around vigorously as he also grabbed her breasts and started to barbarically take off her knight's dress.

Tina Pendragon had not expected this at all, and she started to desperately struggle. She instinctively felt quite afraid and was no longer as resolute and brave.

That ugly and disgusting thing continuously violated her, and Tina Pendragon had never felt so terrified and helpless before, causing tears to flow out of her eyes.

"The world's consciousness gave me the special authority to punish everyone who failed the trial," Zhao Fu said as he cruelly smiled at Akhenaten.

"Friends and family are things that make people the weakest; you don't need them," Zhao Fu said as he started to slaughter Akhenaten's family. Akhenaten screamed, vowing to kill Zhao Fu.

"Si Ji, as the Legatee of the first Dynasty of China, you can't even measure up to 10% of me; you're simply a piece of trash. Now that you've failed this trial, Great Xia's Legacy has given up on you; who told you to be so weak?" Zhao Fu said as he mocked Si Ji.

Following this, Si Ji was shocked to find that he had received a system announcement stating that he had lost his status as a Legatee and that he was nothing now.

Zhao Fu laughed as he chopped off a cute-looking little girl's head and threw it to Geoffrey's side, saying mockingly, "You believe in the light? What a joke! It's all fake nonsense. I'll kill as many people as I want; can you do anything to stop me? Can your god do anything to stop me? Your god is just a pile of crap."

Geoffrey's heart was filled with fury, and he exploded out with all of his strength as he rushed toward Zhao Fu. However, he was still easily defeated by Zhao Fu, and he could only watch as he slaughtered the people in front of him and mocked his beliefs.

This was the first time that Geoffrey had felt so helpless before. He could not do anything to stop Zhao Fu's slaughter and mocking.

"Lowly slave, are you trying to retaliate?" Zhao Fu said disdainfully as he stepped on Oleg's head.

Oleg was furious and tried to resist, but Zhao Fu pressed his head tightly against the ground. Following this, Zhao Fu pulled down his pants and started to piss on Oleg's head, making him angry to the point that he could die. With how prideful he was, this was even worse than being cut by tens of thousands of knives. However, he could not resist and could only continue to be humiliated by Zhao Fu.

"Babilon! Is this your little sister? She looks very cute!"

Zhao Fu lewdly stretched out his tong and licked a little girl on the face, causing her to cry in fear.

Seeing the person he cared most about being treated like this, Babilon's expression became savage and he roared, "Let her go, or I'll definitely kill you!"

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu wildly laughed, "You think you can kill me? Do you still not understand the situation? Don't blame me; you can only blame yourself for being too weak to the point that you can't protect the people important to you!"

The Zhao Fu in the illusion started to violate Babilon's little sister right before his eyes, causing him to madly howl.

"Are you alright? I'm so sorry, I couldn't control my body just then, which was why I did those things," Zhao Fu said as he gently helped Masanori Hano up.

Masanori Hano's face went red as she looked at Zhao Fu's handsome, yet beautiful face, and her heart rate sped up as she lightly shook her head.

"Thank you!" Zhao Fu said as he lightly smiled.

Masanori Hano's face was completely red as she mustered up her courage and said in a small voice, "It's alright! I know you're not that sort of person, and there must have been some reason for you to become like that. I've often heard of you in Japan, and I've wanted to meet you all this time!"

"Really?" Zhao Fu smiled as he took Masanori Hano's hand in his own, "I've heard about you too!"

Masanori Hano's face became even redder, and she became at a loss for words. Even though she looked incredibly bewitching, she was still a pure young woman.

Following this, the two of them started to talk intimately, and Masanori Hano started to feel that she truly loved Zhao Fu. She couldn't help but confess to him under the tree they were laying against, but suddenly, a sharp knife pierced through her heart.

Zhao Fu coldly smiled as he said, "Do you really think that I'd fall for you? I was just toying with you! Don't tell me you really believed it?"

Masanori Hano's tears continuously flowed as she looked at Zhao Fu while her life ebbed away.

Zhao Fu bit into Ramis' flesh, munching on it as blood flowed out of his mouth, making Zhao Fu look especially savage. "Your flesh is quite delicious!"

Ramis desperately struggled with an expression of terror as a chunk of his leg was bitten off by Zhao Fu.

"Ahhhhh..." Ramis howled in fear and pain as he watched as his body was bitten off bit by bit by Zhao Fu. He had never felt so terrified and helpless before, and he nearly went mad.

Outside of the illusions, Zhao Fu stood as he looked at the eight unconscious people, feeling quite impatient. Would they be able to awaken the power of the Earth Realm Mark? Right now, Zhao Fu was feeling quite excited about what his rewards for becoming the World Protector would be.

"Ahhhh..." Screams sounded out, and Zhao Fu felt quite startled and moved a bit away. He saw blood-red light rising up from the eight people's bodies, which turned into blood-red pillars of light that shot up into the sky. The eight Legatees slowly opened their eyes, looking at Zhao Fu with overflowing killing intent, making him feel quite confused.