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 "Everyone, attack together! He can't defend against all of us!"

Seeing that Zhao Fu was having a hard time defending against the many attacks, someone cried out in joy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everyone else understood and unleashed their various attacks towards Zhao Fu. Sword lights, saber lights, fireballs, and spears of light all inundated Zhao Fu's body.

A mad barrage landed, causing massive sounds to ring out. The ground collapsed by ten or so meters - it could be seen just how intense and rapid everyone's attacks were. After this barrage, everyone panted as they looked at the dust-filled center.

Nü Lü did not attack, as she could not bring herself to attack him.

Before the trial had started, Zhao Fu had told her to attack him with her full strength, to not hold back, and to not help him. After becoming the World Protector, he could not hold back against anyone. If they could pass this trial, that would be a great opportunity for them; if they could not, that would be their fate. He had to be absolutely fair in this trial.

Right now, Zhao Fu could only attack with his full strength and could not treat anyone differently.

Even though Zhao Fu had said this to her, Nü Lü could not bring herself to attack her husband. Seeing Zhao Fu being madly attacked, she felt quite worried.

However, it turned out that her worry was unnecessary. After the dust cleared, Zhao Fu stood at the center of the massive crater with a rainbow barrier around him, looking completely fine. Even though everyone had madly attacked, they could not even break through Zhao Fu's barrier.

Looking at the people around him, Zhao Fu coldly laughed and said, "Is that all the strength you have?"

Everyone felt incredibly helpless, and their expressions dimmed. Despite sending out so many attacks, they were unable to harm him even a bit. However, they were not ordinary people, and their gazes quickly became resolute.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed before starting to attack again. There were too many of them, and dealing with them one by one would be quite difficult. As such, Zhao Fu decided to unleash a big attack. He raised the rainbow sword and sent the world's source energy into it, causing it to give off a blinding sword light and turning it into a ten or so meter long sword of light.

An aura of destructive burst forth, and waves of sword qi shot out, causing everyone to feel a chill within their hearts and for their hairs to stand on end.


Zhao Fu slashed out with the rainbow sword, causing a terrifying sword wind to sweep out like a mega cyclone. It was incredibly sharp, and wherever it passed, it would shave four of five meters off from the ground.

After seeing such a terrifying attack, everyone sent all of their energy into defending, bringing up energy barriers. However, that massive sword wind was completely unstoppable, shattering many energy barriers and sending many people flying like leaves.

After the sword wind passed, everything within 10,000 meters had been completely annihilated; all rocks and grass had been destroyed, and there were long sword gashes on the ground.

Only ten or so people were left out of the 50 people. The others were covered with blood and lay on the platform, causing others to feel quite shocked.

Nü Lü had also given up because that terrifying power was not something that she could defend against. In order to not make trouble for Zhao Fu, she could only give up.

The remaining people all had looks of despair and terror in their eyes. They felt incredibly bitter - that one attack had instantly defeated dozens of people, and with only these few people left, how could they continue to fight? They didn't have the power to resist at all, and if Zhao Fu unleashed another attack like that, they would all die here.

Great Qin's Legatee's power was simply too monstrous. With all of their power combined, they could not even break his defenses; this fight was doomed to end with their loss. This final trial was simply too difficult.

Zhao Fu stood in the air with rainbow butterflies of light flying around him. Looking at the people coughing up blood on the ground, he smiled and said, "That's all the power you have? You don't have even a trace of hope in defeating me; you can continue to endure this terror and death!"

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu started to laugh as he held the extended rainbow sword, causing rays of rainbow sword light to shoot out and gather above Zhao Fu, forming a terrifying rainbow flying sword.

The expressions of the ten or so people fell, as they could sense the terrifying shockwaves from the rainbow flying sword. They gritted their teeth and stood their ground.

Tina Pendragons' hair was a mess, and her silver-white knight's dress was stained with mud. She gripped her golden sword with both hands and stared at Zhao Fu. Even though she did not want to admit it, she, who had never felt fear towards anyone before, felt a trace of terror towards Great Qin's Legatee.

Tina Pendragon deeply breathed in and wiped away that trace of fear before yelling loudly and exploding out with all of her power. The golden sword in her hand once again gave off a resplendent light, bringing with it shocking power.


At that moment, Zhao Fu also attacked. The flying sword condensed from the rainbow sword light tore through the air before landing on the ground, giving off a heaven-shaking explosion. The surroundings became white and were completely obliterated.

A 10,000-meter wide crater appeared, and of the ten or so people, only eight remained. They were the eight Legatees, and they were all on the ground, looking heavily injured.

Blood leaked out of Tina Pendragons' lips as she lay against a boulder. Her body was covered with blood, dying her knight's dress red and making her look incredibly wretched.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised - that was one of his most powerful attacks, and it should have been able to kill everyone, so why had these eight survived?

Just as Zhao Fu was feeling quite confused, he realized that there was a strange energy protecting the eight of them, and Zhao Fu received a system announcement, making him feel quite troubled. The world's consciousness wanted to use Zhao Fu to abuse the eight of them to awaken their powers, which was the power of the Earth Realm Mark.

As for the method, the more humiliating and crueler, the better. Zhao Fu felt like he had become a tool of the world's consciousness, and he would draw much hatred from these eight people. However, given the benefits offered to him by the world's consciousness, he still agreed.

Zhao Fu dispersed his rainbow sword and came before Tina Pendragon, mocking her as he said, "This is the power of the Pendragon family? What a joke!"

Tina Pendragon was not enraged by these words and looked at Zhao Fu as she replied, "I'm inferior to you, and I have nothing to say. You can do what you want, but please, don't humiliate me!"

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu wildly laughed, "This isn't humiliation because the eight of you are just weak chickens. Right now, I can destroy all of you with just a single finger. Don't you think you're all trash?"

Hearing Zhao Fu's wild laughter and mocking words, the others all felt quite infuriated, especially the prideful Oleg. He roared and wanted to get up to battle with Zhao Fu and wipe away his shame - he would rather die than be humiliated.

However, in the next moment, Zhao Fu appeared before him and stepped on his head as he laughed, saying, "I remember that you said that Chinese people were lowly and inferior! Who's inferior now? Let alone China, do you think Russia can compare to Great Qin? Remember just how lowly you are!"