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 Seeing how carefree Zhao Fu seemed, it was a big blow to others. All of them inwardly at how terrifying Great Qin's Legatee was - he was simply a monster. However, none of them knew that Zhao Fu was not enduring any pressure at all.

An hour later, the thousands of people had been reduced to only a few hundred. With Zhao Fu's help, the three women had been able to endure as well.

Even without Zhao Fu, Nü Lü would have been able to endure it, but it would have been quite difficult. As for Xianru and Gao Lia, they were completely reliant on Zhao Fu, and without him, they would not have been able to last for so long.

At that moment, the pressure disappeared, and everyone let out a sigh of relief. Some people disregarded their image and plopped down to the ground, breathing raggedly.

"Thank you, lord husband!" Nü Lü sweetly smiled as she hugged Zhao Fu's arm.

Xianru and Gao Li also expressed their thanks to Zhao Fu. Without Zhao Fu, they would not have been able to endure, and this was especially so for Gao Li. Back then, she had completely despaired.

Zhao Fu didn't mind much and smiled, and he had them rest for a bit as they waited for the next stage. The three women nodded and started to rest.

An hour later, the rainbow orb's light became a bit fainter, but the light it gave off became quite bewitching and seemed to contain an illusory effect. The next stage of the trial had arrived, which tested one's heart.

The sky was a deep blue color, and a very big, silvery moon hung in the sky, giving off cool moonlight. A slight breeze blew over the grassy plains, causing the grass to tremble. Tina Pendragon was dressed in a silver-white knight's dress and gripped a golden sword with both hands as she faced off against a sea of enemies by herself.

Akhenaten lay within a sealed sarcophagus with scorpions and all sorts of other insects crawling all over his body. They continuously tore at his body, causing him to painfully howl.

During the era of prehistoric beasts, it was incredibly difficult for humans to survive. Si Ji swore to create a safe haven for humanity and engaged in battle with many ferocious beasts.

In a place with a blood-red sky and black ground, Geoffrey's body gave off a golden light, making him look like a sun that illuminated this entire world. In the next moment, countless demons rushed towards him.

In a remote desert, the sun hung high in the sky, giving off blistering sunlight. There were no humans or animals, only Babilon walking by himself.

Oleg, a noble prince, appeared in a farmer's family and was the son of the farmer. Not only did he have to endure his father beating and cursing at him, but he was also looked down on by everyone else.

Masanori Hano appeared in Japan's Heian period, back when there were all sorts of ghosts and devils. After appearing, countless monsters started to attack her.

Ramis quickly ran within a forest, not daring to stop at all, because behind him was a tribe of cannibals chasing after him.

Every person's body was frozen in place, with rainbow lights shining in their eyes. All of them were going through different trials of the heart.

The three women by Zhao Fu's side were also going through similar trials. Nü Lü appeared in a world that was filled with all sorts of disasters and experienced all sorts of catastrophes. Xianru appeared in a five elements world, where there were all sorts of talisman monsters. Gao Li's trial was in the wilderness.

As time gradually passed, people started to fail, and they collapsed to the ground and were pushed to the side by the formless energy.

These people's faces were pale as if they had just experienced a massive battle. They still had not fully come back to their senses, and their bodies trembled as if they had been dropped into icy water.

Afterward, they realized that they had failed the trial, causing their expressions to dim. When they looked at the center, they couldn't help but feel quite shocked.

Everyone at the center stood there like wooden blocks, but there was someone walking around and looking quite bored. While everyone else was completely immersed in their trials, he was completely awake, and yet, he had not been pushed to the outside.

This meant that he had already passed the trial - this was simply too fast. Seeing someone else complete the trial so easily was a big blow to one's confidence.

They had failed the trial so quickly, while that person had completed the trial so quickly. It was extremely infuriating.

However, when they realized that the person was Great Qin's Legatee, how could they compare to him? Great Qin's Legatee's strength was legendary and could cause anyone to shiver.

Zhao Fu felt quite bored, but it was not because he had quickly passed the trial - rather, he had not even been given a trial. Looking at everyone else going through a trial, Zhao Fu could not understand what was happening - was there a problem somewhere? He had not even been given an opportunity to participate in a trial; this was quite hurtful.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but worry - the positions of the eight Legatees and the eight eggs already belonged to others. He had wanted to redeem himself in this final trial, but he was not even given a trial, which was quite infuriating.

At that moment, within the trial, Tina Pendragon unleashed a shocking sword light that killed the remainder of her enemies, causing her to wake up. She looked at the dazed people around her and did not pay them much mind, but then, she saw that Zhao Fu had long since woken up and was looking quite bored as he walked around.

Tina Pendragon felt quite dumbfounded and thought inwardly, "Great Qin's Legatee is simply too powerful. He finished this trial a lot faster than me."

Following this, Akhenaten weakly sighed as he woke up. The pain he had endured from countless insects biting him was not something that ordinary people could endure. Seeing that Tina Pendragon had already woken up, he felt quite disappointed - he had lost to her again.

However, Tina Pendragon motioned for Akhenaten to look at Zhao Fu. Following this, Akhenaten came to the same realization, and his expression became even dimmer.

Next, Si Ji loudly laughed as he woke up from his trial. Based on how well he did in the trial, he expected to place first or second, but after opening his eyes, he found that Tina Pendragon and Akhenaten had already woken up, causing his expression to darken.

Akhenaten also motioned for him to look over, and Si Ji turned to see Zhao Fu pacing around in boredom.

After seeing this, Si Ji felt even worse. Following this, many people started to wake up, while others failed. Gao Li and Xianru were part of the ones who had failed.

In the end, there were less than 50 people remaining. They were all elites of the elites, and they were the crème of the crop.

"System announcement! Please defeat the World Protector of the final trial!"

Everyone's expressions changed, and they all felt quite nervous. They were about to face the most terrifying thing in this world - from the information they had received, the World Protector was incredibly terrifying and cruel and had shocking power.

As everyone anxiously waited for the World Protector, Zhao Fu felt quite confused as he looked at the Earth Realm Mark on his hand, and his body uncontrollably flew towards the rainbow orb.