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 Everyone looked at the corner on the first floor, where a cloaked figure was standing. It was Zhao Fu who had made the bid of 180,500 silver coins.

The cute young girl by Zhao Fu's side also stared at Zhao Fu with wide eyes filled with curiosity.

After becoming the center of attention, Zhao Fu continued to stand there calmly. After receiving the Fate Legacy, his mental state had greatly changed as well.

When many people heard his voice and saw his attire, they were able to guess his identity. They couldn't help but sigh - he was indeed quite a wealthy man. At the same time, they felt quite confused - why was such a grand figure squeezing in with everyone down on the first floor? They could only inwardly think, " _The way rich people think is quite different._ "

There were also quite a lot of people who did not know who this cloaked figure was, so they asked the people around them to sate their curiosity.

Many of the player factions started to feel nervous when they saw that Zhao Fu had finally started bidding. No player faction had the resources to bid over 180,000 silver coins on a single item.

Jiang Rou revealed a trace of a smile and left the private room when she heard Zhao Fu's voice. Jiang Feng did not stop her, and he also smiled. Zhao Fu was definitely more powerful than the Zhou family.

The beautiful woman couldn't help but charmingly smile and say, "This sir has made a bid of 180,500 silver coins. Would anyone else like to make a bid? If not, the Six Wood Absolute Barrier will go to this sir."

No one else made a bid - who else could afford 180,000 silver coins? The system's factions were not very interested in this item either, so Zhao Fu obtained it easily.

"Zhao Xin!" Jiang Rou walked to the first floor and smiled as she called out his name.

Zhao Fu turned to look at Jiang Rou and nodded. She walked over to his side and started to chat with him.

In a private room, Zhou Ming's gaze became cold upon seeing this. The marriage between Zhou Jie and Jiang Rou wasn't something that had been formally settled by their families, and it had been something privately agreed on. Seeing Jiang Rou act so warmly to another person, wasn't this simply slapping the Zhou family on the face?

Moreover, Zhou Ming understood what the Jiang family was trying to convey when Jiang Feng had not given them any face when obtaining the blueprint. Even though he was furious, he endured it because he understood the situation. Right now, his side was the weaker side, so if their families started to fight, with many wolves watching from the sidelines, it would only be detrimental to the Zhou family.

Following this, another item was brought up. It was another bottle, and the beautiful woman introduced it, saying, "These are [Explosive Spirit Pills], a Stage 3 medicinal pill that can cause all of one's power to explode out. However, the side effect is that the user will feel weak for the next few days. There are 20 Explosive Spirit Pills in this bottle, and the reserve price is 80,000 silver coins."

Many people were quite interested because those pills could be used as a last-resort to save their lives. However, they were not things that could be bought by ordinary players, and it was mostly the system's factions bidding over it. In the end, it was bought by Zhao Fu for 120,000 silver coins.

In just a few minutes, Zhao Fu had spent 300,000 silver coins. Seeing how relaxed Zhao Fu seemed, the players around him were incredibly shocked.

Following this, an A- grade skill, Holy Ring Light, was brought up. It could summon 7 angelic rings of light to attack, and it had a reserve price of 200,000 silver coins.

This skill drew many people's attention. Just from its A- grade alone, it was not something that ordinary people could possess, and the '7 angelic rings of light' sounded quite powerful.

The main people competing over it were those from the VIP rooms. The people in the private rooms and on the first floor could not join in at all, and they could only excitedly watch those grand figures fight over it.

The price of the Holy Ring Light continued to climb, and soon, it reached 320,000 silver coins. People started to gradually drop out from the competition, but there were still 5 people vigorously fighting over it. By now, it had reached 400,000 silver coins.

Hearing this price, everyone present gulped.

"Zhao Xin! Who do you think will obtain this skill?" Jiang Rou asked Zhao Fu in curiosity and excitement.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, "450,000 silver coins!"

Jiang Rou stared in shock, and it took her a few seconds to realize that Zhao Fu was making a bid, and he had outbid the previous person by 50,000 silver coins.

As Zhao Fu made this bid, countless people on the first floor looked towards him again, silently thinking, " _This person is far too rich. He already spent 300,000 silver coins before, and now he's bidding 450,000 silver coins. What a godly tycoon! It's possible that even all of the player factions combined aren't as rich as him._ "

Within the private rooms, the various large families and factions stared at Zhao Fu on the first floor and felt incredibly powerless.

Jiang Feng's smile became brighter. By now, he had already given up on the Zhou family and had put all of his attention on Zhao Fu. Now, he was hoping that Jiang Rou could win Zhao Fu's heart - that would simply be perfect.

Zhou Ming's expression became incredibly ugly. Back then, his hedonistic little brother had offended this fellow. If he became stronger, he would definitely take revenge on the Zhou family. Now, Zhou Ming felt a deep sense of danger from Zhao Fu.

In another private room, the young man said, "Captain, that man called Zhao Xin has so much money, and it's said that he might be a Legatee. I wonder where his Legacy is from - China had so many empires, nations, and states, and if it's one of the lesser-known ones, it'll be quite difficult to find out if he doesn't reveal the information."

The captain nodded and stared at Zhao Fu as he said, "He's quite useful to the country. We must make him join us and work for the country."

Hearing this, the young man's expression became serious and saluted as he replied, "Yes!"

In another room, a middle-aged man pointed at Zhao Fu through the window and said to the youth in the room, "Hun'Er, have a look at that person."

"Okay, Uncle Lin," the youth replied as he went to the window. His eyes widened as a formless energy spread out from his eyes. In that instant, the youth's eyes turned pure-black, and there seemed to be countless gears turning within them.

"Uncle Lin, I can't see anything!" The youth looked at Zhao Fu with his pure-black eyes, but he felt that he could only see darkness.


The man that the youth had called 'Uncle Lin' thought for a moment before saying, "Hun'Er, since even your Heavencraft Ink Eyes can't see anything, there must be an expert interfering. This matter isn't simple at all, and we should definitely report it."

The youth nodded and returned to playing with the wooden objects on the table.

Because of Zhao Fu's bid of 450,000 silver coins, the auction house once again became silent, and even those in the VIP rooms started to hesitate.

On the stage, the beautiful woman lightly laughed before asking, "Is there anyone else who would like to make a bid? Otherwise, such an excellent skill will be going to this sir!"