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 The corpses quickly melted into bloodied water without leaving behind any hairs or bones. Zhao Fu had about 1,000 corpses thrown into the lake, which gave off a pungent bloody smell.

Zhao Fu then threw in some Stage 1 and Stage 2 spirit grass. Now that Great Qin mainly used Stage 3 medicinal pills, Stage 1 and Stage 2 spirit kinds of grass weren't very useful. Afterward, Zhao Fu also threw in 1,000 energy crystals.

All of this was done per the instructions he had received from the Corpse Soul Blood Lake. The Corpse Soul Blood Lake was a forbidden technique, and creating new life was like something out of a science-fiction movie. The spirit grasses and energy stones would cause the created lives to become even more powerful.

The spirit grass and energy stones quickly fused into the bloody water, and the pungent smell became stronger. The bloody water roiled as if it was boiling.

Zhao Fu looked at the soldiers beside him and motioned at them, and they dragged ten people to the edge of the lake before pushing them in.


Pained howls sounded out, and those people seemed to have been dropped into a boiling pot. Their facial features were distorted in pain, after which their bodies slowly sank to the bottom of the lake. Their cries gradually died down but did not fully disappear.

Even at the bottom of the blood lake, they were still howling in pain, but because of the bloody water, their cries were quite faint.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change, and he stood beside the blood lake and quietly waited for the results.

Time gradually passed, and soon, it was night time. There were now torches around the blood lake to illuminate the surroundings, and at that time, there was finally a reaction from the blood lake.

Ten monsters that were four meters tall and had muscular bodies; gray skin; and ugly, savage faces rose up from the depths of the blood lake. Their eyes were closed, and they floated on top of the blood lake, not moving.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and shot out a black light, enlivening the blood lake's powers. The monsters above the blood lake suddenly opened their blood-red eyes and gave off bestial roars.

Zhao Fu ordered them to climb up before coming to their side.

The ten monsters gave off powerful auras and breathed raggedly like beasts. Even if they hated Great Qin previously, they were now completely subservient to Zhao Fu. However, Zhao Fu was a bit disappointed, as their strength was only about Stage 3.

Zhao Fu looked at the Corpse Soul Blood Lake's description carefully and ordered people to bring over a captive with Stage 1 Cultivation, and he had him thrown into the lake. Because there was only one person, the process was much faster.

A few hours later, a six-meter tall monster appeared. This monster had Stage 4 strength, and seeing it, Zhao Fu gave a trace of a smile.

The Corpse Soul Blood Lake could convert 35 Stage 3 monsters and one Stage 4 monster per day. Calling them 'monsters' was not a good name, so Zhao Fu decided to name the Stage 3 monsters Corpse Soul Guards and the Stage 4 monsters Corpse Soul Commanders.

The Corpse Soul Blood Lake could not create even more powerful monsters, but creating 35 Stage 3 Corpse Soul Guards and 1 Stage 4 Corpse Soul Commander per day was already quite good. Currently, Great Qin did not have many people breaking through to Stage 3 every day.

Moreover, with their strength, ordinary Stage 3 soldiers were unable to deal with the Corpse Soul Guards. With their powerful and massive bodies, if they wore Great Qin's Talisman Armor and used heavy weapons, they would be simply monstrous.

Zhao Fu smiled and left in satisfaction, and he handed the management of the Corpse Soul Blood Lake to his subordinates.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the Trees of Life and Ginseng Trees. He took out a small bottle and dripped out some violet liquid onto them.

This was Growth Liquid, which Zhao Fu had bought using his Trial Points, and it was extremely expensive. Most of Zhao Fu's Trial Points had been spent on Growth Liquid. It could cause spirit plants to instantly grow ten years, but it was only usable once.

After using the Growth Liquid, the many small trees instantly grew to be ten or so meters tall, and their crowns were incredibly lush.

However, none of the Trees of Life or Ginseng Trees were useable yet. They had only grown by ten years, and they would need to grow by at least 30 years in order to be used.

Finally, Zhao Fu re-established the City Creation Stones that he had obtained from the Corpse Soul Trial Space. After taking them out of the Trial Space, they became unused City Creation Stones that could be immediately used.

After doing these things, it was nearly daybreak, and a bit of light started to show over the horizon. Zhao Fu had wanted to take a short rest, but at that moment, a system announcement sounded out.

"System announcement! The seventh day of the Trial Festival has arrived. The final trial will begin, and all ability users and espers with villages may participate."

Zhao Fu did not understand what this final trial would be. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu called over Xianru and Gao Li. Both of them were ability users, and because they had their own cities, they should be able to participate in this final trial.

"Lord husband! I also want to go in to have a look," Nü Lü said as she hugged Zhao Fu's arm and looked at him expectantly.

Looking at Nü Lü, Zhao Fu smiled. As Nü Wa's descendant, she had obtained many gains during the Trial Festival, and she was even more beautiful than before. Her aura was even more alluring, and Zhao Fu did not worry that she would not have the strength for this trial.

He had just re-established a Basic City and had not found a City Lord for it yet, so he decided to give it to Nü Lü and had her become a City Lord.

Zhao Fu was still not sure what the final trial would be, and he did not know if they would enter a Trial Space again or be together when they went in.

Looking at the three women in front of him, Zhao Fu asked, "Are you all ready?"

The three women nodded, and Zhao Fu found that there was an option to enter the Trial Space together, which he selected. A white light flashed, and their surroundings blurred before they came to a large space with many people and a lot of noise.

Seeing that the three women were still beside him, Zhao Fu let out a slight breath of relief. Because there were many people, Zhao Fu immediately put on his cloak. This space did not restrict spatial rings or other powers, only City Lord Seals, Nation Armaments, and Clan Armaments.

At the same time, the three women also put on a cloak. They were simply too beautiful, especially Nü Lü. As the number one person on the Ancient Beauty Rankings, many people would recognize her.

In order to avoid any troubles, all of them put on cloaks to hide their appearances.

They had no idea how big this space was, but there was already an ocean of people. There were people from all over the world, and they were most likely all people with villages.

At the center of the region, there was a flight of stairs that reached the sky. The stairs were incredibly big and passed through the clouds, and they gave off a majestic, boundless aura.