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 Great Qin's Legatee was someone who the entire world had expected to be one of the eight Legatees, and they had all expected him to be the top-ranked out of all of them. However, he had not even made it into the eight Legatees, making countless people feel quite shocked.

With Great Qin's strength, even without doing a trial, Great Qin's Legatee should definitely be a Legatee, but he had missed out. Even though no one could believe it, this was reality.

Countless people wondered what had happened to Great Qin. Could it be that something big had happened? Or was it something else? How could things be like this?

The Chinese factions felt quite disappointed. If China could have two people in the eight Legatees, their position as the number one country would be unshakeable. The Ancient Clans, governmental faction, Hundred Schools of Thought, and various other sects and factions had all thought that Great Qin's Legatee would be the top-ranked out of the eight Legatees.

However, they had been disappointed, and many people who hated Great Qin started to mock Great Qin's Legatee.

"Great Qin's Legatee is usually bloodthirsty, ruthless, and lascivious. Choosing such a virtueless person as a Legatee is a great pity for the world!"

"That's right, that's right; the one I hate most is Great Qin. What are you always showing off for? You're not even one of those eight Legatees. What a joke!"

"Luckily, I could tell early on that Great Qin wasn't all that great and didn't join them. The Great Xia Dynasty is the mightiest, and it obtained the number three position!"

"Fudge! Number three is nothing; China should have been number one. The number one and number two spots were all taken by others; Great Qin really is trash. It's just a piece of garbage that can't bring any glory to our nation!"

Of course, the ones happiest about Great Qin's Legatee not being one of the eight Legatees were the foreign nations. If China became too powerful, what chance would they have? The thing that they liked seeing the most was China underperforming.

The smaller nations around China mocked it as much as possible. Because of what had happened to India, they did not dare to directly mock Great Qin, as they were afraid of revenge, so they mocked China indirectly.

"You claim to be the Celestial Empire, what a joke. Someone else is number one, and with Tina Pendragon leading us, we'll definitely surpass you. Moreover, Egypt might even surpass you all. You'll be forever number three; let's see if you can continue calling yourselves the Celestial Empire!"

"What a joke! China's only a bit strong because of Great Qin; if Great Qin wasn't strong, you would all be useless. The oldest Dynasty in China only came third; China's so weak."

"That's right! China's filled with trash who only know to bully smaller nations. Go bully some bigger nations; how about you go and attack the west? I bet you're not willing. China's completely useless and scared."

Because of the enmity between them, the surrounding smaller nations mocked China intensely, while everyone else was a bit more restrained, though they were still feeling schadenfreude. However, they still made the appearance of expressing pity that no one from China had been able to take the top position.

Some of them even said some comforting words and seemed quite friendly. Some of the ordinary Chinese people thought that they really meant those words, and they started to praise those nations, saying that they were China's friends.

Right now, the ones who were the happiest were the west. Tina Pendragon had obtained the top position, so she would lead the rest of the west to the peak of the world. Tina Pendragon's fame also reached the peak, and everyone in the west went crazy about her, calling her a goddess.

Tina Pendragon felt quite surprised about getting the top position, as she believed that Great Qin's Legatee should have obtained this position.

Even though she had never met Great Qin's Legatee before, she understood how terrifying Great Qin's Legatee was. Back when they had tried to seal the Chaos Imperial Star, they had all greatly suffered, and that pair of icy, blood-red eyes caused the entire world to sink into despair. Even now, Tina Pendragon could remember that incident clearly.

As such, she felt quite shocked that Great Qin's Legatee was not even one of the eight Legatees.

Egypt's Akhenaten also felt quite surprised. As one of the people who stood at the peak of the world, he did not believe that Great Qin's Legatee did not have the strength to become one of the eight Legatees.

Back at Great Qin, Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed. However, this was only the sixth day, and perhaps something would happen on the last day.

This festival was mainly for players, but because indigenous residents of the Heaven Awaken World were inside the Legacy Lands, they could also participate, but they could only receive the most basic prizes. Some Outlanders could not even enter the Trial Space.

Everyone had already completed their trials by the sixth day, and there was one more day of this festival until the human world would have its final festival.

Zhao Fu tried not to think about not becoming one of the eight Legatees. He had five million Trial Points, so he decided to exchange for a few useful items.

Following this, Zhao Fu decided to tell his subordinates about the Corpse Soul Equipment and the Corpse Soul Blood Lake. He had 500,000 sets of Corpse Soul Equipment, and he wanted to know how the effects of the Corpse Soul Blood Lake were.

Zhao Fu looked at Wu Zetian beside him and said, "I'll have people prepare a room for you. It might be a bit simple, and it won't be able to compare to the Great Tang Palace."

Hearing this, Wu Zetian lightly laughed and said, "That's fine, but I want to walk around and take a look at this interesting world!"

Zhao Fu nodded and had people take her around Great Qin. As for the other women, Zhao Fu made some arrangements for them too.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to an empty region and prepared to set up the Corpse Soul Blood Lake. The Corpse Soul Blood Lake was actually a type of forbidden technique, which could convert living people into monsters. Those monsters belonged to the Death Race and were strengthened in various ways. They had resistances to many things, including Holy Light skills.

It was just that their intelligence was greatly lowered, so they would only be killing machines.

Zhao Fu started to set things up. He first ordered people to dig a 100 meter wide, 20-meter deep pit. They then needed Ghost Stones, which were stones that contained Yin Qi. They were not very rare, so Zhao Fu ordered people to buy some. They used Ghost Stones to create a circular lake.

Zhao Fu then ordered the Talisman Masters to carve runes on the Ghost Stones. Talisman Masters were quite important and used in all sorts of situations.

After engraving the runes, Zhao Fu took out a large gray crystal that gave off an eerie aura - this was the core material of the Corpse Soul Blood Lake, and only with this crystal could the Corpse Soul Blood Lake be created.

After placing the gray crystal at the bottom, the surrounding runes instantly came to life, and Zhao Fu started to throw in corpses. The information said that the best types of corpses were human and animal corpses; only then would the Corpse Soul Bloodline produced be more powerful.