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 What was going on? Zhao Fu had never expected that he would not be among the eight Legatees. He almost couldn't believe this, and he went to the Exchange Stone Stele.

The names of the eight Legatees had all been displayed, and the eight eggs had all been taken away. Zhao Fu's heart sank, and he felt as if he had plunged into ice water. His entire body felt incredibly cold, and he stared at the names on the Exchange Stone Stele silently.

The eight Legatees would have the source energy of the world and would determine the fate of the human world in the future. If there were invasions from other worlds, their power would have a key effect, and they would become the saviors of the human world.

He had not obtained such an important position - could it be that he really was inferior to others? Or was there some sort of reason for this? Zhao Fu started to think about his two trials.

The first was the Corpse Soul Region - could it be that he had not killed enough Corpse Soldiers? Or did he have to clear out all of the villages? Or was there something hidden that he had not discovered?

In the second Great Tang Region, had he died too many times? Or had he missed something? Or was it because he had had relations with women? Or was it because he had not had enough relations with women? Or was it because of Wu Zetian? Did she know something?

When he thought of this, Zhao Fu turned to look at Wu Zetian, who was also scanning through the Exchange Stone Stele with interest, not noticing Zhao Fu's gaze.

After looking at her, Zhao Fu felt that it was not because of her. But just where had he gone wrong?

However, since he was not one of the eight Legatees, there was nothing he could do about it. He could only sigh and try to put this matter behind him.

Zhao Fu once again looked at the eight names - they would become the brightest stars in the human world and would protect the fate of the world.

The first was Arthur Pendragon's descendant, Tina Pendragon. After entering the Heaven Awaken World, this woman's performance had been exceptional. She had performed incredibly well in all of the events and could be said to be a legend. She was the most resplendent and famous woman in the west.

Many people could guess that she would be among the eight Legatees, and they were only surprised that she would be the top-ranked out of all of them. She had already taken away the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon egg.

The second was ancient Egypt's Akhenaten. He was also quite famous, and his name was also usually seen during events. Many people had also expected him to be one of the eight Legatees.

The fact that Akhenaten had placed second shocked many people. It was said that he not only controlled a Nation Armament but also Egypt's Clan Armament, and he had taken the Divine Sun Fire Bird.

The third was China's Si Ji. As the Legatee of China's first Dynasty, Si Ji was quite famous, especially within China. He had a close relationship with the Ancient Clans, and it was not too surprising that he was one of the eight Legatees.

It was just that many foreigners were quite surprised that he had placed third. They had thought that Si Ji did not have that strength, and the Chinese side felt quite disappointed, as they felt that China should have placed first. Si Ji had already claimed the Sovereign Emperor White Whale egg.

The fourth was Geoffrey, an American. Countless people were shocked that he would make it into the eight Legatees. After all, Americans had not performed very well in the Heaven Awaken World and had not done anything big, so everyone had underestimated them.

This time, they had completely shocked everyone. As a modern nation, America did not have any legacies, but Geoffrey had appeared as a member of the Vatican. He took the Nine Celestial Enchanting Deer egg.

The fifth was Babilon, the legatee of ancient Babylon. He had a Clan Armament but no Nation Armament. His identity was quite mysterious, as he had suddenly appeared. Otherwise, everyone would not even have known that he existed.

Ancient Babylon was one of the four Great Civilizations, but it had perished long before the other three. No one knew how much of it was left, and he had taken the Primal Chaos egg.

The sixth could be said to be an enemy of China, Russia's Legatee, Oleg. He was the one who had led a large number of Russian players to invade China last time.

After being forced back by China, he had become one of the eight Legatees, making everyone feel quite surprised.

Now that Oleg had become one of the eight Legatees, he had become even more arrogant and started to provoke China, saying all sorts of prideful things. He had taken the Fenrir egg.

The seventh was Masanori Hano, the Japanese girl who had performed well during the Divine Fish Festival. It was said that she had obtained the Shuten-Douji bloodline and looked incredibly bewitching. She was loved by countless Japanese people, and many people were shocked to find that she was one of the eight Legatees.

For a small country like Japan to produce a Legatee, countless people felt admiration and envy. The Japanese people knew how terrifying her power was. Now, she had taken the Yamata no Orochi, which was quite a coincidence, as the Yamata no Orochi was from a Japanese legend.

The eighth was Ramis from the Inca Empire. The Inca Empire was the first Southern American country, and Ramis was extremely famous there but not anywhere else. The Inca Empire was relatively weak compared to other countries.

After hearing about Ramis being one of the eight Legatees, everyone felt that South America did not have anyone strong, but they had to have a Legatee from there as it was a major continent. That was why he had been chosen. He had already taken the Garuda egg.

In actuality, if Shama hadn't lost to Zhao Fu and had his Nation Armament and Clan Armament taken away, he definitely would have been one of the eight Legatees.

This was because India was one of the four Great Civilizations, and the Maurya Dynasty was one of the most powerful Dynasties. Shama had a Nation Armament and Clan Armament, and it was almost impossible for someone like him not to be one of the eight Legatees.

It was a pity that Shama had been defeated by Great Qin, making countless Indian people feel grieved. If they had known this would happen, they would not have invaded China and would have peacefully waited for this day. With a Legatee protecting them, their nation would have been much safer.

After looking through the information in the Exchange Stone Stele, Zhao Fu felt quite complicated. He had thought that he would be number 1 and be able to take the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon. He knew the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon's power, so he wanted an egg with that bloodline.

However, reality was cruel, and he had been too confident. Not only had he not been able to take first place, but he had not been able to enter the top eight, making him feel quite sad.

As such, he felt some admiration towards Tina Pendragon, who had obtained the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon egg.

Zhao Fu looked down and looked at his Earth Realm Mark. He didn't know how to feel - it had helped him during the trials, but it could not help him become a Legatee.

There was still one final day, and he had no idea what would happen. Countless people were shocked that Great Qin's Legatee had not made it into the eight Legatees and started to discuss this.