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 Above, there was a woman dressed in a golden palace dress sitting on a golden dragon chair. Even though she was nearly 40 years old, she looked as if she was only in her twenties. Her looks were incredibly beautiful, and she was tall and slim. The aura she gave off was incredibly domineering, majestic, forceful, and heroic.

After personally seeing the Eternal Female Emperor, he was slightly shaken by her aura. Very few women could have such an aura.

The sun had just risen, and it was roughly 7 AM. However, Wu Zetian was already reading through memorials to the Emperor. It could be seen just how ambitious and diligent she was.

Shangguan Wan'Er came up and paid her respects as she said, "Empress, this subordinate would like to recommend a person to you. He has something very important to tell you."

Wu Zetian's sharp gaze looked at Zhao Fu and Shangguan Wan'Er. Shangguan Wan'Er was the person she trusted the most, so she understood that it would definitely be about something important. She looked around, and all of the female attendants understood and left.

Following this, Shangguan Wan'Er also left the room and closed the door, leaving only Zhao Fu and Wu Zetian.

"What have you come to see me for?" Wu Zetian asked.

Zhao Fu lightly smiled and said, "It's about Empress Wu seizing the throne. I wonder if Empress Wu is interested in this."

Hearing this, Wu Zetian's gaze became cold - this was something that she had been hiding all this time, and for Zhao Fu to say this so casually, a wave of killing intent appeared in her eyes.

"What else do you know?" Wu Zetian asked. If there was nothing else of worth, she would have him immediately dragged out and killed, and those around him would be killed as well. Once her plans were revealed, they would be done for.

Li Zhi had not died yet, so most people were still loyal to him. If she rebelled, she would most likely fail, and the only thing awaiting her would be death.

Zhao Fu smiled as he walked up and came before Wu Zetian. He raised Wu Zetian's chin, but his hand was swatted away. Wu Zetian coldly glared at Zhao Fu and said, "Do you want to die, slave? Do you don't think I'll have your hands cut off?"

"Haha!" Zhao Fu laughed before suddenly pouncing on Wu Zetian. Wu Zetian did not seem very flustered, but she had never thought that Zhao Fu would be so daring.

Just as she was about to call in her guards, her mouth was blocked by Zhao Fu's, and the Six Desires Demonic Qi rushed into her mouth. The Six Desires Demonic Qi was a very effective aphrodisiac, and after breathing it in, Wu Zetian's eyes became filled with desire, and her tongue wrapped around Zhao Fu's.

Zhao Fu started to take off Wu Zetian's clothes, and after much entangling, Wu Zetian powerlessly lay on Zhao Fu's body, "You know who I am, and yet you dare to have this sort of relationship with me? What gall!"

Hearing her words, Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile. He found that Wu Zetian's sex drive was ten or so times that of an ordinary woman, and an ordinary person would not be able to deal with her at all.

Seeing that Zhao Fu did not seem to care, Wu Zetian angrily whacked Zhao Fu and asked, "How did you know I was going to seize the throne? If your performance is good, I'll take you as a pet!"

"Hahaha!" Zhao Fu couldn't help but laugh and told her his true aim, "I came to be Emperor, as well as for you to call me Master."

Wu Zetian's expression became cold, and she gave off killing intent as she looked at Zhao Fu and said, "I've been planning for too long, and I haven't been Emperor. And yet, you want to be Emperor. Do you know what a big joke that is?"

Facing Wu Zetian's killing intent, Zhao Fu did not mind at all and rubbed her large breasts before sending more Six Desires Demonic Qi into her body.

"You are all just things from the Trial Space to test me. It's because the Trial Space knows I hate the Li family, so they placed me in the Great Tang Dynasty. Now, I've come to take what is mine."

Zhao Fu's smile was quite domineering - he had long since seen through everything.

It was impossible for Zhao Fu to have really traveled through time to the Great Tang Dynasty. Wu Zetian, Shangguan Wan'Er, Li Zhi, the eunuchs, and the palace maids were all fake, even though they may have been just like the actual people in history. They were all people made from energy, and after the trial ended, all of them would disappear.

Wu Zetian's face was incredibly red after being messed about with by Zhao Fu, and she gasped as she cried out, "Master!"

However, after a while, Wu Zetian's body suddenly flashed with rainbow-colored light, and her eyes became clear again. Her gaze was again as sharp as a knife, and she said coldly, "Zhao Fu, do you really think things are like that?"

Zhao Fu was given a big fright, and his body stiffened - he had never thought that Wu Zetian would call him by his actual name, and her words seemed to contain another meaning. Could it be that she was not someone created using energy?

"Great Qin's Legatee, do you now understand how important power is now? Do you understand why I was so desperate for power? Everything that you experienced, I also experienced before," Wu Zetian said as she coldly looked at Zhao Fu.

Both people were currently naked as they embraced, but the words Wu Zetian spoke made the atmosphere quite awkward.

Zhao Fu's smile froze, and he had no idea what to say because things were completely different than what he had expected.

"How is my Legatee, Wu Qingniang?" Wu Zetian suddenly asked, making Zhao Fu feel incredibly shocked.

Zhao Fu gulped as he asked, "You're the real Wu Zetian?"

Wu Zetian coldly harrumphed, "What do you think?"

Zhao Fu was completely dumbfounded, and he had no idea what was happening. He replied, "Wu Qingniang's developing quite well, and she is fairly strong among all of the Legatees."

Hearing Zhao Fu's reply, a trace of a smile appeared on Wu Zetian's cold face. She then looked at Zhao Fu and lightly patted him as she blushed and said, "Hurry up and move!"

Zhao Fu and Wu Zetian were currently pressed against each other, and Zhao Fu finally reacted and looked at the blushing Wu Zetian.

Looking at her embarrassed face, the twisted thing in his heart seemed to calm down, and his mental state seemed to improve. He the path of Emperors he would walk in the future became clearer.

Looking at Zhao Fu deep in thought, Wu Zetian once again patted Zhao Fu, saying coyly, "Hurry!"

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and smiled at her before going at it again.

Afterward, Wu Zetian put on her clothes again, and looking at Zhao Fu putting on his clothes, she said, "I can help you complete this trial, but you have to treat my State of Zhou well in the future!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu earnestly nodded.

Afterward, Zhao Fu left with the red-faced Shangguan Wan'Er. Looking at her, Zhao Fu wondered if she was the actual person from history as well.

Zhao Fu was not sure about this, but he only had one goal, which was to take the position of Emperor and complete this trial. Wu Zetian also started to make preparations for Zhao Fu.