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 Zhao Fu washed his body in the lake, and even though the water was extremely cold, it made him incredibly calm as if his blood had frozen as well. As he washed himself, he thought about what to do next.

The information that Zhao Fu had obtained was that the Emperor was called Li Zhi, also called Tang Gaozong. He was the third Emperor of the Tang Dynasty and the ninth son of Tang Taizong - Li Shimin.

It was most likely close to when LI Zhi would die, so most things had been handed to Wu Zetian to take care of. Wu Zetian currently held most of the power, and she was already starting to seize the throne and establish the Wu Dynasty.

Zhao Fu had never thought that he would be able to meet Wu Zetian, the Eternal Female Emperor. However, that was not very important.

At that moment, Zhao Fu knew what he had to do - he had to become Emperor by all means necessary. Zhao Fu's heart started to become twisted, and his blood became cold as his Earth Realm Mark once again appeared.

At the same time, the Six Desires Celestial Art also appeared within his body.

After washing himself, he snuck into the harem, and soon, he heard some moans. He peeked into a room and saw a beautiful 30-year-old woman rubbing her breasts and lower body by the candlelight.

Zhao Fu smiled. He had some impressions of her from the previous day. She was called He Hui, and she was a manager who held some power. He quickly entered her room from a window.

Seeing Zhao Fu come in, He Hui was given a big fright. She was about to call the guards, but seeing Zhao Fu's handsome face, she stopped and flirtatiously smiled as she said, "Boy, you're quite handsome. Come here and serve me; I'll give you good benefits tomorrow!"

Zhao Fu did not answer her, and he instead simply leaped over and kissed her on the lips. He Hui intensely responded to Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu felt nothing. He coldly looked at her as the Six Desires Demonic Qi entered her mouth.

Following this, they started to tussle about on the bed. He Hui had never thought that Zhao Fu still had his genitals, and she was quite pleased about this. Zhao Fu was quite surprised that He Hui was a virgin, but then after thinking about it, he realized that there were no men with genitals in the harem, only palace maids and eunuchs.

Afterward, He Hui lay within Zhao Fu's embrace with a reddened face and said coyly, "I never thought that you'd still have that; I really like you. In the future, stay by my side!"

Zhao Fu did not immediately agree, and he instead said, "I want to meet Shangguan Wan'Er!"

Shangguan Wan'Er was someone important to Wu Zetian. After Wu Zetian ascended to the throne, not only did she have control over all sorts of important matters, but she also managed the harem. She was also very learned and scholarly and could be said to be an obscure female Minister.

Of course, it would be impossible for a eunuch like Zhao Fu to meet Wu Zetian, so he would have to rely on a recommendation from Shangguan Wan'Er.

"Why do you want to see her?" Hearing that this man, who had just taken her first time, wanted to see another woman, He Hui felt quite displeased.

Zhao Fu was very calm and sensitive, and he could tell that He Hui's emotions had started to sour. As such, he once again pressed down on her body, and after going at it for a few more times, He Hui finally agreed.

As the sun rose, the sky was incredibly blue, and the air was very clear and pure. Zhao Fu left early in the morning because if a woman in the harem was found to be messing with other men, they would be punished by death.

Seeing that there was no one beside her when she woke up, He Hui felt a bit disappointed. After getting up and leaving her room, she found Zhao Fu not too far away, and she brightly smiled.

Hiding in a remote corner, He Hui couldn't help but do it with Zhao Fu again, before bringing Zhao Fu to a room.

Shangguan Wan'Er had also woken up early and was about to wash up. She was roughly 20 years old and was extremely beautiful. Her figure was quite slim, and she had a sense of elegance about her.

As someone who Wu Zetian greatly valued, Shangguan Wan'Er's residence was quite big and elegant, and there was no one around her.

When He Hui brought Zhao Fu in, Shangguan Wan'Er smiled and said, "Manager He, what matters do you have?"

He Hui was about to say something when Zhao Fu tapped her shoulder and motioned for her to stand guard outside. He Hui glared at Zhao Fu, but she still went outside and closed the door.

Shangguan Wan'Er felt quite curious and asked, "What do you want with me?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed before saying, "It's about Empress Wu's plans to seize the throne!"

Shangguan Wan'Er's expression changed, and she asked seriously, "What do you know?"

Zhao Fu hooked his finger, motioning for Shangguan Wan'Er to come over. Because this could affect Wu Zetian's grand plans, she did not dare to be careless, and she seriously walked over to hear what Zhao Fu had to say.

However, as soon as she reached him, Zhao Fu hugged her and she stared before starting to struggle. She wanted to yell, but a mouth covered hers, and the Six Desires Demonic Qi streamed from Zhao Fu's mouth into hers.

Shangguan Wan'Er's resistance weakened, and her eyes lustfully looked at Zhao Fu before shyly reciprocating. Following this, Zhao Fu took off her clothes with practiced ease.

The Six Desires Demonic Qi was incredibly domineering, and barely anyone could resist it. This was especially under the control of the incredibly cold Zhao Fu. It had become even more powerful in his hands. Right now, Zhao Fu did not care about anything, and as long as he could achieve his goal, he would do anything.

This was the first time Zhao Fu had realized how important power was - power was incredibly intoxicating, and Zhao Fu started to desire power more than anything.

Currently, Zhao Fu felt no lust; he simply wanted to become the most powerful person - the Emperor - and have everyone prostrate themselves at his feet.

Zhao Fu understood that his heart had become somewhat twisted, and he also understood that he had been quite naive before. However, he had chosen to fall.

Hearing the sounds inside, He Hui's face became red, and she pressed her legs together, resisting the urge to touch herself. If anyone knew about this, things would be incredibly bad, and plus, her lover had promised to make it up to her, so a smile appeared on her beautiful face.

A while later, Shangguan Wan'Er lay within Zhao Fu's embrace and shyly pinched him, saying, "You baddie!"

A smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he pulled her closer to him and said, "I want to meet Empress Wu!"

Shangguan Wan'Er hesitated - allowing Zhao Fu, someone with an unclear identity, as well as a fake eunuch, to meet Wu Zetian was quite risky. If he was discovered, it would be a heavy crime, but Shangguan Wan'Er could not refuse him. After all, she wanted him badly, and she had become his woman.

Zhao Fu could tell what she was thinking, so he hugged her and said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of everything!"

Shangguan Wan'Er felt a warmth within her heart, and she kissed Zhao Fu as she said shyly, "Husband, don't tell me you're going go to do to Empress Wu what you did to me?"

Zhao Fu did not try to hide anything and replied, "Yes!"

Following this, Shangguan Wan'Er helped Zhao Fu put on his clothes, and they walked to a large palace. There, Zhao Fu would meet the legendary Eternal Female Emperor.