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 However, as Zhao Fu carried the bucket, someone bumped into him, and some of the dirty water was knocked onto that person.

It was a young man with fair skin, wearing elegant clothing. He had a trace of arrogance about him and looked like someone from the imperial family.

Even though it was the other person who had bumped into him, Zhao Fu immediately apologized because there was no right and wrong, only different statuses.

"I'm sorry, Sir! This lowly one did not see you; I'll help you wipe your clothes!"

By now, Zhao Fu had come to terms with this reality. He now acted like a lowly eunuch and took the initiative to admit his wrongdoing. His tone was incredibly servile, and he hoped that the other person would not blame him.

However, even though Zhao Fu had sincerely apologized, when the young man saw that some of the dirty water had splashed onto his body, his expression changed, and he savagely slapped Zhao Fu's face.

Zhao Fu felt a fiery sting on his face, and fury swelled out of his heart. Zhao Fu still contained himself, but the young man kicked Zhao Fu's stomach, knocking him to the ground. Feeling the ache in his stomach, Zhao Fu once again felt immense rage. However, thinking about his status, he still held it in.

Despite this, the young man was not willing to let Zhao Fu off, and he kicked Zhao Fu as he cursed at him.

"Piece of crap!"

"Damn slave!"

"Lowly trash!"

As the young man continuously kicked and cursed at him, Zhao Fu could not restrain himself anymore, and he got up and heavily punched the young man's face. The young man was quite shocked, as he never thought that a eunuch would dare to punch him.

At that moment, a team of guards passed, and the young man angrily pointed at Zhao Fu and said, "This damn slave dared to hit me; I want you all to slash him to death!"

"Yes!" The guards knew who this person was and followed his orders, raising their sabers as they walked towards Zhao Fu. This eunuch dared to hit someone with such a prestigious identity, so he truly deserved death.

Seeing the guards walking over, Zhao Fu felt quite furious, but he still turned and ran. If he stayed, he would definitely die, but in the end, he was unable to outrun them. He was slashed to death, and his body was put in a bag and thrown to where all of the people who did not deserve burials were.

A white light flashed, and Zhao Fu was once again carrying the bucket and walking on the path. This time, Zhao Fu knew what would happen, so he stood at the far side of the path to avoid colliding with the young man.

However, when the young man passed, he looked over at Zhao Fu and slapped him for no reason, making Zhao Fu's face sting.

Back when the dirty water had splashed on the young man's clothes, there was a reason to be angry, but this time, there was no reason at all. This made Zhao Fu feel quite furious, and he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. However, he held it in.

The other side had a prestigious identity, so anything he did was right, while he had a lowly identity, so anything he did was wrong.

"Hoh, you damn slave, you dare to be angry at me?" Seeing Zhao Fu holding in his anger, the young man smiled disdainfully.

"I wouldn't dare!" Zhao Fu said as he held in his anger.

However, Zhao Fu was still kicked onto the ground by the young man, who then started cursing at him again, "You piece of trash, you think I'm blind? You dare to be angry at me? You're seeking death!"

Even though this time Zhao Fu held in his anger, the young man still called over some guards and had him beaten to death.

Zhao Fu felt as if he was going to explode from anger, and he desperately wanted to change everything and no longer suffer this humiliation.

A white light flashed, and Zhao Fu was once again holding his bucket. This trial did not allow him to give up or even fail, which was incredibly cruel.

The young man once again approached, and this time, Zhao Fu kneeled on the ground and lowered his head, "This lowly one greets Sir!"

Seeing this, the young man smiled in satisfaction and did not do anything to Zhao Fu.

After the young man walked past, Zhao Fu gritted his teeth and walked over to a wall and punched it. He was incredibly powerless and could not change anything.

In the previous trial, even though everything was sealed, at least he had the opportunity to become stronger. Here, there was not any chance of that, and he would forever be a lowly eunuch. That was the cruel truth.

Zhao Fu once again punched the wall, but he disregarded the pain and vented out his anger. He then went and poured out the dirty water.

After working for a whole day, Zhao Fu obtained some information, and he then returned to his room. As a eunuch with a low status, he did not have his own room and instead stayed with seven other eunuchs. The beds were all connected.

"Xiao Fuzi! Go and wash my socks!" After Zhao Fu wearily returned to his room, a pair of stinking socks were thrown at him. Zhao Fu frowned, knocked the socks away, and looked at the eunuch who had spoken.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had not caught his socks, the eunuch was quite angry and yelled, "Xiao Fuzi, do you want to die?"

Zhao Fu had held in his temper for an entire day, and he did not have any patience to deal with another eunuch. As such, he simply went to his bed and laid down.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had ignored him, the eunuch looked at the other eunuchs - they were evidently a gang, and they all got up and surrounded Zhao Fu.

Beside them, Xiao Gaozi tried to calm them down, saying, "Everyone, we're all family here; it's best to maintain the peace. I'll wash everyone's socks!"

However, it was a pity that the leader ignored him and slapped him to the ground before glaring at Zhao Fu.

Seeing Xiao Gaozei try to pacify everyone, he seemed to be the only person who cared about him. However, he was still slapped to the ground, and Zhao Fu understood that these eunuchs would not let him off. As such, he attacked first and punched the leader's face.

Following this, Zhao Fu was beaten by the six of them and then thrown in a corner. The leader stepped on Zhao Fu's body and spat on him, saying, "You'd best get your act together, or we'll keep beating you up!"

Following this, they returned to their beds. Zhao Fu's entire body ached, and he did not have any strength to get up. Thinking about everything he had been through in the past day, Zhao Fu felt that he was going to die of anger. He had been incredibly furious, but he was so powerless; that was the life of someone with a low status.

"Hahaha..." Zhao Fu started to laugh. Something within him seemed to have broken, and tears gathered in his eyes.

The other eunuchs looked at Zhao Fu, who seemed to be going mad, and they were afraid of him taking revenge during the night. As such, they threw him outside the room and locked the door. They were all eunuchs, so they did not dare to kill him.

After a while, Zhao Fu gained back some of his strength and he jumped into a lake and washed his body. Zhao Fu's eyes had never been so cold before, but a smile hung on his face. Under the moonlight, he looked incredibly eerie.