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 In total, Zhao Fu obtained 500,000 sets of Corpse Soul Equipment, all of which had one weapon and one piece of armor. Zhao Fu smiled as he then left the Trial Space.

A rainbow light once again flashed, and Zhao Fu's body disappeared as he appeared in another place. Looking around him, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, as he had not returned to the Heaven Awaken World but was instead in front of an imperial palace.

All of his equipment, Cultivation, and skills were once again sealed, and Zhao Fu had once again become an ordinary person with no strength. Zhao Fu felt quite confused - he had left the Trial Space, so why had he appeared here?

He looked at his clothes and found that they seemed to be a eunuch's clothes. Zhao Fu instinctively touched his lower region and felt that his genitals were still there, making him feel relieved.

However, looking at the imperial palace, Zhao Fu did not know what to do. He did not know where or when this was.

Zhao Fu looked beside him and saw a little eunuch, and he went over and asked, "Little brother, where is this place?"

The little eunuch looked at Zhao Fu with a puzzled expression and said, "This is the Chunyang Palace. What, are you lost?"

Zhao Fu did not know what the Chunyang Palace was, so he could only awkwardly ask, "What is Chunyang Palace?"

The little eunuch looked at Zhao Fu as if he was an idiot and said, "Chunyang Palace is one of Great Tang's palaces!"

"Great Tang Palace?" Hearing this, Zhao Fu frowned. Why had he come to one of Great Tang's palaces?

Seeing Zhao Fu frown like that, the little eunuch immediately left. It was best not to associate himself with strange people, or else they would bring trouble to him.

Zhao Fu looked at the palace and understood that this was most likely another trial. However, his power had been sealed, and there was most likely no way to raise his power. That meant that he most likely had to pass this entire trial as an ordinary person.

In actuality, Cultivation was quite a mystical thing, and even in ancient times, most people were just ordinary people who did not have any special powers.

Zhao Fu decided to look around to see if he could find some way to complete this trial.

"The Emperor has arrived!" someone shouted, and everyone around him, whether they were guards, eunuchs, or palace maids, all knelt on the ground.

Zhao Fu half-knelt, playing along with them. As a Chinese person, kneeling was a very big deal, as it represented one's pride and dignity. As the saying went, 'there is gold beneath a man's knees,' and one could only kneel to the heavens or to one's parents.

In Zhao Fu's experiences, he had only knelt for his mother before. When he was truly forced to, he would at most only half-kneel with one knee and would never kneel with both knees, as he felt that that was incredibly humiliating.

Zhao Fu slightly raised his head and saw a slightly pale-looking middle-aged man wearing a dragon robe walking with a group of eunuchs and palace maids.

Of course, Zhao Fu did not recognize this Emperor, but since this was one of Great Tang's palaces, this man was most likely one of Great Tang Emperors. As such, Zhao Fu obediently lowered his head.

The Emperor did not have any time to look at the eunuchs or palace maids, but one of the older eunuchs looked around and found that Zhao Fu was only half-kneeling. His gaze became cold, and he thought, "You damn slave, you dare to not kneel when greeting His Majesty?"

However, he did not say anything, as it was just a little eunuch, and there was no need to bother His Majesty and make him unhappy.

The older eunuch left with the Emperor, and after a while, everyone got up.

Zhao Fu also started getting up, but in the next moment, he was pressed down by two guards. Zhao Fu felt quite surprised at first but then realized that other people had seen him half-kneeling.

Immediately, Zhao Fu started to struggle, because not kneeling for the Emperor was a crime punishable by death in the ancient times.

However, Zhao Fu had no strength, and no matter how hard he struggled, he could not break free from the two powerful guards. Finally, Zhao Fu was dragged into a room and was pressed down against the ground.

Another big man holding a large stick walked in and did not say anything as he started to savagely beat Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu's body was wracked with immense pain, and he couldn't help but cry out.

However, the big man showed no mercy and continued to hit Zhao Fu with the big stick.

By now, Zhao Fu's back was a mess, and blood stained his clothes. Zhao Fu did not have the strength to struggle anymore, and his pained howls were only groans. However, the big man still did not stop - after all, they had received an order to beat Zhao Fu to death.

As the stick repeatedly landed on his body, his consciousness gradually faded into blackness.

"System announcement! You have died."

After receiving this system announcement, Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh. Since he had died, he had failed the trial. Zhao Fu felt quite unsatisfied - on one hand, he wanted to complete the trial, but on the other hand, he wanted to preserve his pride and dignity.

In the next moment, a white light flashed, and Zhao Fu was once again in front of the Chunyang Palace. Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, as he had not immediately failed the trial but had been able to start again, and the people around him were the same as well.

"The Emperor has arrived!" someone shouted, and everyone started to kneel. Zhao Fu once again hesitated - he was Great Qin's Legatee, the future ruler of Great Qin, so how could he knee with both knees to someone?

In the next moment, Zhao Fu was once again dragged to a room and was beaten to death, and he was once again presented with the same scene.

After dying five times, the immense pain caused Zhao Fu to realize the situation he was in. Here, he was nothing, only a lowly eunuch who could be killed at anyone's whim and fancy. If it had been read life, he would have died without any chance of respawning.

"The Emperor has arrived!" someone shouted.

This time, Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and threw away all preconceptions, and he held onto his current identity. He obediently kneeled with both knees and lowered his head. Even though he felt extremely uncomfortable, that was the situation he was in - he either had to submit or die.

After Zhao Fu properly kneeled, no guard came to kill him, but Zhao Fu could not feel happy at all and instead felt quite complicated.

Following this, Zhao Fu found someone who knew him. He was a tall and skinny eunuch called Xiao Gaozi, while Zhao Fu's name was Xiao Fuzi.

Zhao Fu quickly accepted this identity, and he started to go about his job, which was to polish the floors. The palace floors were made of polished marble, which was extremely valuable. Only palaces had marble.

Zhao Fu's job was to use a cloth to wipe the floor every day, and Zhao Fu did this while looking for information about this trial. After working for a while, he had finished cleaning the floor of the palace, and he took a bucket of dirty water outside to pour it out.