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 With the Corpse Soul Lord's help, Zhao Fu quickly found where the two other Corpse Soul Lords were. Zhao Fu did not bring any soldiers with him because he did not want a direct fight. Instead, he wanted to sneak in and assassinate the Corpse Soul Lord.

After coming to a Corpse Soul City, Zhao Fu found that there were many Corpse Soldiers defending it warily. The Corpse Soul Lord had most likely ordered them to defend as it recovered.

Back then, the two Corpse Soul Lords' wounds were even worse than the female Corpse Soul Lord's.

Zhao Fu held the Corpse Soul Sword and snuck into the city. If he had his Assassin profession, things would have been much easier. However, even if his Assassin profession was sealed, he still had his experience of being an Assassin.

Adding on the fact that these Corpse Soldiers were quite stupid, it was quite easy for Zhao Fu to sneak into the city.

Following this, Zhao Fu found the teenager Corpse Soul Lord sitting cross-legged on a prayer mat within an ancient-looking temple, where he was recovering from his injuries.

There was blood on his chest, and his aura was quite weak, as his wounds were quite serious. His eyes were closed as he focused on using all of his strength to recover.

Zhao Fu held his breath and came within ten meters of the teenager before sending his power into the Corpse Soul Sword. The Corpse Soul Sword gave off a terrifying gray-white sword light, and in that moment, Zhao Fu turned into a black blur and shot towards the teenager.

The teenager sensed something and suddenly opened its eyes, but Zhao Fu's sword had already pierced into its heart and stabbed through the other side.

The teenager died with a confused look on his face, and Zhao Fu felt quite surprised that he could kill him so easily. This was because whenever they fought, the Corpse Soul Lords would always bring an army, and they had never tried to assassinate each other. Moreover, he had ordered his soldiers to defend him.

However, Zhao Fu came from the outside world, and his thinking was completely different, and he had the experience of being an Assassin.

After killing the Corpse Soul Lord, a gray-white stone seal appeared, which Zhao Fu picked up. The Corpse Soul City descended into chaos, and roars sounded out as the Corpse Soldiers went out of control. Zhao Fu immediately went to the City Hall and chose to conquer the city.

All of the Corpse Soldiers immediately became peaceful again, but they now obeyed Zhao Fu.

Standing next to the City Heart, Zhao Fu let out the Corpse Soul Sword's sword spirit, which was the female Corpse Soul Lord.

Seeing Zhao Fu kill a Corpse Soul Lord so easily, she smiled. After all, when they had fought, the battle had gone on for quite a while.

Zhao Fu gave the teenager's City Lord Seal to the female Corpse Soul Lord and said, "See if you can use it!"

Now that Zhao Fu had two City Lord Seals, he was much more powerful, and he could not waste the City Lord Seal. If he gave it to Corpse Soldiers, they were too unintelligent and would not be able to use the City Lord Seal's power. As such, Zhao Fu wanted to give it to the Corpse Soul Lord, who had become a sword.

The Corpse Soul Lord received the City Lord Seal, tried using it, and said, "I can... use it!"

Zhao Fu felt quite delighted and took her to the next Corpse Soul City. After arriving, they found that the situation here was quite different.

There were two armies battling, while a young man holding a sharp sword continuously attacked the elderly Corpse Soul Lord. He had already been heavily injured, and facing the young man's attacks, he could only passively defend.

Zhao Fu hid away as he watched this - it seemed that it was not just him who had this sort of idea.

"Are we... going to... fight?" the female Corpse Soul Lord asked.

Of course, they could not go out now - they had to wait until both sides were spent. As such, Zhao Fu replied, "Hide your presence; we'll wait for our opportunity!"

In response, the female Corpse Soul Lord nodded, but Zhao Fu was not sure if she understood or not.


A massive explosion sounded out as the young man slashed out a terrifying sword light that seemed to rip apart space itself. The elderly man had already been heavily injured, and with the strength he had already used, he was unable to defend. His body was slashed apart, and blood and organs fell everywhere.

A gray-white City Lord Seal hovered in the air, giving off a faint light. After using his ultimate attack, the pale-faced young man felt quite pleased and was about to grab the City Lord Seal.

Suddenly, a sword light shot towards the young man, making him feel quite startled. He hurriedly dodged to the side, but another sword light flashed, opening up an injury on his back and causing blood to flow out.

There were two enemies!

The young man ignored the pain on his back and hurriedly retreated, and he soon saw a man and a woman appear. He recognized the woman to be one of the other Corpse Soul Lords, but he did not recognize the man.

Facing the two Corpse Soul Lords, the young man hesitated because he knew how powerful the female Corpse Soul Lord was. As such, after thinking about it, he decided to retreat.

However, Zhao Fu did not give him this opportunity. After a massive battle, Zhao Fu slashed off the young man's head and obtained another City Lord Seal.

After obtaining the four City Lord Seals, Zhao Fu once again heard a few system announcements.

"Congratulations, you have unified the Corpse Soul Region. Your rating is of the highest grade, and you have obtained five million Trial Points!"

"System announcement! You have obtained Corpse Soul Equipment blueprints!"

"System announcement! You have obtained the Corpse Soul Blood Lake!"

After such a long time, he had finally completed this trial, and Zhao Fu let out a breath of relief. Zhao Fu did not care too much about the Trial Points, but he was quite interested in the Corpse Soul Equipment blueprints.

Corpse Soul Equipment was equipment that one could fuse with one's soul, and it dealt a certain amount of damage to all spirit and soul-type creatures. They were quite effective against such creatures and were many times more effective than Holy Light type items, and they completely suppressed the Death Race's equipment.

Zhao Fu had a look and saw that one of the materials required was Soul Iron, which could be created by killing people. It first required a metal mine, then for a magic formation to be set up, and then for people to be killed and for their soul energy to be added to the mine.

As for the Corpse Soul Blood Lake, Zhao Fu took a look and saw that it was something that could develop a large number of people with the Corpse Soul Bloodline. When he thought about the bosses of the villages and towns, even though they were quite unintelligent, they were incredibly powerful.

If they had a large number of those sorts of soldiers, they would be a massive killing tool for Great Qin. Zhao Fu would not make his own soldiers use the Blood Lake, as the side effects were too powerful. Rather, he planned to use it on captives who refused to surrender. After being given the Corpse Soul Bloodline, their consciousness would be destroyed, and Great Qin would be able to control them anyway.

Apart from the three system announcements, Zhao Fu found that he could now use his King's Ring and Sword Mark, and he could leave the Trial Space whenever he wanted.

Zhao Fu smiled and looked at the countless soldiers' corpses, and he started to take their Corpse Soul Equipment. It was a pity that he could not take their bodies, or Great Qin's army's strength would have been greatly boosted.