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 The female Corpse Soul Lord quickly steadied her body and looked quite furious as a blood-red aura flame rose up around her body. An incredibly powerful might descended, causing the air to seem to solidify.

The teenager and elderly Corpse Soul Lord did not dare to be careless, and they exploded out with all of their strength as well.

Explosions continuously sounded out as terrifying shockwaves turned into wild gales and swept around them. The terrifying shockwaves made it so that the Corpse Soldiers did not dare to get close at all, and there was only fear in their eyes.

Finally, the teenager and elderly Corpse Soul Lords were forced away with heavy injuries, and their armies also retreated. After successfully beating them back, the female Corpse Soul Lord also received some heavy injuries.

There were no medicines to heal injuries in this Trial Space, and they had to rely on their own bodies to heal, which took quite a long time.

However, as Corpse Soul Lords, their recovery speed was dozens of times faster than ordinary Corpse Soldiers.

Because all of the Corpse Soldiers were quite unintelligent, they were very loyal to the Corpse Soul Lord and would not betray it at such a time. However, Zhao Fu was different.

Looking at the female Corpse Soul Lord lying on the stone bed, Zhao Fu guessed that she was asleep as her eyes were closed. Her body was covered with blood, and her aura was extremely weak. Currently, she did not seem as powerful and ferocious, and instead, she had a weak and gentle aura.

Zhao Fu slowly walked over with a sword - he could not give up on such a good opportunity. If he let this opportunity slip by, it would be almost impossible for him to obtain a City Lord Seal in the future.

Even though this was quite underhanded, how else could Zhao Fu kill the Corpse Soul Lord? When she was at the peak of her strength, she could easily kill Zhao Fu; could it be that he had to face against her directly?

If he wanted to pass this trial, he would have to do this. He did not want to continue being a toy for her.

Zhao Fu gripped the sword and cautiously walked over. Zhao Fu felt quite nervous, and after walking over to the Corpse Soul Lord, he deeply breathed in and sent his power into the sword before slashing down at the Corpse Soul Lord's neck.

Suddenly, the Corpse Soul Lord's blood-red eyes flew open, and Zhao Fu was greatly startled. In the next moment, he was blasted backward by an invisible force.

Just as Zhao Fu fell to the ground, an incredibly pale hand grabbed his neck and lifted his body up.

The Corpse Soul Lord's expression was icy cold, and she started to apply strength. Zhao Fu could feel his throat being crushed, and he almost couldn't breathe anymore. His face went extremely red, and he desperately struggled. He instinctively grabbed that pale hand, trying to loosen it.

However, facing the Corpse Soul Lord power, he could not do anything at all. Zhao Fu's consciousness started to go hazy, and he wondered if he was about to die.

However, at that moment, the Earth Realm Mark on Zhao Fu's hand appeared, and Zhao Fu felt that he could suddenly use his King's Ring. He sent his consciousness into his King's Ring and saw the Swordcorpse Talisman giving off a strange light.

Zhao Fu had no time to think; he took out the Swordcorpse Talisman and immediately stuck it on the Corpse Soul Lord's body.

The Corpse Soul Lord stared in surprise at the talisman, after which the talisman turned into a white light that covered it. The Corpse Soul Lord felt a trace of danger and started struggling, dropping Zhao Fu in the process.

Zhao Fu crashed onto the ground and desperately gasped for air as he watched the Corpse Soul Lord being surrounded by the white light. She started to hoarsely roar and explode out with power, trying to escape the white light.

However, that white light seemed to counter her power, and no matter what she did, she was absorbed by the white light. Soon, the Corpse Soul Lord's struggling became weaker and weaker.

Finally, a gray-white sword remained on the ground.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked and never thought that a Swordcorpse Talisman would be able to deal with this Corpse Soul Lord. However, after thinking about it, he realized why.

The Swordcorpse Talisman could turn corpses into swords, and because the Corpse Soul Lord's body was a corpse, it was naturally countered. Moreover, it was also because the Corpse Soul Lord had been heavily injured, or else it would have been quite difficult for the Swordcorpse Talisman to turn it into a sword.

Looking at the Earth Realm Mark, Zhao Fu grinned - it seemed that he did have special privileges, or else he would have died already.

Zhao Fu looked at the sword, walked over, and took it into his hand. The sword was about one meter long and gray-white. There was a rhombus where the blade and hilt intersected, and it gave off an icy feel as if he was touching an icy corpse.

The Corpse Soul Lord had become the sword spirit, and it furiously yelled, "Shameless... bastard... scum..."

Zhao Fu laughed and looked at the Corpse Soul Sword's stats, and he was quite surprised to find that it was a Level 1 Saint Armament. Its stats were quite high, and it could rival even the Regulus Sword.

However, the Regulus Sword was a Saint Armament forged by humans and was the strongest sword in China, so it would definitely be stronger than the Corpse Soul Sword. In fact, sometimes it would be stronger than even the Sin Dragon Sword.

Zhao Fu first attached the sword to his waist, then picked up the City Lord Seal. The Corpse Soul Lord had effectively been killed, so the entire Corpse Soul City went into chaos. Zhao Fu quickly went to the City Hall and chose to conquer the Corpse Soul City, and he took over all of its forces.

"System announcement! You have conquered a Basic City and completed the trial. You have two options: you may either remain here and receive a higher rating, or you may leave and receive a lower rating."

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to stay in order to get a higher rating and better prizes. Moreover, Zhao Fu knew that the two other Corpse Soul Lords were heavily injured, so he could quickly go to deal with them before killing the final Corpse Soul Lord and easily unifying this Trial Space.


When he thought of that, Zhao Fu couldn't help but happily laugh. However, the Corpse Soul Sword at his side continuously trembled, not wanting to submit to him.

Zhao Fu could no longer use his King's Ring, nor could he take swords out of his Sword Mark, so this Corpse Soul Sword would be his best weapon. It would be important in future battles, so he said, "If you want to leave this place, you must listen to me!"

After talking with the Corpse Soul Lord for so long, Zhao Fu knew she quite well. She had been here for countless years and had not been able to leave, and she was extremely curious about the outside world.

"Rea... lly?" After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the Corpse Soul Sword stopped trembling and spoke with a hopeful tone.

Zhao Fu laughed and told her the plan. After hearing this, she also happily laughed. This was the first time Zhao Fu had heard her laugh, and she sounded quite unpleasant and eerie.

Following this, Zhao Fu set his plan into motion.