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 Four days later, Zhao Fu had expanded his force to 10,000 soldiers, and he once again set out, as he had discovered a Basic Town. If he could conquer this Basic Town, he could use it as his new base.

After gathering an even more powerful force, he could attack an Advanced Town, then level it up into a city. That way, he would be able to complete the trial, and Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with this speed.

Zhao Fu went to the side of the Basic Town. This Basic Town had a force of 30,000 and had a Corpse General as well. Zhao Fu was now Level 8 and had Stage 3-5 Cultivation, so he was not as afraid of Corpse Generals anymore.

However, Zhao Fu was worried that the boss of this Basic Town and the Corpse General would both attack him. Zhao Fu guessed that the boss would have at least Stage 4 strength, and would be a bit stronger than even the Corpse General, so it would be best to split them up.

Zhao Fu used the same method as before, luring out waves of Corpse Soldiers and killing them before attacking the Town.

Zhao Fu went to a hidden location and took out his Corpse Soul Bow. His first target was the Corpse General, and if he did not kill it, the battle would be very difficult to win.

The arrow flew out like a bolt of lightning, straight towards the Corpse General.

The Corpse General quickly noticed this arrow and swung its spear, knocking the arrow away. The Corpse General discovered Zhao Fu and led many Corpse Soldiers towards where Zhao Fu was.

Of course, Zhao Fu could only turn and run. This was because the Corpse General also had a Corpse Horse, and if he was too slow, the other side would catch up to him.

Luckily, Zhao Fu was able to lure out the Corpse General to the ambush, and he ordered his soldiers to attack while Zhao Fu fought with the Corpse General.

The Corpse General rode its Corpse Horse and gripped its spear, charging over as it stabbed at Zhao Fu's chest.

Zhao Fu also rode over on his Corpse Horse incredibly quickly, and just as they were about to clash, Zhao Fu leaned to the side, avoiding the Corpse General's spear. Zhao Fu's sword gave off a blood-red light as he slashed horizontally at the Corpse General's chest.

This attack sliced open the Corpse General's armor and opened up a gash, causing black blood to flow out and cover its chest.

However, before Zhao Fu could rejoice, the Corpse General stabbed backhanded with its spear, and Zhao Fu felt an immense impact on his back, knocking him off his horse and onto the ground.

The Corpse General turned its horse around and stared at Zhao Fu. It once again raised its spear and charged over.

Zhao Fu got up from the ground and gripped his sword with both hands, a serious look on his face.


The Corpse Horse's hooves galloped on the ground as the Corpse General once again arrived before Zhao Fu. Its spear gave off spear light as it stabbed towards Zhao Fu's throat.

In this incredibly dangerous moment, Zhao Fu lowered his body as he slashed out with his sword, sending out a blood-red arc of light.

The Corpse Horse whinnied as its front legs were sliced in half by the sword light, and it crashed to the ground, putting a lot of dust into the air. The Corpse General also heavily crashed to the ground with it.

Zhao Fu grasped this opportunity, slashing at the Corpse General as it got up and sending it flying.

The Corpse General's body flew out seven or eight meters and once again crashed onto the ground. Zhao Fu chased after it, and by now, it was heavily wounded and looked quite wretched. Seeing Zhao Fu approach, it swept out with its spear.

Zhao Fu could only stop as he avoided this attack, and the Corpse General took this opportunity to get up. It started to show signs of wanting to retreat - since it could not defeat Zhao Fu, it seemed like it wanted to run.

Its spear gave off a large amount of cold light, once again forcing back Zhao Fu as the Corpse General turned and ran.

However, how could Zhao Fu let it go? He immediately chased after it, and after a few bouts, he sliced off the Corpse General's head. After it died, it dropped the same things from the Corpse General from before, and Zhao Fu did not take too much notice of them after putting them away.

After the wave of Corpse Soldiers were killed by Zhao Fu's soldiers, Zhao Fu once again rode his Corpse Horse to the side of the town and lured out another wave.

Finally, after killing another few waves, Zhao Fu directly attacked the town, and he quickly found the boss.

This boss was many times bigger than ordinary Corpse Ghosts and looked more like a monster than a person.

It was six meters tall and covered with muscles. It had a savage face, gray-white skin, and sharp claws that gave off an icy light, and they looked as if they could rip apart steel.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite serious, as he knew that this boss would not be easy to deal with. However, he still rushed up - only by killing it could he obtain this town.

"Roarr!" the boss roared and rushed at Zhao Fu, swiping out with its claw and sending out six air blades towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu slashed out with his swords, sending out multiple arcs of light that destroyed the incoming air blades.


At that moment, the boss suddenly sped up and jumped over ten meters to arrive in front of Zhao Fu. It swatted out with its claw, and its massive strength caused the air to explode.

Zhao Fu was greatly startled and hurriedly used his sword to block but was still sent flying by the massive impact.

Zhao Fu stabilized his body in mid-air, but before he could do anything, the boss once again appeared before him and slashed out with its claws.

Zhao Fu hurriedly twisted his body and narrowly avoided this attack, but the air blades that it sent out were incredibly sharp. If it wasn't for his Corpse Soul Armor, Zhao Fu would have been injured.

This gave Zhao Fu an opportunity to attack, and he slashed out with his sword, opening up a 30-centimeter wide wound on the boss's abdomen, causing black blood to flow out.

"Roarr!!" the boss furiously roared, raised its claws, and smashed them downwards towards Zhao Fu. However, by now, Zhao Fu had landed, and he dodged to the side as the boss smashed out a crater on the ground.

Zhao Fu once again grasped this opportunity, and his sword gave off a blood-red light as it slashed towards the boss. The blood-red sword light slashed open the boss' shoulder, creating a very deep wound, from which more blood flowed out.

The boss howled in pain, and its body gave off a blood-red aura that turned into blood-red bugs that shot out towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was given a big fright, and he quickly retreated, continuously swinging his sword and sending out arcs of light, killing the countless bugs.

However, just as he finished dealing with the countless bugs, a massive figure appeared before him.


A muffled bang sounded out as Zhao Fu's body was blasted ten or so meters back by the boss's punch, and he slammed against a wall.

Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood, and seeing the boss once again charge over, he hurriedly stood up and slashed out a blood-red sword light.