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 The Corpse General and its Corpse Horse were incredibly fast. It would be impossible for Zhao Fu to outrun them, so he had to use other things to restrict their speed.

Zhao Fu once again set up countless vines, because if the vines could trip up the Corpse Horse, it would give him a lot of time, and he also made some other traps.

After finishing preparations, Zhao Fu took out a Corpse Soul Bow that he had obtained and stood as far away as possible before shooting an arrow. The arrow was very fast, but it was still easily dodged by the Corpse General.

The Corpse General's blood-red eyes looked over at Zhao Fu, and they gave off a sense of ferocity. In the next moment, the Corpse General and its Corpse Horse turned into black blurs and shot at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was given a big fright, and he did not hesitate to immediately run.

In just an instant, Zhao Fu felt a trace of coldness behind him, which was quite terrifying. Zhao Fu gritted his teeth and ran onwards towards where he had bound some vines.

After desperately running for a while, he had finally reached his trap area, but Zhao Fu did not slow down. However, he did slightly look back to see how his traps had done.

However, Zhao Fu had failed - there was intelligence in the Corpse General's eyes, and it was not as stupid as the ordinary Corpse Soldiers.

It had quickly discovered the traps and had used its saber to dismantle the traps and avoid them.

This gave Zhao Fu a big fright, and he continued to run at full speed. However, in just a few minutes, he felt a sharp saber qi approach from behind, and he felt as if it could split him in half.

Zhao Fu could tell that the Corpse General had caught up to him, so he dove to the side. The saber qi obliterated a tree in front of him, and even though he had avoided being split in half, there were some scratches on his face, causing blood to flow out.

However, Zhao Fu did not mind this at all, and he continued to run forwards.


Another massive saber qi, giving off immense power, slashed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu once again dodged to the side. Right now, he could only run, or else he would be dead without a doubt. His strength was only at Stage 2, so he could not defeat a Stage 4 Corpse General. If he knew that the Corpse General had intelligence, he would not have acted so casually and would have prepared more.


Zhao Fu was sent flying, but he had avoided most of the saber qi and was only hit with a small portion. However, the power behind that attack was quite immense, and a wound appeared on Zhao Fu's body as blood continuously flowed out. The Corpse Soul Armor was quite useful, as he would have been heavily wounded without it.

Zhao Fu gritted his teeth, got up from the ground, and rushed into the thicket of trees that was right ahead.

The Corpse General became quite furious when he saw that Zhao Fu was still alive. It turned into a black blur as it charged into the thicket of trees after Zhao Fu.

Suddenly, the Corpse Horse stepped on air, and it gave a panicked whinny. The Corpse General looked at the cliff below and also felt quite startled. However, it acted immediately, pressing its hands against the Corpse Horse's body and pushing himself backward.

Hah!!" Zhao Fu loudly roared and sent all of his strength into the Corpse Soul Sword, causing a brilliant blood-red sword light to slash out, seeming to cause the air to explode.

It was difficult for the Corpse General to move in mid-air, and facing this attack, the Corpse General could only use its saber to block. Even though it had blocked Zhao Fu's attack, its body was sent backward, causing it to fall down the cliff. Seeing this, the Corpse General gave a reluctant roar.


A massive impact sounded out, and the Corpse General's body smashed out a massive crater like a boulder.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief, but he felt quite perplexed, as he had not received any system announcements - could it be that the Corpse General was still not dead after falling from such a height?

Zhao Fu quickly descended from the cliff and cautiously approached the Corpse General's body. Seeing that it was on its last breath, Zhao Fu was able to relax, and he finished it off with one strike. Apart from the usual system announcements, it also dropped a few items.

The Corpse Soul Saber was useless to Zhao Fu, as he used swords, but he put on the Corpse General's Corpse Soul Armor. Its armor was Level 8 and had incredible defensive power.

Apart from the equipment, it also dropped two items, one of which was a medallion.

The medallion was as big as a palm and seemed to be made out of iron. It was black-colored and had a cold feeling to it, and it had a Corpse Soldier engraved on it.

[Corpse Soldier Medallion]: With this Corpse Soldier Medallion, you can change profession to Corpse General and have 300 Corpse Soldiers submit to you.

This was very useful to Zhao Fu, as it would let him directly gain control of 300 Corpse Soldiers. When he thought of the speed at which he would be able to level up, Zhao Fu had a satisfied smile on his face - as expected from something he had taken great risks to obtain.

The second item was an orb of light. After looking at it, Zhao Fu found that it was a memory orb, and it contained the Corpse General's skills and some memories.

This was also quite important to Zhao Fu, as Zhao Fu still had no idea what this Trial Space was about. Perhaps it would help him understand the Trial Space more.

Zhao Fu used the memory orb and obtained a few skills, but they were all saber skills, which Zhao Fu was not interested in. He then looked through the memories, and he was shocked to find that not only did this Trial Space have many villages, but there were also even cities and City Lords, who had City Lord Seals.

Even though these cities were all Basic Cities, with the City Lord Seals' power, the City Lords could instantly kill Zhao Fu, and he would not be able to retaliate at all.

Zhao Fu looked through the memories and found that if he wanted to complete this trial, he had to obtain at least a Corpse Soul City.

Even though he knew what he had to do, when he thought about a Corpse Soul City's population, he couldn't help but feel demoralized. All of the excitement he felt from obtaining the Corpse Soldier Medallion was gone.

Let alone 300, even if he had 3,000 Corpse Soldiers, he would not be able to conquer a city. After all, each city had at least 100,000 Corpse Soldiers, and the City Lord had a City Lord Seal. Zhao Fu felt as if he had no hope at all.

However, Zhao Fu realized that since it would be almost impossible to take down a city, he could take over a town, then level up that town into a city. That way, he could still complete the trial. Since time was not a big deal, this seemed like the best method.

After putting all of the items away, Zhao Fu left this place and gathered his 300 Corpse Soldiers. This was Zhao Fu's most basic force, and they were quite important to Zhao Fu's plan.

Now, Zhao Fu went to look for a village or a town.

Following this, Zhao Fu soon found a Corpse Soul Village. The Corpse Soul Village not only had Corpse Soldiers but also Corpse Ghosts. There was not much difference except that one had weapons and armor while the other just madly attacked with nothing.