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 There were only eight mounts, not ten, so Zhao Fu felt that they would most likely belong to the eight Legatees. After all, these mounts' bloodlines were quite terrifying.

The first-ranked mount, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon, was something that Zhao Fu had personally seen before, so he was clear as to how powerful it was. The top four bloodlines were all bloodlines of the Guardian Beasts, and from this, Zhao Fu found out the names of the remaining three Guardian Beasts.

The following four mounts were beasts from all sorts of legends. Even though their bloodlines could not compare to the bloodlines of Guardian Beasts, they would definitely still have immense strength and potential.

Claiming these eight eggs was not through using Trial Points but by using one's status as a Legatee. This meant that each person could only obtain one mount.

Zhao Fu already had an Earth Realm Mark, so perhaps he could exchange for one right now. Zhao Fu could not help but place his hand on the Exchange Stone Stele to try it out.

However, Zhao Fu was left disappointed as this was not possible. Zhao Fu could not help but smile - who was he kidding?

Soon, it was midnight, and the Trial Festival began.

A massive explosion sounded out in the sky as if there were war drums sounding out. The dark blue night sky was covered countless descending colored lights, creating a very beautiful scene.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand to catch some of the falling light, and he received a system announcement. "Would you like to enter the Trial Space?"

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to confirm. Zhao Fu's body gave off a rainbow-colored light as his body faded and disappeared.

Zhao Fu appeared on a small hill. The sky here was blood-colored, and the moon was also blood-colored. There was an eerie aura of death everywhere, and this place seemed quite terrifying. Everyone's trial was different, so there was no way to help other people; everything depended on the individual.

Zhao Fu also felt all of his powers being sealed. His equipment, bloodline, and Cultivation were all unusable. He had become an ordinary person, and his stats returned to their weakest state.

Zhao Fu wondered why he did not have any special benefits - after all, he had two Earth Realm Marks, so any benefits would be fine.

Suddenly, he heard some noises around him, so he immediately chose to hide. He did not have any strength at all, nor did he have any equipment. He did not know what was happening, so he could only hide for now.

A soldier walked out from one side. His face was incredibly pale, and he had blood-red eyes and a savage appearance. He wore iron armor, and his arms were by his side. He dragged along an iron sword, and he breathed like a wild beast.

Zhao Fu narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming quite serious. This soldier's strength was about Stage 1, and with Zhao Fu's strength, he definitely would not be able to defeat him.

If one died in the Trial Space, they would immediately be ejected. Each person had seven chances to enter a Trial Space, which was once per day. After dying, they would have to wait until the next day to try again.

Moreover, the time within the Trial Space was different than the outside world. A few years in the Trial Space was only a few hours in the outside world.

As such, Zhao Fu decided not to rashly move for now, as he did not lack time. Zhao Fu could not defeat this Stage 1 Corpse Soldier, and he did not understand this trial yet.

Zhao Fu hid in the surrounding grass and held his breath. Zhao Fu watched as the Corpse Soldier slowly moved away before coming out. He did not know what to do except walk around and look for some weaker monsters.

After walking about, Zhao Fu was disappointed to find that the weakest monsters here were Stage 1 corpse soldiers. The beginning monsters were simply too powerful, and now that he had nothing, how could he beat them?

When he thought of that, Zhao Fu did not know what to do. After walking around for a bit, his body started to feel quite tired, so he decided to rest.

Clang, clang...

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly heard the clanging of weapons. Zhao Fu snuck over and found that ten or so Corpse Soldiers were fighting together, continuously slashing out blood-red sword qi and roaring like beasts. Their battle was incredibly intense.

"So, Corpse Soldiers fight among themselves."

Zhao Fu discovered a very useful piece of information. However, Zhao Fu did not dare to stick around, as a Corpse Soldier riding a Corpse Horse had appeared. This Cavalryman's strength was at Stage 2, and because Zhao Fu was worried about being discovered, he could only choose to run. If he didn't, he would not have any chance at surviving.

After walking for a while, Zhao Fu discovered another Corpse Soldier. Zhao Fu was not as afraid, and he remembered its location before leaving.

Following this, Zhao Fu went and found some sturdy vines. He then threw a rock at a nearby Corpse Soldier, hitting its armor and creating a clanging sound.

The Corpse Soldier turned, and its blood-red eyes found Zhao Fu. It loudly howled and rushed at Zhao Fu incredibly quickly.

Zhao Fu immediately turned and ran, but the Stage 1 Corpse Soldier was not weak at all. Soon, the Corpse Soldier was about to catch up to Zhao Fu. Feeling the Corpse Soldier close behind him, Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end, and his heart rapidly beat.

"Roarr!!" the Corpse Soldier once again roared, and just as it was about to slash its sword at Zhao Fu, a loud 'bang' sounded out as it fell to the ground.

Zhao Fu knew that he could not outrun Stage 1 Corpse Soldiers, so he had bound the vine he had found between two trees. With the Corpse Soldiers' low intelligence, it was likely for them to fall for this.

Zhao Fu took advantage of the Corpse Soldier falling over to continue running off. The Corpse Soldier furiously got up and continued chasing after Zhao Fu with even more killing intent.

Zhao Fu used the vines to slow down the Corpse Soldier a few times before leading it to another Corpse Soldier. As expected, the two Corpse Soldiers started to fight.

The two Corpse Soldiers did not have any intelligence, and they madly attacked each other without any fear. One of them stabbed its sword into the other's chest, while the other one raised its sword and cut off the attacker's hand. The Corpse Soldier that had just lost a hand madly slashed out with its sword in its other hand, sending the other Corpse Soldier flying.

Zhao Fu watched by the side and found out some interesting information: the Corpse Soldiers could only be killed by hitting their hearts or heads, and attacking other places would be completely useless.

A while later, one of the Corpse Soldiers plunged its sword into the other Corpse Soldier's heart, causing it to immediately fall to the ground and die. Blood-red qi rose up from the loser's body and entered the victorious Corpse Soldier's body.

However, the victorious Corpse Soldier seemed to be heavily wounded - it had lost a hand and could not walk steadily. What was key was that it was not quite able to slash out the blood-red sword qi anymore.

Despite this, Zhao Fu did not act. Only after the Corpse Solider left did he walk over to the dead Corpse Soldier and take its armor and iron sword.

The iron sword was still good to use, but there were a few holes in the armor. Luckily, the holes were not too big, so it was still useful.

These two pieces of equipment were not ordinary equipment and were called Corpse Soul Equipment. They could evolve by killing Corpse Soldiers, and both of them were currently Level 1 Corpse Soul Equipment, the lowest type.