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 However, as Zheng Yuqin thought more and more, a sense of thirst entered her mind. Right now, she could only imagine Zhao Fu pressing down on her body and doing all sorts of things to her. She couldn't help but moan, and she moved one hand to her breasts and one hand into her underwear.

Afterwards, Zheng Yuqin lay powerlessly on the bed, feeling quite guilty. How could she imagine doing such a thing with Zhao Fu?

She felt that she could not face Zhao Fu anymore, and she did not understand what she felt towards Zhao Fu. Even though she had definitely treated Zhao Fu like family, deep within her heart, there were a few traces of other thoughts. When she thought about that, Zheng Yuqin's face became completely red, and she felt that she could not continue to stay here.

Zheng Yuqin packed her things and planned to buy some clothes for Zhao Fu before leaving forever.

However, after opening the wardrobe, Zhao Fu's smell came out, and Zheng Yuqin's legs weakened. Her consciousness became hazy, and her room was once again filled with moans.

"It was that woman who brought out those desires, right? As a Celestial Art, the Six Desires Celestial Art is something that even I can't control. I knew that there was some darkness in your heart, so just let it take over; it'll help you and Great Qin a lot!" the golden dragon said temptingly as if there were immense benefits.

However, Zhao Fu immediately refused, saying, "Don't give me that crap! I won't do it; I don't want to kill those closest to me. I don't want to kill Bai Qi, Li Si, and the others. Moreover, isn't the Six Desires Celestial Art a bit too evil and domineering? There's something wrong with it, and I often lose control of myself!"

The golden dragon explained, "This depends on your own willpower. This Celestial Art tends towards the demonic path; how could it not be domineering?"

Hearing the golden dragon's words, Zhao Fu could only nod - it all came down to him.

There would soon be a new festival called the Trial Festival, which required one to go through many trials. Clearing trials would award Trial Points, which could not be given to others, so this was an individual festival.

This was one of the two final festivals; after these two festivals, there would no longer be festivals within the Legacy Land. Every festival was the system helping them, and no more festivals meant that they would no longer receive any help.

In the end, they would have to rely on themselves to develop, and their strength would determine their lives. The arrival of this festival meant that the destruction of the real world was coming soon.

Zhao Fu needed to grasp these opportunities; if he did not take advantage of these two festivals, he would not have any chances in the future.

The Trial Festival was important to anyone, as clearing trials would give all sorts of benefits. They could boost one's strength or give a powerful Legacy, and the top eight people would receive Earth Realm Marks.

Earth Realm Marks were marks that the world gave after acknowledging someone. After obtaining this mark, one could be called a child of the world or a Son of Heaven, and they would obtain a portion of the world's source energy. It was something that was incredibly valuable.

Back when the Chaos Imperial Star had descended and Zhao Fu had been suppressed by countless Sect Masters and Dynasty Legatees, Zhao Fu had used the Earth Realm Mark to cause the world's consciousness to descend and easily break through everything. Everyone in front of him had been incredibly weak ants.

The Earth Realm Mark had also played a great role when he had met the golden dragon. It was because of the Earth Realm Mark that the golden dragon understood that it could not kill Zhao Fu, so it had chosen to work together with him.

The Trial Festival not only boosted countless people's strength, but it also chose suitable Legatees. After the real world was destroyed, the world's consciousness would fuse with the Heaven Awaken World, becoming part of the Heaven Awaken World. When that time came, the four Guardian Beasts would disappear.

This world's safety would mainly depend on eight people, who were the eight Legatees. The eight Legatees would be able to control the source energy of the world, which was very important in defending against invasions. This was the final life-saving measure of the human world's consciousness.

When other races invaded, the human world would not receive any more help, and the Guardian Beasts would be gone. Because they all belonged to the Heaven Awaken World, the Heaven Awaken World's consciousness would not show any bias. This was a world where the strong devoured the weak, and if they could defend against the invasions, they would live; if they could not, they would die.

Zhao Fu had obtained Earth Realm Marks twice, and he did not know if obtaining another Earth Realm Mark would make him a special Legatee.

Zhao Fu definitely wanted to become one of the most important eight people to the human world, as they would control the fate of the world in the future.

Most of this information was from the demon god's information, and the golden dragon knew about it. This was because before every world was devoured, the world's consciousness would choose Legatees as the final line of defense to protect the world.

It seemed that every world had these final two festivals, so Zhao Fu had a lot of information on them. However, ordinary people definitely would not know these things.

After hearing about this festival, Zhao Fu felt quite excited, and he paused all of Great Qin's tasks. This was because the Trial Festival was important to every single person and could determine a person's fate, so he allowed everyone to rest during this time.

At the same time, Zhao Fu told his subordinates about the information he had and had them properly prepare.

Great Qin also started to hang up festival items. After all, this was an important festival, so they should relax and do their best.

Zhao Fu came before the Exchange Stone Stele and looked to see what rewards there were.

The Ten Thousand Flower Festival's rewards were equipment, the Ghost Festival's rewards were professions, the Divine Fish Festival's rewards were City Creation Stones, the Ghost Festival's rewards were medicinal pills, and the New Years Festival's rewards were Generals. What would the Trial Festival's rewards be?

Zhao Fu quickly found out the answer: Mounts!

Number 1: A dragon egg with the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon Bloodline, Grade: Heaven, Description: One of the world's Guardian Beast's bloodlines, which has immense power.

Number 2: A bird egg with the Divine Sun Fire Bird's Bloodline, Grade: Heaven, Description: One of the world's Guardian Beast's bloodlines, which has immense power.

Number 3: An egg with the Sovereign Emperor White Whale's bloodline, Grade: Heaven, Description: One of the world's Guardian Beast's bloodlines, which has immense power.

Number 4: An egg with the Nine Celestial Enchanting Deer's bloodline, Grade: Heaven, Description: One of the world's Guardian Beast's bloodlines, which has immense power.

Number 5: An egg with the Primal Chaos Bloodline, Grade: Earth, Description: A bloodline from a Chinese legendary ferocious beast. It has incredibly destructive power.

Number 6: An egg with the Fenrir Bloodline, Grade: earth, Description: A terrifying European demon beast. It is extremely ferocious.

Number 7: An egg with the Yamata no Orochi Bloodline, Grade: Earth, Description: A demonic beast from Japanese legends that has an extremely evil power.

Number 8: An egg with the Garuda Bloodline, Grade: earth, Description: An Indian divine beast that has holy power.