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 The actions also caused some other Dynasty's Ministers to try to convince their lieges to taken in women with Phoenix Qi - surely that was the reason why Great Qin's Legatee was able to develop so quickly.

As a Dynasty Legatee, no one would hesitate to do such a thing. Even though Nü Lü, who was ranked first on the Ancient Beauty Rankings, already belonged to Great Qin, there were still many women on the rankings.

In Great Xia, Si Ji made Xishi's descendant his concubine, which was the fourth-ranked person on the list, Shi Yuyan. There was also Wang Xihan, the descendant of Wang Zhaojun. Of course, they were only concubines, as the position of Empress was incredibly important, and it could not be given to someone just because they had a lot of Phoenix Qi.

The second-ranked Su Dafei, who was the descendant of Su Daji, was the young master of the Azure Hill faction. She was incredibly bewitching, and Azure Hill's women were all innately enchanting. More than half of them had been brought into Di Wutian's harem already.

Su Dafei's relationship with Di Wutian was incredibly close, and some people said that she was already Di Wutian's woman. Others said that she was not his yet, making this matter not very clear.

However, Di Wutian had already brought the eighth-ranked person on the list, Zhao Hanyue, the descendant of Zhao Feiyan, as well as the seventeenth-ranked person on the list, Xia Ji, and the twentieth-ranked person on the list, Dong Xiaowan, into his harem and made them concubines.

Great Zhou's Ji Shenming brought the ninth-ranked person on the list, Bao Qing, the descendant of Bao Is, into his harem and made her a concubine.

The Great Han's Liu Ye brought the seventh-ranked person on the list, Du Xiaoyu, the descendant of Diao Chan, into his harem and made her a concubine.

Most of the top ten beauties in the Ancient Beauty Rankings now belonged to someone, except for the third-ranked person on the list, Wu Qingniang, and the fifth-ranked person on the list, Yang Yuyan.

The most attractive one was, of course, Wu Qingniang - she was the only Legatee within the Ancient Beauty Rankings, and she was even ranked third.

If one could obtain her, not only would they be able to obtain a peerlessly beautiful woman, but they would also be able to obtain a Legacy. Moreover, with her domineering aura, countless men wanted to be able to subdue her. It was said that even many of the Dynasty Legatees expressed their affection for her.

This included Great Tang's Li Baiqing. It was said that he would do anything for Wu Qingniang to become his woman - after all, Wu Qingniang was the descendant of Wu Zetian, who had been a concubine of Great Tang.

Wu Qingniang had not responded to this, but she had not rejected it either. The various Dynasty Legatees all displayed patience, expressing that they would welcome her at any time.

Zhao Fu did not know what Wu Qingniang would do, nor had he asked her. Thinking about this, he felt quite melancholic inside.

The other Dynasty Legatees had all made beauties on the Ancient Beauty Rankings their concubines, and most of the women who ranked highly were taken.

Zhao Fu did not care too much about this. Great Qin now entered a period of steady development, and because Zhao Fu once again did not have much to do, he returned to the real world.

Thinking about how Liu Xi had not replied on QQ or returned his call, Zhao Fu wondered if something had happened. Zhao Fu thought about it but did not call again, but he still felt quite uncomfortable inside.

Following this, Zhao Fu logged into QQ and saw that Zheng Yuqin said that she wanted to come where he was. Zhao Fu thought about it and sent people to bring her.

After meeting again, Zheng Yuqin, this beautiful and virtuous woman, seemed a bit more mature than before. Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Big sis Qin, long time no see!"

Zheng Yuqin's eyes became red, and she walked over to Zhao Fu before pinching him hard as she said, "Why did you just disappear without saying anything? Do you know how worried I've been?"

Zhao Fu rubbed his waist and looked at how angry Zheng Yuqin was, feeling quite guilty inside. When he thought about how well she had treated him - buying clothes for him when it was cold, cooking for him when he was hungry, caring for him when he was sick even when it meant not working... he was in the wrong.

Zhao Fu looked at Zheng Yuqin and apologized sincerely, "I'm sorry, big sis Qin. I didn't think things through!"

Hearing this, Zheng Yuqin lightly harrumphed, but she was not angry anymore. She asked how Zhao Fu had been and was able to finally be at ease.

"Zhao Fu, I bought some clothes for you. Have a look!" Zheng Yuqin took out a few jackets and said.

Zhao Fu helplessly walked over. He did not lack clothes at all, but since Zheng Yuqin had bought them for him, he could only go over and try them on.

Seeing that the jacket Zhao Fu was wearing suited him, she helped him pull up the zipper and asked, "What do you think, Zhao Fu?"

Zhao Fu looked down and replied, "It's not bad."

Hearing Zhao Fu's reply, Zheng Yuqin felt that he did not like it that much, so she said, "Zhao Fu, try this one!"

Zhao Fu did not care too much about what he wore, so looking at the four or five jackets, he laughed and said, "Big sis Qin, it's fine. I think they're all pretty good!"

Zheng Yuqin patted Zhao Fu's chest and said, "Hurry! I spent quite a bit of money, so if you don't try them on, how would I know if my money was well spent?"

Zhao Fu's heart trembled as he looked at Zheng Yuqin's gentle, pouting face. Within his heart, a darkness rushed out, and Zhao Fu's mind went blank.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu hugged Zheng Yuqin, and before she could react, his lips pressed against hers.

Zeng Yuqin's body went numb, and she widened her eyes as she stared at Zhao Fu kissing her. She tried to push him away but found that she could not escape him.


Zhao Fu's tongue moved past Zheng Yuqin's teeth and started to tangle with hers. Zheng Yuqin tried to resist because the young man in front of her was someone she had always seen as family.

However, traces of black qi travelled from Zhao Fu's mouth into Zheng Yuqin's mouth, and after being alone for ten or so years, Zheng Yuqin finally lost control. She tightly hugged Zhao Fu and intensely kissed him back. After a while, Zhao Fu came back to his senses and he quickly let go of the gasping Zheng Yuqin. At the same time, he found that there were six black balls of qi within his body - the Six Desires Celestial Art had somehow appeared in the real world.

What was going on? Zhao Fu felt quite shocked - this was the first time he had brought something from the Heaven Awaken World into the real world, and it was actually an Art. Back when Zhao Fu had cultivated the Great Qin King Art, even though it was quite powerful, it had no effect in the real world.

Zheng Yuqin's face was completely red with embarrassment. Thinking about what had just happened, she felt incredibly ashamed. She pushed aside Zhao Fu and ran into her room, quickly closing her door.

Zhao Fu hurriedly went to the door to apologize; he had no idea why he had just lost control.

Zheng Yuqin did not reply from within the room, and Zhao Fu could only sigh and enter the Heaven Awaken World to ask the golden dragon what had happened.

Zheng Yuqin laid on her bed, touching her boiling hot face. Thinking about what had just happened, she did not know how to respond to Zhao Fu. She had never thought that something like that could happen between her and Zhao Fu.