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 Now, their main task was to clear out regions. However, because they had just had a few big battles and Great Qin had been developing incredibly quickly, Zhao Fu decided to give everyone a break. He gave the soldiers a few days to rest and relax in order to prepare for the task of clearing out the regions.

At the same time, Zhao Fu prepared to build a Great Wall. Because of how many regions they needed to cover, it would take a long time, so they had to start early. If they only started after clearing out all of the regions, it would be a bit late.

Because spatial rings could store materials and food and people were stronger than in the real world from cultivating, construction was many times faster in the Heaven Awaken World than in the real world.

Those were Great Qin's two main tasks. With respect to internal affairs, Shang Yang and some others had roughly codified some laws, but they had to continuously revise them. Right now, they had a strict rule of law.

Li Muqing helped develop the culture of Great Qin, such as poetry and songs. Such things manifested in different ways for different cultures and peoples.

For example, there was the Confucian's Confucian culture, the Peace culture that valued peace, and the Martial culture that valued might. Every country had its own culture, which represented that nation's traditions and values.

As such, Qin Culture was different to Han Culture, Chu Culture, Zhao Culture, Yan Culture, and others.

Qin Culture valued military might, which was a Martial culture. This greatly boosted soldiers' readiness and willingness to fight, such as the ancient Qin war song:

How can you say that you have no clothes? I will share my robes with you.

The king is raising his forces, and I will prepare my lance and spear to fight the enemy with you!

How can you say that you have no clothes? I will share my underclothes with you.

The king is raising his forces, and I will prepare my spear and halberd to take the field with you!

How can you say that you have no clothes? I will share my lower garments with you.

The king is raising his forces, and I will prepare my armor and weapons and march along with you!

The State of Qin had been incredibly domineering and had swept away the six other States, as its soldiers had been incredibly powerful. If they had the same equipment and strength as their enemies, they would still win by their willpower.

Zhao Fu wanted to create a Marital culture, and this mainly relied on Li Muqing. Zhao Fu did not know much about songs and poetry, and Li Muqing had an extremely high position among scholars. Some of those around her could already write some basic poetry.

This was a big improvement, and Zhao Fu could already imagine many scholars singing and writing of Great Qin's achievements in the future.

They only lacked a bit of EXP until Great Qin City could level up into a Sub-Main City. Afterward, it would become a True Main City, then a Capital City. Great Qin could almost restore its nation, and all of this was preparing for it.

The other thing that Zhao Fu cared about most was the Wyvern Den. Great Qin now had 128 Wyverns, and 106 of them could fight. This was an immense force, as they all had Stage 5 strength.

There were also the Ginseng Trees - Zhao Fu had planted 300 or so Ginseng Fruits, but only 30 or so of them had grown - it seemed that Ginseng Trees were not grown so easily.

What's more, that was with the Water of Life as well. Without the Water of Life, perhaps only a few of them would have grown.

The Trees of Life were going quite well - after two or so months, Zhao Fu had cut branches twice, and there were 300 or so sprouts that were growing, which was ten times more than the Ginseng Trees. Comparatively speaking, the Ginseng Trees were of more value.

Now that Great Qin had Trees of Life and Ginseng Trees, it still lacked one important thing, which was time. The Ginseng Trees and Trees of Life were all only sprouts, and they would need decades to grow.

Many decades sounded like a long time and was usually the extent of a human's lifespan. So far, Zhao Fu had only spent a bit more than a year in the Heaven Awaken World.

The Water of Life caused ordinary trees to grow faster, but its effects on spirit trees like the Ginseng Trees and Trees of life were much weaker. The most important thing was the bonuses from the Great Qin City, which reduced the growing time.

By now, ordinary crops grew incredibly quickly, but these higher-grade things still grew much slower.

Great Qin's Crop Growing Time was currently at -170%, and the sprouts from two months ago had become saplings that were about three meters tall and three fingers wide. Who knew when they would finally be of use.

In order to speed up their growth, Zhao Fu had two options: he could raise the City's stats or find items that would speed up their growth. Otherwise, he would have to wait decades.

Three days later, Great Qin started to clear out regions again and build the Great Wall. These two big tasks were carried out simultaneously, and most of Great Qin's population was gathered on those two tasks.

Because of players, it was very difficult to hide the fact that Great Qin had conquered 30 or so regions. Everyone was quite shocked at Great Qin's growth rate, and they felt that the day that Great Qin restored its nation would not be too far away. This caused countless factions to feel quite nervous and afraid.

With Great Qin's battle power, they would be able to face off against an entire country. Right now, there was no faction that could rival a country, so Great Qin's restoration would be a disaster to countless people.

The one who was the most scared was Vietnam. After all, two regions away from Seeping River was Vietnam's border. They could now be said to be neighbors to Great Qin, and who would not be afraid with such a terrifying neighbor?

At the same time, the Vietnamese Guard integrated itself more and more into Vietnam, becoming its top faction. With the appearance of patriotism and selflessness that Zhao Fu had created for it, it was loved by the people and was supported by the governmental faction as well.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Vietnamese Guard took up so many resources, Zhao Fu would have also wanted to create similar factions in other countries as well. That way, when they went to war, Zhao Fu would be able to easily deal with them and unify the northern side of the Midland Continent.

The Midland Continent, which had sunk into peacefulness, started to become filled with tension. Great Qin was growing too quickly, and everyone felt a sense of crisis, making it difficult for them to eat or sleep.

The other ancient Chinese empires, such as Great Shang, Great Xia, and Great Zhou, all devoted all that they had into developing, yet they had only conquered two or three regions. There was simply too big of a gap.

The large factions and Dynasty Legatees all started to secretly contact each other to discuss how to deal with Great Qin to give themselves some time to develop.

Great Qin's massive strength not only threatened countless people but also made many people want to submit and receive its protection.

This caused many people to send beauties to the Ying family, like the four beauties they had taken in a while ago. They had become Great Qin's Legatee's concubines, and their families had joined Great Qin, making countless people admire them.

By now, many people knew that Great Qin was gathering women with Phoenix Qi, as Phoenix Qi had powerful supporting effects for nations. However, there were still others who were ignorant and just thought that Great Qin's Legatee was like other rulers and just wanted a large harem.