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 Almost all of the fish in Seeping River were Clown Bone Fish. These fish had a bloodthirsty nature and extremely sharp teeth, and they had killed all other species to extinction.

Zhao Fu's casual attack had killed at least 100,000 Clown Bone Fish, and such a massive shockwave would definitely alert the Clown Bone Fish King. After all, a boss monster's senses were quite extraordinary.

Soon, a 1,000 meter long, ugly-looking fish covered with gray scales with a head that looked like a skeleton appeared. It gave off a massive, ferocious aura, and its eyes glared at Zhao Fu, its two rows of sharp teeth glinting in the sunlight. After such a long time, the Clown Bone Fish King seemed to still remember Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had stolen its den before, and now, he had dared to openly kill its subjects right in front of it - this Clown Bone Fish King was completely infuriated.

"Human! I'm going to eat you!" the Clown Bone Fish King said in a hoarse voice.

Following this, the Clown Bone Fish King started to attack. Countless water arrows shot out from the river towards Zhao Fu, surrounding him in an instant.

Zhao Fu immediately unleashed his King's Doman, blocking the countless water arrows. Zhao Fu looked at the Clown Bone Fish King and lightly laughed as he said, "We'll see who will be eating who. However, seeing how ugly you are, I doubt you'd taste very nice."

"Roarrr!!" The Clown Bone Fish King was completely maddened, and it roared as it created massive splashes, preparing to unleash a powerful attack. However, at that moment, the 40 or so City Lords, who had hidden themselves, suddenly appeared.

Seeing so many City Lords, the Clown Bone Fish King immediately turned and tried to run. A boss monster could face four City Lords at most, and now that 40 City Lords had suddenly appeared, even an idiot would know that fighting them was suicide.

Zhao Fu laughed, and countless chains shot out from the bank of the river, tightly locking down the Clown Bone Fish King's body. The Clown Bone Fish King desperately struggled, creating massive splashes.

The other City Lords unleashed their City Lord Seals, causing the heavens and earth to be dyed with all sorts of colors. Terrifying energy shockwaves rippled out, causing the weather to change. All creatures within 1,000 kilometers felt a sense of terror.

The Clown Bone Fish King also felt quite frightened, as it knew that it was about to face the attacks of 40 or so City Lords. If that happened, it would die for sure, so the Clown Bone Fish King continued to struggle, trying to break free.

However, Zhao Fu used all of his strength to keep the chains taut, making it impossible for the Clown Bone Fish King to leave. However, the Clown Bone Fish King was quite powerful, forcing Zhao Fu to use all of the Great Qin Seal's power.

At that moment, countless Clown Bone Fish swam over after sensing that the Clown Bone Fish King was in danger. Ordinary Clown Bone Fish were of no threat at all, but all of the ones that came were Elite Clown Bone Fish, which knew some skills and would be able to attack Zhao Fu and the others.

"Attack!" Seeing more and more Clown Bone Fishes gathering, Zhao Fu gave the order to attack.

The City Lords sent out their various attacks, and the terrifying energy ripples became even more intense. The Clown Bone Fish King struggled more and more but was unable to escape - at most, it could only pull Zhao Fu a few steps.

In the face of death, the Clown Bone Fish King could only hurriedly call out, "Wait! Let's talk this out! Don't attack!"

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, but he still told the City Lords to stop and asked, "What do you want to talk about? If you want to surrender, I guess I can accept you."

With how powerful boss monsters were, being able to subdue one would be quite good. However, boss monsters were usually quite prideful and would not surrender. As such, Zhao Fu had killed two boss monsters in the past.

Moreover, apart from the Clown Bone Fish King's strength, Zhao Fu also quite valued the Clown Bone Fish's power. Seeping River flowed across many regions, and there were countless Clown Bone Fish. If he could subdue the Clown Bone Fish King, he would be able to control all of the Clown Bone Fish.

Moreover, Seeping River was one of Great Qin's natural barriers. If he could control these Clown Bone Fish, Great Qin's defensive power would be even greater, which made Zhao Fu feel quite tempted.

After hearing Zhao Fu's words, the Clown Bone Fish King felt quite displeased, as it was the ruler of this region's monsters. However, it was facing the combined attacks of 40 City Lords, and it felt quite afraid as its only other choice was death.

However, could it really submit to this person? As the boss monster of this region, it would be too humiliating!

Zhao Fu could tell that the Clown Bone Fish King was thinking, as it had not immediately refused. As such, Zhao Fu laughed as he said, "You can think about it at your leisure. I'm a bit hungry, and since you're so big, eating a bit of your meat should be fine, right?"

The Clown Bone Fish King inwardly shuddered, thinking about the people surrounding it eating its flesh.

"Wang Jian, go and bring me some meat!" Zhao Fu said.

Hearing this, Wang Jian grinned and lifted his sword as he was about to go and cut off some meat. Everyone else was quite cooperative and took out spices, preparing to have a good meal.

"I surrender!" The Clown Bone Fish King trembled and no longer dared to hesitate anymore.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but inwardly chuckle, but he still acted quite reluctant to take in the Clown Bone Fish King. In the end, he signed a blood contract with the Clown Bone Fish King, making it officially his.

Afterward, Zhao Fu reluctantly patted its body, giving up on the idea of eating it, causing the Clown Bone Fish King to once again shudder.

On the western side, Bai Qi had also successfully conquered the Open Flask region and obtained a system main city. After hearing about the battle, the other City Lords immediately ran away.

Now, Great Qin had finally taken over all of the land it required for its empire. Great Qin now controlled 31 regions, going from Southleaf in the east to Open Flask in the west, to Seeping River in the north and Valiant Peace in the south. Each region was as big as a province, and Great Qin's territory was as big as China's territory in the real world.

Thinking about this, Zhao Fu couldn't help but feel excited. Now, their job was to clear out these regions: Great Qin had only finished clearing out 13 regions and still had 18 regions that they had not cleared out yet.

This would be a monumental task and would not be able to be completed within a short period of time. Moreover, Great Qin needed to start building an inner Great Wall. Together, with the Void Zones and natural barriers, Great Qin would have a powerful defensive line, which would give Zhao Fu some security.

Now, they only lacked a bit more EXP for Great Qin's Level 3 Great City to once again level up.

In total, they had obtained 24 system main cities and 7.8 million residents.

Now, Great Qin's population had risen to 60 million, and it had 86 Great Cities and six Cities.

After clearing out all of the regions and constructing a Great Wall, Zhao Fu would have the confidence to face off against a nation.

However, clearing out the regions and constructing a Great Wall would take an incredibly long time. Now, Great Qin would go into a period of steady development.