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 Boom! Boom! Boom...

Massive explosions sounded out as 100,000 rays of light, which gave off incredibly sharp auras, flashed past. Countless Shieldbearers were instantly obliterated, causing blood and limbs to fly everywhere. More arrows then rained down, causing countless people to be hit and for cries to be heard all around.

The defensive line formed by the system main city soldiers instantly collapsed, and there were countless dead and injured soldiers on the ground, making the scene quite chaotic.


Zhao Fu led the Cavalry to ferociously flank from the left side. Explosions sounded out as Zhao Fu gripped his spear, giving off countless spear lights as he charged forwards, piercing through the system main cities' soldiers' bodies.

Spears were the most ideal weapon for Cavalrymen, and all of Great Qin's Cavalrymen held spears. Their warhorses sped forwards as they continuously pierced through bodies.

After receiving such a heavy blow, the disordered system main cities' army completely collapsed. Seeing this, Wang Jian launched an all-out attack: all Infantrymen raised their weapons and roared as they charged at the system main city soldiers like a black tide.

The system main cities' soldiers were covered with blood, and they also roared as they prepared their last stand. They gripped their weapons as they charged towards Great Qin's soldiers.

Clang, clang, clang...

The two armies fiercely collided, and the sound of weapons clashing could be continuously heard. Death continuously spread as roars sounded out, filling the surrounding ten kilometers.

On the other battlefield, Bai Qi, Sima Cuo, Wei Liao, Li Mu, and Meng Tian raised their General Weapons and shouted as a massive aura formed. Different-colored pillars of light shot into the sky, and the terrifying power that they gave off caused people to tremble.

The soldiers gave off different-colored auras, which gathered towards the five people. Bai Qi created a blood-red eagle with a wingspan of hundreds of meters; Sima Cuo created a blue fish that was hundreds of meters long; Wei Liao created a massive green wolf; Meng Tian created an azure ox; and Li Mu created a violet, blood-red colored leopard.

The five massive beasts gave off a powerful and frightening power as they charged into the system main cities' army and started to rampage about. The blood-red eagle created massive blood-red gales, which were like sharp blades that cut the system main cities' soldiers into countless pieces.

The massive blue fish twisted its body, sending countless soldiers flying as if it was flicking sand everywhere.

The green wolf; azure ox; and violet, blood-red leopard wildly charged at the system main city army, using their paws, hooves, or mouths to kill the soldiers.

After destroying the system main cities' army's defensive line, Bai Qi ordered a full attack, and all of Great Qin's soldiers charged.

Back on the northern battlefield, Zhao Fu continuously charged, killing innumerable soldiers. In order to quickly conclude the battle, Zhao Fu soon rose to the sky to deal with the City Lords.

Zhao Fu saw two system main city City Lords barely defending against two Great Qin City Lords. He equipped his Sin Dragon Sword and slashed out, and with Zhao Fu's help, the two Great Qin City Lords were able to easily kill the two enemy City Lords.

Zhao Fu then waved his sword, causing a water dragon to fly out with immense strength, ramming into another system main city City Lord.

Below, the scene was quite abysmal for the system main cities' side; corpses littered the ground, and blood ran everywhere, cries continuously sounding out.

The battle in the sky was also a complete loss for the system main cities' side. After all, there were only 14 of them fighting 30 or so of Great Qin's City Lords. Each City Lord had to face at least two of Great Qin's City Lords.

Seeing that they were doomed to lose, a few system main city City Lords exploded out with their most powerful attacks, forcing Great Qin's City Lords back before using their lifesaving techniques to escape.

The battle gradually calmed down, and Great Qin had won an overwhelming victory.

In total, Great Qin had killed five City Lords, six had surrendered, and three had escaped. They had also killed 1.3 million soldiers, captured 500,000, and 300,000 had escaped. On the other hand, Great Qin had lost 120,000 soldiers.

On the other battlefield, Great Qin had killed six City Lords, four had surrendered, and four had escaped. They had killed 1.5 million soldiers, captured 400,000, and 200,00 had escaped. Great Qin had lost 150,000 soldiers there.

In total, Great Qin killed 11 City Lords, ten had surrendered, and seven had escaped. They had killed 2.8 soldiers, obtained 900,000 captives, and 500,000 soldiers had escaped. Great Qin had lost 270,000 soldiers, and countless soldiers were injured.

After hearing that nearly 300,000 soldiers had died, Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh. However, he gathered his soldiers and invaded the final region, which was Seeping River. After conquering it, Great Qin would have conquered the northern side.

However, Zhao Fu had some enmity with the boss monster there from back during the Divine Fish Festival. He had stolen one of its dens, and they had briefly clashed.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to have people first conquer and relocate the cities before bringing the residents to Great Qin. All of the City Lords headed to Seeping River, as there would definitely be beast tides, and Zhao Fu decided not to bring any soldiers.

After looking at the 40 or so City Lords, including the ones who had surrendered from the battle, Zhao Fu felt that they would be able to easily take down a few system main cities without any soldiers.

Following this, they headed towards Seeping River.

On the other side, Bai Qi and his army attacked the Open Flask region. After conquering this region, Great Qin would have conquered the western side.

After reaching Seeping River, Great Qin's City Lords gave off terrifying auras as lights appeared around their bodies, making them seem like gods as they hovered above a system main city.

The City Lord's face was incredibly pale - before, there had been City Lords who had come to try to convince him to stand against Great Qin. He had thought about it and decided to see how strong Great Qin was first. However, he had never thought that the other side would act so quickly and arrive at his city so suddenly.

After the northern side army had been crushed by Great Qin, Seeping River had quickly heard about this.

Zhao Fu looked at this honest-looking City Lord and asked, "Will you surrender? If you are not willing to surrender, I will have to take your city by force."

Under immense pressure, the City Lord's expression was quite dim, and he could only choose to submit. He was no match for 40 or so City Lords.

Following this, Zhao Fu forced another City Lord to submit. As for the other City Lords, after hearing about the northern side's crushing defeat, they had long since run off.

Great Qin obtained another two City Lords and relocated the system main cities and residents. They were about to kill Seeping River's boss monster, and because the beast tides were extremely dangerous, they had the residents leave first.

After dealing with these things, Zhao Fu went to the side of Seeping River and looked at the boundless river. Thinking about how the Clown Bone Fish King had forced Zhao Fu to not dare to step into Seeping River, it was now time for revenge.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he gathered the Great Qin Seal's mountain-like pressure and heavily attacked the surface of the river.


The immense force smashed into the river, causing a massive shockwave to ripple out, and dead Clown Bone Fish floated to the surface.