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 "System announcement! Great Qin has revoked the contract and received a 10% deduction to all stats!"

Since Zhao Fu dared to take the initiative to sign a Contract with the City Lords, he definitely left himself a way out. Ordinarily, Contracts were quite difficult to revoke, and what Zhao Fu had just drunk was Contract-Revoking Water. However, because what they used was a special contract, Great Qin still received some penalties.

However, it was only a 10% deduction to stats, which was not a great deal to Great Qin. After all, with Great Qin's various bonuses, they were still much more powerful than ordinary system main cities.

Now that they had revoked the Contract, Great Qin could attack the two regions. Even though they could not reduce those regions' strength, Great Qin had to deal with them quickly. Otherwise, if they received reinforcements, it would be incredibly difficult for Great Qin to take them down. Moreover, the City Lords who would join them were not bound by the Contract, so they would not be restricted.

This time, they did not have the help of an Undead Disaster either, as that would take a lot of time to prepare, so they could only have a direct fight.

After receiving this system announcement, the system main city City Lords' expression greatly changed. They all knew what would be happening, so they all quickly returned to their system main cities.

The expressions of the five City Lords who had entered Great Qin's territory stiffened, and they immediately flew into the sky. They did not need to worry about being discovered now - since the Contract had been revoked, they had failed, and capturing a General would be useless.

Zhao Fu and Bai Qi split into two groups, attacking two regions in different directions. Zhao Fu attacked the northern side - after revoking the Contract, Zhao Fu had led his massive army into a northern side region.

Zhao Fu was riding on Black Forest and gripping a Talisman Spear in his hand. There were countless Great Qin Cavalrymen behind him, giving off an incredibly piercing aura as if they were a tide of beasts that were ready to explode out.

The system main city army ahead of them looked incredibly serious. They only had 2.1 million soldiers but had to face five million soldiers. Not only was there a great difference in numbers, but there were also 30 or so City Lords standing above Great Qin's army, giving off heaven-shaking auras.

Their only hope was that the 10% reduction in stats would make a big difference, or else they would not know how to defend against Great Qin.

They had no way of retreating, as this was all of the strength they had; once they dispersed, they would be no match for Great Qin at all. At least like this, they would have a trace of hope.

Zhao Fu gave command of this battle to Wang Jian. Currently, his blood was boiling, and he wanted to personally go onto the battlefield and contribute to Great Qin's grand undertaking.

As the ruler of Great Qin, Zhao Fu was the core figure of Great Qin. Many people opposed him going onto the battlefield, but since he insisted, they could only agree. After all, with Zhao Fu's strength, there were very few people who could injure him.

The two armies faced off against each other, causing the air to seem to solidify. The birds and beasts did not dare to make a sound, and the wind seemed to have a sharpness to it.

Zhao Fu led 600,000 or so Cavalrymen at the very front of Great Qin's army. Looking at the system main city army ahead, he asked one last time, "Are you willing to submit?"

The northern side's City Lords looked at each other and understood that no one was willing to submit like this. A white-haired elder loudly replied, "Great Qin's Majesty, if possible, we would like to live in peace like before. We don't want to make an enemy out of you, and we hope that you will not invade us!"

Zhao Fu remained expressionless and did not reply, as there was no chance of them co-existing peacefully unless Great Qin was not to restore its empire. After hearing that they were not going to surrender, Zhao Fu slowly closed his eyes and breathed out.

The northern side's City Lords signaled each other to find an opportunity to kill Zhao Fu - if they could kill Zhao Fu, they would definitely win.

Zhao Fu once again opened his eyes with an icy look and gripped his Talisman Spear. This spear was black-colored and was made from Legendary grade materials. It was covered with golden talismans. Zhao Fu sent his Cultivation power into it, causing it to give off a domineering black and gold light, and Zhao Fu's aura flared up.

"Charge!" Zhao Fu roared. Black Forest understood and gave a loud whinny as green flames appeared around its hooves. It stepped on the ground and shot out like a lightning bolt.


As Zhao Fu charged out, Great Qin's Cavalry also rushed out like sharp arrows. The sound that they gave off was deafening, and they gave off an immense aura of suppression.

Swish, swish, swish...

Seeing Zhao Fu lead the countless Cavalrymen charging over, the system main city army shot out countless arrows, covering the sky with arrows that gave off sharp auras. The arrows then rained down like a torrential rain.

Zhao Fu unleashed his King's Domain, forming a 100-meter wide dragon inscription barrier. Countless arrows fell on the barrier, causing clinking sounds to sound out, but they were unable to damage the barrier at all.

The Cavalrymen unleashed various spear lights, which gathered together. With how fast their warhorses were galloping, they formed a river of light that deflected the arrows, and very few reached the soldiers.

Great Qin's Cavalrymen gave off a ferocious and boundless aura as they charged towards the system main city army.

The system main city army's Archers once again drew their bows, causing arrows to streak through the sky towards Great Qin's Cavalrymen.

Bang, bang, bang...

At that moment, the City Lords also exploded out with strength, turning into rays of light that shot out, wanting to kill Zhao Fu.

However, how could Great Qin allow them to do as they wished? Great Qin's City Lords also exploded out with strength, turning into rays of light that met the system main city City Lords in battle.

A shocking, great battle soon erupted.

By now, Zhao Fu and the Cavalrymen had reached the system main city army. The system main city army was forced to send out 300,000 or so Cavalrymen, who rushed out of the army with immense speed.

Looking at the system main city Cavalrymen ahead, Zhao Fu coldly gathered his Cultivation power and sent out a five-meter long spear light that gave off an immense amount of power.


Zhao Fu dived into the ranks of the system main city Cavalrymen. The massive spear light contained immense force, causing those in front of him to be instantly pierced by the spear light and for their blood to fly everywhere. Following behind Zhao Fu, Great Qin's Cavalrymen also charged in.

In just an instant, Zhao Fu's spear pierced through the system main city Cavalrymen, and Great Qin's Cavalry followed behind Zhao Fu as they completely obliterated the system main city's Cavalry.

Following this, Shieldbearers from the system main city army walked up, forming a firm shieldwall. The shieldwall gave off a white light, adding to their defensive power. They also laid spears on top of the shields, and the Infantrymen also prepared to help kill the approaching Cavalrymen. The Archers also nocked arrows on their bows, preparing to once again shoot.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu, who was leading the Great Qin Cavalry, suddenly made a turn and went around the system main city army.

By now, Great Qin's army had already advanced close enough to attack, and 100,000 Talisman Arrows turned into rays of light and rained down on the system main city army.