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 However, they were immediately faced with a problem - none of the City Lords or soldiers could enter Great Qin's territory, so how could they gain control of a Great Qin General?

This was quite a great problem, as Great Qin's Generals were all at least Stage 3, while everyone from the system main city side who was at least Stage 3 was a City Lord or General. They could not enter Great Qin's territory, and even if they could, they would not necessarily have the ability to gain control of one of Great Qin's Generals.

A young woman said, "I have a secret method that can temporarily gain control of a person's mind. With my strength, controlling someone with Stage 3 strength should not be too difficult."

Hearing this, everyone felt quite delighted.

A moustached man then said, "I want to give my City Lord position to someone else and make myself a commoner - that way, even if I don't have my City Lord Seal, I'll still have my Stage 4 Cultivation, and dealing with someone with Stage 3 Cultivation should be no problem at all. After all, the Contract does not restrict commoners from entering Great Qin's territory."

After hearing this, everyone felt that this plan was quite good, and they all nodded in agreement.

The white-haired elder who spoke first laughed as he said, "Let's split into two groups: one group will try to ally more regions, while the other will capture a Great Qin General and use the secret method on him to make him attack us!"

Following this, the City Lords all left. Most of the City Lords went to talk to City Lords from other regions, while five of them headed to Great Qin.

The five of them soon arrived at a Void Zone, and they looked at each other. One of them said, "We're about to enter Great Qin's territory; Great Qin definitely has a powerful warning system, so we must be cautious!"

Everyone else nodded, and following this, the five of them stepped into the Void Zone.

They did not dare to fly within the Void Zone, as they would be quite eye-catching and would most likely be discovered by Great Qin. Zhao Fu had indeed set many warning systems in the Void Zones in order to prevent anyone from crossing over.

Since they could not fly, they could only walk, but that meant that they were much slower. Moreover, they did not dare to draw any attention to themselves, or they would be discovered by Great Qin. They were incredibly slow, but as long as they could gain control of one of Great Qin's Generals, everything would be worth it.

By now, Zhao Fu had already brought a large number of people back to Great Qin. After conquering 21 cities, they had gained an astronomical amount of EXP, and they were already halfway to leveling up again.

In total, they had brought back seven million people, and with those people, Great Qin's population would reach 52 million people.

Following this, Zhao Fu made Old Logue and some other Generals City Lords.

Now, their task was to clear out the regions that they had just taken over. This would take roughly another month, and that was even after adding more soldiers.

Great Qin's army had eight million soldiers, and this was already enough to invade some of the smaller countries. Back when the smaller countries had invaded China's territory, they had only sent around four or five million players. Some very small countries only had a few million people in total.

However, this was still far from enough, and there was no point in bullying the smaller countries. What Great Qin wanted was the strength to rival the larger countries.

Zhao Fu soon heard about the western side and northern side allying together - they had run around gathering City Lords from different regions, and it was impossible for Zhao Fu not to know.

If more City Lords heard that a super faction was rising up, out of consideration for their own safety, it was quite likely that they would join in the resistance.

Back when Great Qin had only devoured five regions, many surrounding regions had been greatly taken aback and had tried to ally together against Great Qin. However, those were only the regions close by, while those further away had not sensed any danger and did not understand how terrifying Great Qin was.

Moreover, those who had been four or five regions away had felt that it had been too far, and they had not wanted to unnecessarily get involved. They felt that there was no threat to them, so they did not want to join the alliance.

However, things were different now - Great Qin had fully digested eight regions and then just taken down another seven regions. Great Qin now controlled 20 or so regions, and any City Lord who was not an idiot would realize how much danger they were in.

The eastern side that Great Qin had already taken down had many regions allied together because they all realized what a great threat Great Qin was.

They could not allow this to drag on, and the City Lords would most likely gather many other City Lords. When that time came, Great Qin would once again be surrounded on all sides. This time, they would no longer trust Great Qin and would directly attack. That would put Great Qin in a very difficult position, and they would have to be incredibly passive.

Zhao Fu thought for a while, his expression cold. Right now, they could only take the initiative to attack and conquer all of the regions that they needed to restore Great Qin. They would then create a Great Wall as a solid defense so that they would have nothing to fear.

"Bai Qi! Wang Jian! Wei Liao! Expand the army to ten million and give them some basic training before simultaneously attacking two regions."

Zhao Fu decided to add another two million people to the army and have Bai Qi give them some basic training. At least 1.5 million of those two million soldiers would be system main city soldiers from before, so they would be usable after some simple training. Moreover, their stats had returned to normal as they now served Great Qin.

Great Qin had first destroyed the most powerful eastern side, then the next most powerful southern side, and would soon destroy the western and northern sides soon. Within Great Qin, they had Shang Yang recodifying Great Qin's laws, while Li Muqing helped develop the education and culture of Great Qin. They had begun a grand undertaking, and no one could stop this.

The third day, the team of five City Lords carefully passed through the Void Zone, avoiding all of Great Qin's warning systems. They had been incredibly patient and skilled, as most of the people in charge of the patrols were extremely vigilant, and it was difficult for anyone to escape their notice.

Any General with a few hundred soldiers would be enough to breach the Contract, causing the ruler of Great Qin to receive a backlash and die and heavily injuring the Great Qin army. This would allow their side to easily win.

After leaving the Void Zone, the five people became even more careful. Soon, they found the central city of this region. The central city was the city that had fused with the Region Heart, and every region needed to have a city as the central city. Central cities were more powerful than ordinary system main cities.

This central city was built at the location of the previous system main city, as it already had all sorts of structures and they would not need to rebuild anything.

The five people stealthily came close and quickly found a target. It was a weak-looking youth who had Stage 3 Cultivation. He seemed to be a low-ranking General, and it should be no problem for him to lead a few hundred soldiers out.

All five of them were Stage 4 experts, and their Cultivations were close to Stage 5. Adding on all of their secret techniques, it would be quite easy to deal with someone with a Stage 3 Cultivation.

As the five people prepared to act, Zhao Fu stood at the front of his army and drank a golden-colored liquid. His body was immediately wracked with immense pain, and a character floated out of his body. All of the City Lords suddenly received a system announcement.