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 As such, the City Lords of the southern regions all came to trust Great Qin and believed that Great Qin would not do anything to them because they were friends.

Since ancient times, all Emperors had committed unspeakable wrongs. Zhao Fu also felt that doing this was wrong, but Great Qin had to destroy them.

"City Lord, there are a large number of enemies attacking our city!" Reports flooded in, causing the City Lords who still held onto some hope feel utter despair.

Esteemed Light City was the first city that Great Qin attacked, and the City Lord, Fang Yun, had the best relationship with Great Qin. After hearing about this, he hurriedly went to the City Walls and saw a dark mass of soldiers below and 20 or so City Lords in the air, giving off powerful auras.

Fang Yun's expression was quite bitter - having taken one wrong step, they had gone in the completely wrong direction. If they had allied with the other sides and attacked Great Qin back then, things would not have turned out like this.

However, it was a pity that there was no chance for regrets. When the most powerful eastern side had been destroyed, their fates had already been sealed. Right after the eastern side had been destroyed, they had perhaps a sliver of hope, but after Great Qin got two months to develop, Great Qin had grown too quickly, and it was impossible for them to defeat Great Qin now.

"Brother Fang Yun, given our friendship, I don't want to kill anyone. As long as you submit to me, you will still be the City Lord of this city. I'm sure you already know that you cannot win!"

Zhao Fu looked at Fang Yun and tried to persuade him. After knowing him for so long, Zhao Fu's impression of him was quite good. However, Great Qin had to restore its nation, and no one could stand in its way.

Fang Yun looked quite furious - he had actually taken Great Qin to be a friend, and yet they were here to destroy him.

However, looking at the soldiers below and the City Lords above, Esteemed Light City would be completely butchered. They would either all die together or live together.

After thinking for a while, Fang Yun sighed and knelt down and said, "I am willing to submit to Great Qin!"

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and they quickly conquered this city before moving onto the next city.

Eastern Sun City - surrendered!

Sunset Spring City - surrendered!

Southroam City - destroyed!

The plan was extremely successful, and the southern side was unable to retaliate at all. They were simply unable to resist Great Qin's army and completely collapsed.

One reason was because of how suddenly Great Qin had attacked, giving them no time to prepare, which was why they were unable to stop Great Qin's assault.

The second reason was because all of the system main cities received the backlash for breaching the Contract, which reduced all City Lords' and soldiers' stats by 40%. They essentially did not have any Stage 1 soldiers, and the City Lords themselves were incredibly weak too.

The southern side had 18 system main cities in total, with a force of 2.6 million soldiers, while Great Qin had eight million soldiers. They pincered from two sides, and there was a difference of 5.4 million soldiers.

In front of this massive army, most City Lords chose to surrender, while only a small portion of people chose to resist. What resulted was the City Lord being killed and their city being destroyed. However, some City Lords who were able to react quickly were able to quickly relocate their system main cities and run.

In the end, Great Qin conquered 14 system main cities, while four City Lords escaped with their City Hearts. Of the 14 system main cities that were conquered, 12 City Lords had chosen to surrender, and two had been killed.

However, Zhao Fu did not stop and continued onwards to the Martial Peace region and Willow Lake region.

Great Qin's Cavalry swept into the two regions like massive oceans, their terrifying auras shaking the entire region as if a catastrophe had descended.

Those two regions were unable to respond in time as well, and Zhao Fu was not in a hurry. Now that he had enough soldiers and City Lords, taking down a region was quite easy. As such, Zhao Fu displayed his full strength to force them to surrender - this would make things much easier and much more efficient.

The Martial Peace region had three system main cities and a Goblin City, and the Willow Lake region also had three system main cities. The system main cities all chose to surrender, while the Goblin City was forcefully conquered, and the City Lord was killed by Wei Liao.

They had finally conquered the southern side, and Martial Peace region faced the middle of the Midland Continent. The northern part of the region was flat while the southern part had tall mountains, which formed a natural defensive line. This would make it difficult for other factions to invade from the southern side.

From the beginning of Great Qin's assault to when they stopped, they only spent a bit more than a day, but they conquered seven regions. They were simply unstoppable and invincible.

Great Qin obtained 20 system main cities and one Basic City.

After taking down the southern region, Zhao Fu immediately made a public declaration that the southern side had suddenly attacked Great Qin, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Great Qin's residents. They had breached the Contract, so Great Qin had retaliated.

Zhao Fu did care if outsiders believed this, but it was mainly for pacifying his own people. Perhaps if outsiders believed it, it would cause them to have a better impression of Great Qin.

After discovering the truth about this incident, people concluded later that 'anyone who believed Great Qin's promises of peace would only die under Great Qin's cruelty!'

After hearing about what had happened to the southern side, the northern side and western side no longer trusted Great Qin. The southern side had been destroyed in a bit more than a day without any explanation at all, so they understood their situations. All of them felt deep fear, worrying that Great Qin would immediately attack them, so they quickly gathered their armies to defend.

The northern side and western side had eight regions and 28 system main cities, and they had a force of 4.2 million soldiers, which was nothing compared to Great Qin's eight million soldiers.

It was not just numbers. Great Qin also had an advantage in terms of equipment and morale as well. As such, they knew that they would most likely lose any battles.

If Great Qin had used the method to make the southern side breach the Contract on them, their situation would be even worse.

They now regretted not banding together to deal with Great Qin. They shouldn't have trusted Great Qin, but it was all too late now.

"What should we do?" The City Lords all gathered together with unsightly expressions. They thought about what they could do to stop Great Qin.

A white-haired elder said, "We can only ally with even more regions to defend against Great Qin. Let's hurry and do that!"

The others all nodded - they could only do this, or else, with their strength, they definitely would not be able to defend against Great Qin.

After everyone agreed on this, the white-haired elder continued speaking, "There's also the problem of the Contract - we need to quickly find a way to get rid of it, or else it will be far too disadvantageous for us. It's best to have them breach the Contract, which will allow us to win without even fighting."

Everyone's eyes lit up - that Contract was quite disadvantageous for them if they breached it, as it reduced their stats by 40%. However, it was even more severe for Great Qin - everyone's stats would be reduced by 50%, and all of the City Lords and Great Qin's Legatee would receive a backlash and die.

However, the key thing was how they would make Great Qin breach the Contract. None of them could think of anything, but one of them suddenly said, "If we can control a Great Qin General, that would be good. That way, if he led soldiers to attack us, they would naturally breach the Contract."