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 [Great Earth Beast skin]: A rare beast skin that contains the source energy of the land. Spreading the beast skin on the ground will cause it to show the topography within 5,000 kilometers, including various structures.

This beast skin's effects were quite extraordinary; not only could it show the topography of the land, but it could also reveal villages. Zhao Fu smiled - with this beast skin, it would be much easier to clear out a region.

Great Qin's army was currently split into teams, and with only 50 Village Compasses, there was not enough to go around. With this beast skin, he could have people easily look for the location of villages.

Moreover, they could also draw detailed maps, which would provide Great Qin with a great advantage. If they were to launch attacks, knowing the topography of the land would be quite useful. Moreover, after Great Qin established a nation, having maps would make it much easier to govern the land.

Zhao Fu once again gathered his Generals, and now that Great Qin was on a tight schedule, Zhao Fu ordered them to clear out a region within ten days.

If they could do so, there would be rewards, and if they could not do so, there would be punishments. Under Zhao Fu's pressure, the Generals did not dare to be complacent, and they gave it their all. This caused their soldiers to also become quite focused and nervous, and their clearing speed became even faster.

The soldiers solemnly left to conquer the regions, while Great Qin's various Departments also worked at full speed, doing their best to support Great Qin's soldiers clear out the regions. Right now, clearing out the regions was their top priority.

"His Majesty orders for the speed at which the regions are cleared to be increased. No one is to be complacent, and those who complete the task will be heavily rewarded, while those who fail will all be punished!" a muscular man in black armor, who gave off a powerful aura, loudly said to the countless soldiers below.

The soldiers all looked incredibly serious and had grave auras, creating an incredibly austere and mighty atmosphere.

The muscular man took out a sheet of paper and yelled out:

"Gong Gaochao! Take 1,000 soldiers and head 13 kilometers northwest. Destroy the Basic Village there as fast as possible!"

"Yes! This subordinate obeys!" an armored man walked up and said.

"Shu Haoqiong! Take 5,000 soldiers and head ten kilometers south. Destroy the Intermediate Village there as fast as possible!"

"Yes! This subordinate obeys!" another armored man walked up and said.

"Dai Zhonggong! Take 5,000 soldiers and head ten kilometers southeast. Destroy the Intermediate Village there as fast as possible!"

"Yes! This subordinate obeys!" another armored man walked up and said.

"Cui Yi! Take 1,000 soldiers and head 15 kilometers north. Destroy the Basic Village there as fast as possible!"

"Yes! This subordinate obeys!" another armored man walked up and said.

After the various orders were given out, Great Qin's soldiers quickly headed out to their destinations and started to attack the villages. Their speed was incredibly fast, and they acted in an orderly fashion without any chaos at all.

Within the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu was searching for his next target. There were 20 or so regions allied together, and there were 71 system main cities, with a force totaling 10.4 million soldiers.

The eastern side's six regions alliance, which had 21 system main cities and 3.1 million soldiers, had already been destroyed, and they had taken over those regions.

The western and southern sides each had five regions allied together, and each side had around 19 system main cities with 2.6 million soldiers each. However, because Jing Qianxue and the three other City Lords had tried to assassinate Zhao Fu, the western side's strength was only as strong as the northern side's now.

The northern side had four regions allied together, with 14 system main cities and 2.1 million soldiers.

As such, Zhao Fu decided that his next target would be the southern side. After getting rid of the southern side, the remaining two sides would not pose much of a threat.

Before signing the Contracts, even though it seemed like neither side would be able to attack each other, there were some small loopholes in the Contracts. As such, Zhao Fu used those loopholes to attack.

Even though it was a bit shameless, Zhao Fu had no other choice.

If they were not willing to surrender, Zhao Fu could only destroy them. Great Qin could not co-exist with them, and if Great Qin was to restore its nation, it would have to take all measures.

Currently, Great Qin's task was still to clear out the regions before making any attacks. After digesting those seven regions, Great Qin's strength would once again greatly increase.

Furthermore, Zhao Fu wanted to revise Great Qin's laws and decrees. The time for the restoration of Great Qin was coming soon, and it was time to start preparing for that. Laws were necessary to govern a nation, or the nation would descend into chaos.

It was just that he did not have anyone from the School of Legalism with him. However, he could still borrow laws from the real world.

However, this would still take some time, as many of the laws in the real world did not suit the Heaven Awaken World. After all, the real world was more democratic, while Great Qin would be more imperialistic, which meant that there was a great difference between them.

Moreover, the laws needed to suit Great Qin's culture, traditions, and people, so they could not just casually import laws.

Zhao Fu decided to enforce strict laws for the common people - of course, they would not be as strict as traditional laws were, such as cutting off tongues and ears and gouging out eyes. In order to carry out punishments, Zhao Fu decided to set up a special force.

As for those who committed unspeakable and inhumane crimes, there would be incredibly harsh punishments, such as death by a thousand cuts or flaying.

It would take quite some time to set up laws for Great Qin, and they would have to be continuously revised. When the time came, Zhao Fu decided to bring in some people from the School of Legalism to help.

Moreover, Zhao Fu gave the order to build many brick kilns. Zhao Fu wanted to build a Great Wall, and because getting stone from mountains would be too inefficient, it would be better to use bricks.

Ordinary bricks could be used to build roads and buildings, but they could not be used for constructing the Great Wall. After all, the Great Wall was for defending against enemies, so the bricks had to be at least sturdier than ordinary rocks from mountains.

As such, Zhao Fu ordered his people to research special bricks, and their progress was quite good. They would be able to produce special bricks soon.

Apart from constructing an inner Great Wall, Zhao Fu also wanted to construct an outer Great Wall. As Great Qin's territory continuously expanded outwards, they would continue to construct Great Walls, forming a powerful defense. For this, they needed a large number of bricks.

During this period of time, Zhao Fu returned to the real world a few times, but because his heart was completely focused on Great Qin, he did not pay too much attention to other matters.

Two months later, spring had departed, and the bright green colors became dark green. Summer had arrived in the Heaven Awaken World. The sunlight was incredibly intense, and it was quite hot.

During this entire time, Great Qin had not left its territory. None of the factions had heard anything from Great Qin, as Great Qin had been completely focused on developing. By now, it had finally finished clearing out the seven regions, had unified the eastern side, and had become vastly more powerful.