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 Just as Zhao Fu and Nü Lü were doing it, Tuoba Qing came in with a reddened face and joined in. Binoche and Kerache looked quite disgusted with Zhao Fu, but they couldn't help but also come over and immerse themselves in pleasure.

Zhao Fu felt that the Six Desires Celestial Art was a bit domineering to be able to amplify one's desires hundreds, if not thousands, of times, making such pure women into such lustful women. At the same time, Zhao Fu felt that his resistance towards women had broken down; now that the doors of pleasure had opened up, it was not something that could be easily controlled.

"I want more!" Binoche wrapped her slim arms around Zhao Fu's neck, her fiery eyes filled with lust. The old, savage Binoche was completely gone.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, "Didn't you say that you wanted to kill me? Why are you asking for more now?"

Binoche harrumphed, "It's because of you, you baddy. I hate you so much, but I want more, so give it to me!"

Zhao Fu smiled and pressed down his body against Binoche's while the three other women also uncontrollably joined in.

The next day, Zhao Fu once again gathered his Generals. Many of the regions on the eastern side had not reacted yet, and Zhao Fu decided to give the army some time to rest before attacking two more regions.

One was called Southleaf, and the other was called Sun Tune. After conquering these two regions, the eastern side of the territory that Great Qin had decided on would be fulfilled. With the Southleaf region's marshlands and Void Zones, they would have a solid defense.

Great Qin would no longer have to fear the eastern side continuing to ally together to attack, and at the same time, Great Qin could also attack the eastern side's regions and easily retreat or attack the three other sides.

The national territory that Great Qin had set its eyes on was a bit small, but after conquering all of those regions and restoring Great Qin, they would be able to expand outwards, so it was not too bad.

Zhao Fu first obtained the information about these two regions. The Southleaf region had four system main cities, and because of its marshlands, it was not convenient for a large army to move through. It was possible to sink into a marsh at any step, so they had to find a way to deal with this.

The Sun Tune region only had three cities, and there was nothing special about it. In total, its Stage 1 soldiers numbered around 300,000.

Zhao Fu planned to split the army into two and quickly take down these two regions. After conquering these two regions and relying on their Void Zones, they would not have to be afraid of the regions on the eastern side.

Bai Qi led 16 City Lords and 1.6 million soldiers and quickly invaded the Sun Tune region while Zhao Fu led 19 City Lords and three million soldiers and invaded the Southleaf region.

They also had five City Lords remain in the Great Qin City to defend against anything unexpected, and this included Wang Jian. Now, with Great Qin's strength, taking down two regions was not a big deal. As such, Zhao Fu decided to act safely and have some people stay within the Great Qin City.

Bai Qi and his soldiers quickly arrived at the Sun Tune region through teleportation channels and immediately started to attack. He led the other City Lords and the soldiers to attack the first city that they arrived at.

Zhao Fu led his City Lords and soldiers to the Southleaf region but found it incredibly difficult to advance. There were marshlands everywhere, making it almost impossible to walk; anyone who fell in and struggled would only sink even deeper, and without anyone to save them, they would suffocate to death.

Most of the land in the Southleaf region was like this, and only the areas around the four system main cities were relatively flat and stable. Because there were marshlands here, there was also a lot of fog, making it difficult for the soldiers to advance.

Luckily, Zhao Fu had made preparations. Just like the players who had tried to attack Great Qin, since they could not walk, they instead froze the marshlands to form firm roads of ice. The soldiers then put on anti-slipping boots and successfully made it to a system main city.

Seeing countless enemies suddenly arrive, the first system main city quickly closed its gates, and soldiers arrived at the top of the city walls, nervously looking at the army below.

Zhao Fu did not bother with much and had his soldiers directly attack. Great Qin's soldiers flooded forwards, giving off a terrifying aura as they charged towards the city.

Zhao Fu also had a portion of the soldiers stay back just in case the soldiers from the three other system main cities came as well. Even though Zhao Fu had his soldiers set up isolation barriers, perhaps they also had ways to break through isolation barriers, so they could not be too careless.

The 19 City Lords around Zhao Fu also exploded out with immense strength, and their auras seemed to cause the weather to change. Their terrifying auras shook the surrounding region.

The 19 people turned into rays of light and shot towards the system main city, planning to kill the City Lord. As long as they killed the City Lord and obtained the City Lord Seal, the battle was effectively over. Killing the leader was always the most effective way to end a battle.

Because of Great Qin's sudden attack, most players had not had time to leave. They did not dare to help the system main city defend, as they had heard that Great Qin had developed a way to kill players in large numbers. They were afraid of Great Qin using this against them, and none of them wanted to die.

Many players quickly tried to exit the Heaven Awaken World, but because the city was already being attacked, they were unable to leave. As such, they could only hide within buildings in terror.

Some people shouted in fear, "Great Qin, we don't dare to make you an enemy; please spare our lives!"

Zhao Fu heard them, but they had already surrounded the system main city and were attacking, so how could they have time to let these people go? If they did so, they might miss the opportunity to attack, so Zhao Fu paid no attention to them.

If they obediently hid, Zhao Fu could spare them, but if they helped defend the city, Zhao Fu would use Reality Harming Talismans to kill them all.

There were not many players in the system main city, only 200,000 or so.

Great Qin's soldiers quickly climbed up the city walls and started fighting the soldiers on top of the city walls. Also, in just a few bouts, the system main city's City Lord had been heavily wounded by Great Qin's 19 City Lords, and seeing everything happening around him, he yelled, "I surrender!"

In the face of such immense strength, no one wanted to die for nothing, so this City Lord rationally chose to surrender.

Great Qin quickly took over this city. All of the soldiers put down their weapons, and the City Lord handed over his City Lord Seal.

Zhao Fu also decided to spare those players as well. The players all felt as if an immense weight had been taken off their bodies, and cold sweat rolled off their bodies as they felt that they had just come back from the land of the dead. They quickly left the system main city and did not dare to dally. Facing the prospect of true death, they did not dare to try to resist Great Qin at all.

The three other City Lords had been watching all of this in the distance, and after seeing how terrifying Great Qin was, they quickly turned and left.

Zhao Fu looked over at them and transformed into a ray of light as he chased after them. Soon, blood flew everywhere as a headless corpse fell to the ground, and Zhao Fu held an elderly man's head in his hand, smiling at the two wounded City Lords in front of them.

Following this, Zhao Fu brought back three City Lord Seals and two City Lords. Zhao Fu had never thought that it would be so easy to take down a region.