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 Zhao Fu picked up the little violet cauldron and looked at its description.

[Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron]: Level 1 Saint Armament that can smelt and refine ten thousand poisons and create the most domineering poisons in the world. The more poisons that it refines, the higher grade this Divine Cauldron will become.

It was another developing-type item, just like the King's Crown that he had obtained before. As the King's Crown had continuously absorbed King's Aura, it had risen to Gold grade and was now just a bit away from reaching Legendary grade.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron, as poison was essentially something that all people feared. Once they were poisoned, things would be quite tough for them.

If he could refine the most domineering poisons in the world, they would be quite useful, such as for assassinations. As such, it would be worth nurturing this cauldron.

Zhao Fu put the cauldron away and looked at the large snake body. He remembered that he had a talisman that could turn corpses into swords, and if he could turn this Violet Scaled Great Python into a sword, it would most likely form a poisonous sword that also had a high grade.

As such, Zhao Fu took out the Swordcorpse Talisman and tried to use it but received a system announcement telling him that the snake's head had been damaged. Because of this, the sword that would be created would lack a sword spirit, and its grade would be much lower. As such, Zhao Fu could only give up on that.

Zhao Fu then turned his attention to the large, jade-green tree. Was this really a Ginseng Tree? Even if it wasn't, for the violet python to care about it so much, it was definitely a treasure.

Zhao Fu walked up and took a look at this tree.

[Ginseng Tree]: A precious tree that can increase one's lifespan. The Ginseng Fruits that it creates can add ten years to a person's lifespan, and a person can only eat one.

After looking at the Ginseng Tree's description, Zhao Fu felt a bit disappointed. Even though it was also called a Ginseng Tree, it was very different than the Ginseng Tree from the legends. This one could only add ten years to one's lifespan, while that one could add 47,000 years.

However, Zhao Fu looked through the rest of the information and found that this Ginseng Tree was planted from a Ginseng Fruit. Ginseng Trees were split into different levels, just like Trees of Life, and the longer they grew for, the higher level they would become and the more effective they would be.

This Ginseng Tree was about 100 years old, and the next level would require it to be 500 years old. When that time came, it would create Ginseng Fruits that could increase one's lifespan by 50 years. The next level would require 2,500 years and would create Ginseng Fruits that could increase one's lifespan by 250 years.

If a Ginseng Tree reached its final stage, perhaps its fruits really would be able to add 47,000 years, but the time it took for that was too long.

At that point, it would most likely only have dozens of Ginseng Fruits as opposed to hundreds - the more lifespan the fruits gave, the fewer fruits there would be.

In actuality, apart from having a large amount of life energy, Fruits of Life also increased lifespan, but it was only for one or two years.

For Trees of Life, a 100-year-old Tree of Life was a level 1 Tree of Life, a 200-year-old one would be a level 2 Tree of Life, and only a 1,000-year-old one would be called a World Tree.

Moreover, at that stage, it would only be a sapling, and after 10,000 years, it would be a level 1 World Tree, and after 20,000 years, it would be a level 2 World Tree.

Both types of trees needed an incredibly long time to grow and mature. Ginseng Trees, which specifically added lifespan, were much rarer than Trees of Life. After all, almost all ordinary Elf Cities had Trees of Life, so they were not as valuable.

Zhao Fu still felt quite pleased, and looking at the Ginseng Fruits, he plucked one and took a bite. He found that it was quite sweet and juicy, and it had a nice texture.

Zhao Fu decided to take this Ginseng Tree and replant it in the Great Qin City. He kept some of the Ginseng Fruits to give to his subordinates and decided to try to use the rest of the fruits to grow more Ginseng Trees. Now that Great Qin had Water of Life, it should not be too difficult.

Sensing that the battle had ended, Bai Qi and the others entered the region again and helped Zhao Fu carefully dig up the Ginseng Tree.

After the boss monster of this region died, the enormous beast tides automatically scattered. Fortunately, Great Qin had not suffered great injuries and casualties.

After putting away the Ginseng Tree, Zhao Fu started to deal with the Violet Scaled Great Python's corpse.

Zhao Fu put it away within the Ten Thousand Poison Divine Cauldron, as it could refine poisons and make the Violet Scaled Great Python's poison even more intense.

At the same time, Zhao Fu found that this little cauldron was like a magic treasure. Even though it was only as big as a palm, it had a massive region inside that could contain many things, and its usage was like a magic treasure as well.

Zhao Fu threw it up, and it floated in the air with its mouth pointing towards the Violet Scaled Great Python. It gave off countless traces of violet light and gave off an attractive force, absorbing poison and blood.

After dealing with these things, Great Qin's soldiers continued to clear out the region, and Zhao Fu returned to Great Qin.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu carefully re-planted the Ginseng Tree and took care of some other matters before going to his room and consuming the Thousand Year Gallstone, unlocking Vision.

When he unlocked it, Zhao Fu felt an intense pain in his eyes, causing them to leak blood. However, this became better after a while, and after opening his eyes again, he felt that the world looked different. The world now looked clearer, more vivid, and full of life.

Of the five Celestial Senses, Vision was the most direct and the simplest. The Vision sense simply enhanced one's vision.

In Chinese medicine, snake gall was used for improving eyesight, and in actuality, most items that could greatly improve vision would be able to unlock the Vision sense.

After unlocking Vision, Zhao Fu felt that his eyes had become much stronger, and he could even use Eye Techniques. There were many Eye Techniques in the Heaven Awaken World, but they greatly harmed one's eyes. However, Zhao Fu did not have to worry about this after unlocking Vision.

Moreover, after unlocking Vision, the strength of his Eye Techniques would be boosted, and he would be able to control them more easily.

It was a pity that even though Zhao Fu knew about Eye Techniques, he had never come across any before. He asked the golden dragon, but it did not have any Eye Techniques either: it did not bother with trash Eye Techniques, and because some of the more advanced ones were linked to bloodlines, the golden dragon could not help much.

Moreover, after Zhao Fu had awakened the Heaven Murder Imperial Bloodline, his eyes had gained double-layered pupils that were blood-red. Now, they had become triple-layered pupils, with the first two layers being blood-red and the third layer being white-colored. The blood-colored pupils looked quite terrifying, and now that there was a layer of white, his eyes looked much gentler.

In ancient times, those with double-layered pupils were hailed as sages and deities, and those people had shaken the world.

Now that Zhao Fu had triple-layered pupils, he would definitely be quite extraordinary as well.

After returning to his room at night, Nü Lü came over, giving off a flirtatious aura. Zhao Fu thought about what had happened before and realized that he had treated her coldly as he had not been in a good mood.

However, Zhao Fu did not say any apologetic words - instead, he pressed his lips against hers, and after a lot of thumping sounds, four women lay exhausted on the bed.