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 They came to a large tunnel that was 100 meters wide, which had been created by the python. It was completely dark inside, gave off a putrid stench, and gave off a trace of coldness. Facing such a massive tunnel, an ordinary person's legs would have gone weak from fright.

Zhao Fu brought his group in, and soon, they found that the path ahead was blocked by countless large rocks. Clearing them would be quite difficult, and if they moved them one by one, it would take a few days. This python was quite smart.

Facing these large rocks, Zhao Fu took out the Sin Dragon Sword and set his power into it, causing it to shine with a brilliant sword light and give off a dangerous aura.


Zhao Fu slashed out, causing a water dragon to fly out and smash towards the pile of rocks. A muffled explosion sounded out as the countless rocks were blasted into tiny fragments, and the path ahead was cleared.

Seeing Zhao Fu's power, everyone present felt quite shocked.

Following this, they continued onwards and found another pile of rocks. They cleared them out, and after walking for a while, they found yet another pile of rocks.

As such, they were forced to walk a bit then clear rocks, then repeat this process. Zhao Fu did not continue to clear the rocks and instead left this to his subordinates. They were much slower, and after a few hours, they no longer found any piles of rocks, but they found many snakes.

There were snakes of all sorts of colors, and they had a strong stench to them - they were evidently quite venomous, so everyone became quite wary. There was nothing to worry about snakes that were at Stage 1 and below - even if they were bitten, they could use their cultivation to stop the venom. However, there were many Stage 2 and Stage 3 snakes here as well.

Things could get quite dangerous if the others were bitten by the Stage 2 or Stage 3 snakes, but Zhao Fu was not worried as he had a Poison Spirit Constitution from the All Poison Divine Pill, which made him immune to these snakes' venom. However, he had to take care of the others, so he unleashed his King's Domain and covered the seven of them while Bai Qi and the others started to kill the snakes.

As they advanced, they saw more and more snakes, which became more and more ferocious, throwing themselves at Zhao Fu's party without any regard for their lives.

However, no matter how many snakes there were, they were all blocked by Zhao Fu's King's Domain. The venom that they spat out sizzled on the King's Domain but did not affect it at all. After all, Zhao Fu's King's Domain had been strengthened.

As they headed onwards, the tunnel became larger and larger, and soon, they found a region that was thousands of meters wide and saw four snakes that were each 100 meters long.

When Zhao Fu and his party stepped into this region, the four massive snakes sped towards them incredibly quickly like black blurs.

The four snakes had immense strength - as they slammed into the King's Domain, it violently shook, and the people beside Zhao Fu immediately unleashed their City Lord Seals and started to fight the four snakes.

The poisonous fog that these snakes spat out was quite difficult to deal with - if they accidentally breathed it in, they could be poisoned. With how intense this poisonous fog was, if a Stage 1 soldier breathed in even a bit, they would definitely die.

However, these snakes were facing Bai Qi and the others, who had the power of General Stars. The General Stars' power was a high-grade power, so in the end, they were able to easily kill these four snakes, and Zhao Fu put away their poison sacs.

After continuing onwards, they came to a region that was over 10,000 meters wide, where there was a 1,000-meter long python that had violet, glowing scales. It also had a violet horn on its head, and it gave off a massive, terrifying aura.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that there was a tree beside it - the tree was only ten or so meters tall, but its trunk was quite thick, around four or five meters wide. The tree's crown was quite lush, covered with jade-green leaves, and there were many unusual-looking fruits growing on it.

These fruits were all human-shaped and looked like children sitting down. They had a flesh color and a slight glow, making them look quite mystical.

"Ginseng Fruit?" Those fruits resembled the Ginseng Fruit from Journey to the West, and when he saw these fruits, Zhao Fu felt quite shocked, and his heart started to beat rapidly.

In Journey to the West, the Wuzhuang Temple on the Longevity Mountain had Ginseng Fruits, which were said to take 3,000 years to bloom flowers, 3,000 years to grow fruit, and another 3,000 years to ripen, which was roughly 10,000 years to eat.

It seemed that over the past 10,000 years, it had only grown 30 or so fruits, and the fruits looked like little infants. Just smelling the fruits could allow someone to live 360 years, and eating one could allow one to live 47,000 years.

If these really were Ginseng Fruits, eating one would allow a person to live 47,000 years; that was longer than all of human history so far.

Zhao Fu did not need to live for so long; just living for 1% of that would be enough. Even then, he would be able to live for 400 years or so. Every item in the Heaven Awaken World that could increase one's lifespan was incredibly valuable; after all, everyone wanted to live longer, so such things were incredibly costly.


The violet python's eyes flew open, revealing its violet, cold-looking eyes. It opened its mouth and spewed forth a large amount of poisonous fog. The poisonous fog had an intense stench and a powerful corrosive effect, seeming to corrode even the ground that it floated past.

Zhao Fu was greatly startled, and because this area was not very big, it was quite difficult to avoid such a large AOE attack. Bai Qi used his Seven Murders Star's power to create a blood-red barrier that barely defended against the fog, and everyone else did the same. None of them had an opportunity to attack.

This violet python was a poison-type creature and had a geographical advantage, so it was effectively much more powerful than an ordinary boss monster.

In just an instant, not only were Zhao Fu and his party surrounded by the poisonous fog, but the entire region was also filled with it. Luckily, the Ginseng Tree gave off a green light, making it so that the poisonous fog could not go near it.


A wave of rumbling could be heard as the violet python rushed over. In the next instant, the violet python appeared before Zhao Fu and opened its mouth, biting towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu raised his sword and slashed out a water dragon, which collided with the violet python. The massive impact caused the water dragon to scatter into water vapor, and both Zhao Fu and the violet python retreated ten or so meters.

Zhao Fu's pupils constricted, as he discovered that this violet python was much stronger than an ordinary boss monster. Bai Qi and the others were using all of their power to sustain their barriers so as not to allow any poisonous fog in. After all, if they breathed in this intense poisonous fog, their lives would be in danger.

"Bai Qi! All of you retreat!" Seeing this, Zhao Fu decided to have them retreat first.

Everyone else nodded. They knew that they could not help at all if they stayed and would instead obstruct Zhao Fu, so they could only retreat.


The violet python twisted its body and moved incredibly quickly, attacking towards Zhao Fu again with immense force.

Zhao Fu slashed out an incredibly sharp sword light, and the violet python rammed at the sword light with the horn on its head. The sword light shattered and disappeared, and in the next instant, the violet python appeared before Zhao Fu and once again bit at him.


As the violet python bit at Zhao Fu, he could only fly into the air, while the python's massive head slammed into the ground and opened up a massive crater.