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 The fire bird brought with it an immense heat wave, and Zhao Fu was expressionless as he raised his sword and slashed out a wave of water. In just a single attack, the fire bird was sliced in half, and it turned into countless flames as it disappeared.


Suddenly, a seven or eight meter long ice shard shot out, appearing before Zhao Fu in an instant. However, Zhao Fu leaped backward before jumping into the air, and the ice shard stabbed four or five meters deep into the ground.

"Roarrr!!" Zhao Fu raised his sword, and countless traces of water vapor gathered to form a dragon that gave off a dragon's roar. It gave off an immense aura as it rushed towards the two women.

Each of the women raised a hand, and their palms shined with light. An ice and fire energy shield appeared, and as the water dragon crashed against it, a muffled explosion sounded out, and the water dragon dissipated into water vapor again.

Binoche coldly harrumphed and raised her magic staff, causing fireballs to appear in the sky. There were as big as watermelons, and there were around 100 or so of them, giving off an immense amount of heat.

Kerache's expression was cold, and she gave off killing intent as she also raised her magic staff and created hundreds of ice shards.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

The fireballs and ice shards flew towards Zhao Fu incredibly quickly, drawing out streaks in the air, and they reached Zhao Fu in an instant.

Zhao Fu sent his King's Power into the Sin Dragon Sword, causing it to give off a large amount of sword light. Zhao Fu continuously slashed out with the sword, sending out sword arcs that destroyed the incoming fireballs and ice shards as he flew towards the two women - after all, it was quite advantageous to deal with magic users at close range.

Binoche and Kerache could tell what Zhao Fu's intentions were, but they did not retreat. Instead, they flew to either side of Zhao Fu and started to attack him from there.

Zhao Fu started to be forced into a more passive state, as he was being pincered on both sides. He was forced into defending again.

Zhao Fu felt that if there was another person helping him, it would be much easier to deal with these two women. Even though it was just Zhao Fu, he had some other methods.

After grasping an opportunity, Zhao Fu flew out of their pincer attack and raised the Sin Dragon Sword, and a black sword light shot into the sky as he yelled, "Godly Hell's Doors!"

A black hole appeared in the sky, and traces of demonic qi flooded out as roars sounded out and countless demons flew towards the two women.

Facing these countless demons, the two women did not seem to care at all. Even though there were many demons, they were far too weak and were unable to threaten them.

Binoche pointed her staff at the incoming demons, and within the moon at the top of the magic staff, and fireball quickly spun, and a searing aura spread out, covering the surroundings with an extreme amount of heat.


Countless flames rushed out of the magic staff, forming a sea of flames. The demons were unable to withstand those flames and howled in pain.

At that moment, a figure suddenly appeared behind Binoche. Zhao Fu's abilities at masking his presence were extremely strong, and Assassins were a great threat to Mages.


Zhao Fu sent all of his power into the Sin Dragon Sword, causing it to loudly hum. The sword gave off countless traces of sharp sword qi and an extremely dangerous aura.


Zhao Fu slashed downwards, and Binoche quickly used her magic staff to block it. However, she felt an immense force slam into her, causing her to crash into the ground and blowing open a ten-meter wide crater.

Elsewhere, Kerache formed an ice sword and easily killed the demons rushing at her. She turned and happened to see Binoche being slammed down, causing her to slightly pause.

In the next second, Zhao Fu appeared before her and slashed horizontally with his sword. Kerache was sent flying back hundreds of meters and crashed against a wall of ice, and with a bang, the entire wall of ice collapsed.

"I'll slaughter you!" Binoche sharply cried out as she rushed out of the crater, a trace of blood leaking out of her lips. She raised her magic staff as a fiery magic formation appeared beneath her feet. A massive amount of fire energy gathered towards her, and an incredible heatwave rippled out, seeming to twist space itself.

The sky was dyed a fiery colour, and the fire energy gave off a suffocating pressure. Following this, Binoche started to chant, and an even more terrifying aura descended from the sky.

Zhao Fu looked up and saw that there were actually dozens of flaming meteors falling from the sky.

Zhao Fu did not hesitate to use his King's Crown. Countless chains burst forth from the ground, breaking through Binoche's magic defenses and tightly binding Binoche, who was still chanting. Her spell was interrupted, and she was immediately hit with a backlash, causing her to cough up a large mouthful of blood.

However, the meteors in the sky did not disappear, and they gave off an immense destructive power as they continued to fall. Luckily, there was no one controlling them, so they were quite easy to dodge.

Bang, bang, bang...

The massive meteors slammed into the ground, causing it to violently shake. The sound was simply deafening, and a destructive aura rippled out. Hundred meter wide craters appeared in the ground, the craters were charred black.

These meteors annihilated everything within 10,000 meters, and they also interrupted Kerache's spell. Her face became incredibly pale from the backlash.

Forbidden arts were incredibly powerful, but they were difficult to cast and had strong backlashes.

Zhao Fu smiled and waved his hand, causing the countless chains to shoot out, binding Kerache as well. Following this, he threw Binoche and Kerache aside as he walked towards the crystal palace in excitement.

After walking in, apart from the two crystal coffins, he also saw a crystal stage. The stage was 1.5 meters tall, 30 centimeters wide, and rectangular shaped.

On the stage, there were two hexagonal crystals floating in the air, giving off resplendent lights. One contained fire and the other contained ice.

Zhao Fu smiled as he picked up these two crystals and looked at their stats.

[Fire Origin Spirit Crystal]: A crystal containing Fire Origin, which can be used on Domains and fused with City Hearts to form special City Hearts that will spawn people with a fire bloodline.

[Ice Origin Spirit Crystal]: A crystal containing Ice Origin, which can be used on Domains and fused with City Hearts to form special City Hearts that will spawn people with an ice bloodline.

"Fire and ice bloodlines?"

Zhao Fu thought about it - based on the information from the demon god, an energy bloodline was at least an Intermediate Bloodline and would give all sorts of stats and the ability to control ice or fire. Anyone who had this sort of bloodline would become more powerful than ordinary people, as they would have an innate ability.

These were precious treasures, and they could spawn two types of bloodlines, which would give Great Qin a very large advantage in the future. Soldiers with an ice or fire bloodline would most likely be able to deal with five soldiers of the same Cultivation.

After going back, Zhao Fu would fuse these two crystals with Legendary grade City Hearts. They would have immense potential, and the City Lord Seals that they condensed would be incredibly powerful.

Zhao Fu smiled, put those crystals away, and prepared to return to Great Qin to have people explore the inner region of Gloomy Jungle. The Ice Spirits and Fire Spirits here dropped crystals that could insta-kill people with Stage 2 Cultivation, so they were quite valuable. Zhao Fu wondered just how many crystals they could obtain.

After taking a few steps, Zhao Fu looked at the two women who he had bound and thrown to one side. They were currently looking at him furiously - what should he do with those two?